Monday, June 14, 2010

Mega Man Universe Trademark Shows Up In Europe (Update: And Japan, Too)

Back in April, it was discovered that Capcom filed a trademark for the title 'Mega Man Universe' at the U.S Trademark and Patent Offices. Now the name has reared its head once more, this time at the European trademark offices -- a sure fire sign that the game, whatever it may be, will be releasing in Europe too.

Other than trademarks, no other details about Mega Man Universe exist at this point, merely fan speculations. With E3 '10 going on all this week, perhaps we'll finally hear something. Till then, keep on speculating.

Source: GoNintendo

UPDATE (6/15): Okay, now this is interesting. The Mega Man Universe trademark has just been spotted over at the Japanese trademark offices -- Mega Man Universe, not Rockman Universe. Hm...


  1. Hmm, sounds interesting. If it's been trademarked in Europe, then I see no reason why the same thing wouldn't happen here in the U.S.

  2. Unless they've changed their mind, this isn't the MMO.

    Sounds like that VS. fighter, considering how busy the composers have been (and I don't mean just the Mythos guy).

  3. I hope it's at E3. I really do.

  4. I'm thinking we'll see something this week. Between E3 today, and World Hobby Fair in a few more days, there's plenty of opportunity for Capcom to hype a new Mega Man game world wide, within a span of a few days.

    This is likely going to be the thing that Inafune alluded to being so pleased to be working on, back at Captivate... ^_^

  5. Hmm... Remember when Capcom did the 'Upon A Star' OVA back in the nineties? You know, the one that would have replaced the American Ruby Spears cartoon had it not been super educational and 'artistically childish'? :P It used the 'Mega Man' licensed trademark for press release and technicality purposes with both Capcom of America and Capcom of Japan, as it was a demonstration for a solely American cartoon. It wasn't until the Asian DVD release in Japan years later that it was respectively altered to use the name 'Rockman'.

    Using this template for speculative means, this seems to be something intended directly for an English audience. Now that doesn't affirm what it could be, but, maybe it might get the gears in our heads turning on whatever twisted idea Capcom has up their sleeves. :P


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