Friday, June 25, 2010

Mega Man 2 3DS Impressions

The nature of the Nintendo 3DS makes it impossible to show off just what the system is capable of in video or 2D form. Taking that into consideration, Siliconera had some time to mess around with the Mega Man 2 3DS demo and provided a short description of what the classic was like running in 3D.

"The clip from Mega Man 2 was taken from Wood Man’s stage. See the fire? It appeared as if it was on its own plane in front of Mega Man. The robot wolf and Mega Man were on their own plane and the background was behind."

Mellahan, our own E3 attendee, had some hands-on time with the demo too. "The added depth certainly made the game look fresh and exciting," he writes. "It's kind of difficult to explain what it looked liked, but I think it can be best compared to the 'layering' effects seen during the secret Cut Man fight in Mega Man X8. Sort of. Of course, you can turn the 3D effects off anytime you'd like. Simply move the 3D slider to off, and you can enjoy MM2 in its classic 2D form. I really can't judge if the game will actually 'work' in 3D as the demo was merely a still snapshot of Woodman's stage; it wasn't playable. But, so far it seems promising!"

As previously reported, the tech demo is indeed going to be a full game, confirmed by Nintendo of America's president. Mega Man 2 is one of many classic games being ported over to the Nintendo 3DS in some shape or form. A popular theory is that these games will appear on a Virtual Console of sort, but that's only speculation.


  1. So, basically, as I've already said before, this is nothing more than another rehash of the exact same overrated game, jut with 3D visuals? Ooh, HOW exciting! I can't WAIT to play it!

  2. The same game with 3D effects? What about Rockman Rockman 2 (MMPU2)?

  3. *snores*

    This is worse than Zero Collection.

    And that's saying a LOT.

  4. Well, if it costs a good bit of money to buy it then I'm not going to play it, but if it's cheap I probably will. I haven't gotten to play the classics so this will be nice, unless it's overpriced... If it costs like $40 then CH hell no, it will cost them VERY little to produce it do it better cost very little to buy it. I'd pay the full price if there's maybe 4-5 games on it.

  5. I'd rather have Mega Man Powered Up 2... :(

  6. It's a tech demo showing off a single snapshot. It's not a full game. Did any of you actually read the post?

  7. Anon: it will become a full game. That's the point.

  8. @ Saito

    How was Zero Collection bad? It was a collection of Zero games, so I'm pretty sure it did it's job well.

    Then again, 80% of the Megaman fanbase hates any Megaman game that isn't in their favorite series with a passion, so I'm guessing that's it.

    @Krazy Monkey

    Something isn't overrated, if it's as good as people say it is. And seriously , stop bitching about it. It's going to come out, no matter how much you complain.

  9. @Anonymous #5:

    Actually, yes, Mega Man 2 IS overrated. It's overrated, because many people make it seem a lot greater than it actually is. I'm not going to lie, even I'VE had my share of fun with the game in the past, but it definitely gets WAY more recognition than it actually deserves- by both the fanbase AND Capcom themselves. They act as if Mega Man 2 is the greatest thing since sliced bread, treating it like the Secong Coming Jesus. I'm also certain that some of them are the very same people who consider brilliant games like Mega Man 7, 8, and Mega Man & Bass to be the worst games in the series, simply because they aren't in 8-bit.

    It wouldn't surprise me in even the SLIGHTEST if THAT'S the reason why the Classic series went on a ten-year hiatus in the first place, since THEY'RE the ones who Capcom and/or Inti Creates are mostly trying to please nowadays. Sheesh, it's like Mega Man 3 and the other games in the series just DON'T matter to them anymore.

    Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I've had about all I could stand with Mega Man 2. The fanbase (as well as Capcom/Inti Creates) has almost killed any remaining fondness I've had for that game over the years.

  10. I'm thinking from a business standpoint, here; there's gotta be a lazy way everyone's doing this.

    Are they assigning "depths" to each sprite layer? That's what it sounds like.

    ...still, Mega Man X and SMRPG in 3D would be real treats.


  11. If it isn't MMPU2 or doesn't has extras like Rockman Complete Works, make a remake of Captain Commando!

  12. @Saito

    You really need to shut up about MegaMan Zero Collection. Everyone likes it even if they do own MegaMan Zero 1-4.

    So why are you being butthurt about Zero Collection?

    Seriously, shut the hell up...

  13. @ Saito:

    What did you expect from Mega Man Zero Collection? Mega Man Zero 5? It's just a collection, and it got its job done.

    I'm not saying that Ryuunsei no Rockman 4 would be bad idea (as it seems like you want that the most), but bashing anything non-RNR4 sounds rather pathetic fanboyism.


    On the actual post though, I don't really have any feelings for this "3D remake". It's going to have a fancy effect, but at core it's still the same game. Would be different thing if I was an "absolute" collector or haven't owned the game before.

    Hope that they make Mega Man Powered Up 2, Maverick Hunter X2 or something in that regard for 3DS.

    ...Oh well, see ya later. Gonna pop-up my NES for some Mega Man 2 fun.

  14. A collection of the Game Boy games would be better. Imagine the Killers and the Stardroids with colors and in 3D!

  15. @Anonymous #8:

    Exactly. That would be MUCH better than them releasing Mega Man 2 again, for the umpteenth time.

  16. Saito - The Last One with rational thoughtJune 26, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Hey Anons, why don't you put names for yourselves, or are ya chicken shits, much like the rest of the fanbase you're part of?

    Zero Collection was shit not because it's not an SSR game. It's shit because it did nothing more than just slap together 4 games, then add "extra" stuff that were already in the games before.

    MOD cards already existed in the Japanese versions right off the bat, and the US versions could work the MOD cards by simply using a cheat-device such as Action Replay, as long as you know how to do it. They weren't removed, they were "locked" like how NKG and Rezon was "locked" in Star Force 3.

    The "custom controls" weren't even 100% customizable at all. All they were was "use X and Y to act like they're your L and R buttons". That's not customization. Custom controls means the kind of stuff that was possible in the SNES and PS1/PS2 X games. Where you could set your buttons to ANYTHING possible.

    And to top it all off, the game makes Easy Scenario. A mode that basically gives you EVERYTHING and makes it impossible to really die. Now, I'm not gonna bash people who like their things easy. But seriously, why did they have to choose and make 2 out of the 3 unlockables in the Collection, forced on Easy Scenario? Capcom was laughing in your faces, that's why.

    Sure, the Zero games themselves were good. But the Collection was bad. And THAT is the thing you fucking dumb ass people don't realize at all.


    Now how many other ways must I have to explain this before someone finally gets it?

  17. *Sigh.* This is why I try to avoid reading comments. It's just a troll fest, and people who feed the trolls.

    Honestly, if you can't post anything constructive, don't post at all.

    (Something constructive, like why this is a bad idea. Or what would make it better.)

    And to people who feed trolls, just don't even bother. The best thing you can do is just ignore them, and say why you think this is a good/fun idea.

    I personally think this is fun. It's a tech demo of what the 3DS can do with classical games, without going overboard. Mega Man 2 is a prime choice, because Mega Man 1 was very small, and those after 2 kept adding more and more. MM2 is a good medium, and wouldn't be hard to change everything with '3D' graphics. If it ends up being a game you can purchase for a few dollars, maybe they will release other Mega Man games the same way.

    I'm not even going to get into the Zero Collection. It has NOTHING to do with this story. And to discuss why it is good or bad would just spam the comment section.

    <3 Loves. :3

  18. @Mocho:

    Alright, so let me get this straight. You're calling me a troll, simply because I'm expressing my opinion on how overrated Mega Man 2 is? You've GOT to be kidding.

    Seriously... I just can't BELIEVE that THIS is what we're getting over the Powered Up sequel that was promised by Inafune, the one that he claimed has a "strong chance of happening" back in December, during the 22nd Anniversary Special. Rather than a remake, which would have had TONS of extras that weren't present in the original game, we're getting yet another rehash of the exact same exact verhyped game that's been rereleased more than any other game in the series.

    Here's hoping that it bombs, but of course, that won't happen, due to the fact Mega Man 2 seems to be the only thing that matters nowadays.

  19. @Saito


    You don't get it do you?

    You have a bigger ego than I thought...

    You cannot win here.

    So please... stop it right now before you make a fool out of yourself...

  20. @Saito

    Seriously, you need to stop bashing this MMZC and the 3DS remake of MM2.

    You're doing this to make a idiot out of yourself.

    So you're gonna keep ranting about how awful some games are and let everyone pick on you some more?

    Great job, Saito. You are the world's Weakest Link...

  21. It's actually you Zero fanboys who are making fools of yourself.

    While I'm the one actually presenting real concrete reasons on why Zero Collection was a failure, all you fanboys can do is cry "BUT DA GAEMZ R GOOD N ITZ 4 GAEMZ ON DS FOR PRICE OF ONE SO HA!" or "zomg strop trolling ur making urself look dumb"

    When you can actually come up with a proper rebuttal, and when Capcom finally stops churning out garbage or rehashes of shit we've already played to death, then I'll consider stopping.

    I mean, seriously, we've played Megaman 2 enough times already that we can fucking do No-Damage runs with our eyes closed and our hands chopped off.

    So once again, go fuck yourself.

  22. @Saito

    Then why are you taking your anger out on the Zero fans and Capcom? >.>

    You have a bigger ego, you know that?

    Stop blaming the MegaMan fans.

    They didn't do anything to hurt the MegaMan series.

    You are starting to act like a spoiled brat...

  23. Actually, yes, the fans are to blame.

    Because of the low sales and the LARGE amount of the fans bitching so much about when DASH, ZX, and SSR were out, these series are basically never going to come back ever again, because Capcom knows now that the "fans don't want this".

    Hence why when the ideas of Megaman 10 being in non-8bit graphics was suggested, the fans went BALLISTIC and demanded it to be in 8bit.
    Then they went and complained, saying it was "lazy of Capcom" to do so.

    Zero Collection only exists because Capcom has literally run out of ideas on what they can do to please the never-satisfied majority of the fanbase. And seeing how it bombed, and reviews for it basically state that it's terrible, they now are hesitant to do ANYTHING else now except this stupid 3DS rehash of Megaman 2. The single only Megaman game out there that the fans universally like.

    Megaman 2 is like Final Fantasy 7. It was nice at first, but my God, is it overrated compared to the rest of the franchise. >_>

    And no, I don't have an ego. I just have the ability to not give a shit and say what's on my mind no matter what.

    Don't like it? Go find somewhere else to jack off to your Pop-up Book 8bit sprites of Megaman 2, then.

    At least when Capcom was churning out a bunch of "baseless sequels" with the EXE and Zero series back when they were new, they were NEW games. -_-

  24. @Saito

    You don't get it.

    Whoever told you that the fans are to blame is a complete idiot and you're one of them...

    So basecally, you lost this fight.

    MegaMan Zero Collections got a good score on some of the greatest gaming magazines and websites and yet you say they don't count.

    So you lost this arguement fair and sqaure.

    What are you gonna do? Go around the world and kill every fanboy in the world?

    No... you said it will cost a lot of money to travel around the world.

    So therefore you're a wuss and butthurt about Capcom not making a Starforce 4 cause 3 is the last in the series.

    So seriously, shut up about it and quit wasting your time trying to pin the blame on the fans...

  25. @ Alantor: Good job launching personal attacks with one (barely) proper rebuttal tacked in for good measure.


    I'm with Saito on this issue, as harsh and borderline troll-like as he says everything.

    The state of the fanbase is now absolutely deplorable, and contradictory at best. People who like and respect all series are now a minority.

    Why contradictory? You have many areseholes on this blog running around spouting crap like "EXE/SSR are rehashes!" every time a new Network Timeline game is announced, yet somehow the platformers have become immune to this treatment by the fanbase.

    (And to prove that I'm not talking out of my arse, go compare the comments on the OSS announcement to the MM10 announcement. Notice how the OSS announcement has more comments, but about 20 times more people trolling the Network Timeline fans.)

    Hell, some people taking a dump on the Network Timeline while using this lame rehash argument suddenly turn around and EMBRACE it and will VICIOUSLY DEFEND IT when it concerns the Classic and X series (or are willfully blind to themselves doing so), judging from MM10's positive reaction (the reason why I don't mention 9 is because I can understand that it was pretty much the only Classic game made this decade).

    (Also notice how I'm not mentioning Zero Collection. Unlike Saito, I realize that the collection has it's merits - simply because it's done its job as being a compilation of all the Zero games, and nothing more. Though Saito seems to place a lot of emphasis on the 'nothing more' part.)

    This isn't limited to the Network Timeline either. Many Classic/X fans took a dump on the Legends series for also having a different gameplay style (although most people wouldn't be aware of the hate, now that the series is pretty much ALREADY DEAD), some took a dump on the Zero series for simply being on a handheld and not featuring a "real" Rockman character, and some took a dump on the ZX series simply for continuing the handheld trend and because these people simply wanted a new Classic and X game instead.


  26. @Alilatias:

    Good point, but it's not just those series that are limited to that kind of treatment. Like I said in one of my earlier comments, there's a lot of Mega Man 7, 8, and Mega Man & Bass hate going around, too. Even that "In Defense of Mega Man 10" article on IGN, felt the need to bash those games, saying something along the lines of, "Mega Man 7 and 8 are considered the worst games in the series by most ardent fans of the franchise, so shouldn't that tell us all we need to know?"

    Those games also got bashed in Youtube. I remember months ago, when I was watching the Mega Man 10 trailer, someone posted a comment, saying how much they liked Mega Man 7, and would have liked to see another game like it, and someone else responded with something along the lines of, "You DO realize that Mega Man 7, 8, and Mega Man & Bass are considered the worst games in the series, right?" People make up bogus, BS reasons as to why those games are bad, but it all comes down to one thing: Because they're not in 8-bit.

    Am I wrong? Like Saito said in one of his earlier comments, the fanbase "went BALLISTIC" when the mere idea of Mega Man 10 evolving past the 8-bit art style was brought up, so that HAS to be the case. To hate those games, simply because they're not in 8-bit is just completely asinine. What next? People are going to start saying games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy are garbage, too, because THEY'RE not in 8-bit?

  27. @Saito, Alilatias and Krazy Monkey:

    You three are the most ego centered idiots I have ever seen.

    It's people like you that are ruining the MegaMan series with your constent ranting and complaining about the other MegaMan games.

    You think too that it's the fans' fault some MegaMan series are going downhill.

    So whose fault is it that the MegaMan series are going downhill?

    Namely you three and the other compaliners in the western world.

    So seriously, shut up about it...

  28. @Alantor:

    So, expressing my opinion on how overrated Mega Man 2 is, without actually dishing out any kind of personal attack whatsoever, means that I'm egotistical? Yeah, okay. Gotcha. Here's an idea: Why don't you try learning the meaning of "ego centered" first, before using it again?

    You are right about one thing, though. Yes, Saito HAS come off as a prick quite a few times in the past, but at least his arguments are actually logical. They're logical to the point, where he's actually began to open my eyes as to what's really been happening to the series.

    You, on the other hand, have yet to actually come up with a good argument. You're saying that complaining about the fanbase not giving other games a chance, is what's ruining the series? Give me a break.

    Whose fault is it that Mega Man series is going downhill, you ask? The fanbase, of course. From the people who automatically dismiss Mega Man 7, 8, and Mega Man & Bass as the "worst games in the series" for not being in 8-bit, as well as the people who won't give the other series a chance.

    So, no, I won't shut up. I'm going to continue expressing my opinion on this matter, whether you like it or not. Don't like it? Too bad. Then don't read my posts. It's as simple as that.

  29. @ Alantor: I loled. Hard.

    You need to check what you're writing before you post crap like that. It seems you can't come up with a proper rebuttal to save your life.

    Crazy pretty much already said everything I wanted to say, but let me add in that I was in NO WAY complaining about any of the games themselves. Everything I said was directed towards the FANBASE.

    By the way, thank you for proving my point.

    In fact, now that I think about it, people like you are likely the primary reason why many of my fellow EXE fans have stopped participating in commenting on sites like TMMN, Protodude's blog, and Capcom Unity. Intolerant arseholes who launch personal attacks at ANYONE who disagrees with your viewpoints, with barely any factual (read: not completely opinionated) backing.

    It's like arguing with a brick wall. A wall that is rarely self-aware of their own words.

    (I would know - I did a lot of this last year after the mass anti-EXE troll wave that followed after OSS' announcement. This much I will admit.)

  30. ...

    More people blame stuff on Megaman Games. Ok seriously don't take it out on the games. Capcom makes them just for enjoyment. If you don't like the game at all just keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear how bad the game is. If you have a problem with other people, then talk to them personally. Seriously, 2D games are just as great as the 3D games. And tell you the truth I like the collection as well.

  31. Wow, I'm surprised that people have finally began to see the stuff that I've been seeing....

    I'm almost going to get teary-eyed, knowing that I'm NOT the only one who knows that people like Alantor, in the fanbase, are what's ruining Rockman.

  32. ~PART TWO~

    Want my opinion on them?

    In my opinion, Rockman & Forte is one of my all-time absolute FAVORITE Rockman games to ever exist. I loved the game so much, that I went COMPLETELY out of my way to track down a copy of the Super Famicom version of the game, with the box and instructions in NEAR MINT condition, and paid fucking $60 plus shipping for the copy of the game. That's how much I loved that game when I was fucking 10 years old and first found out what fucking SNES emulators were, and people back then were dumb enough to call it "Megaman 9" back then. I first found out about it from PIRACY for fuck's sake.

    As for Megaman 7, I really loved that game too. It was very challenging at the time, amazing music (especially JunkMan's stage, imo), the sprites were HUGE and detailed for the time, and all the weapons were awesome. I also loved how it had JUST as many secrets as the first two X games did. Not to mention, THE HARDEST WILY OF ALL THE CLASSIC SERIES. That was one of the things I loved about it the most, it had the hardest last boss of all the series. And for me, the harder the Rockman game, the fucking better, because it becomes OH SO satisfying to finally beat it. Hell, Rockman EXE Transmission is in my top THREE most favorite, simply for this. It was so hard, THAT IT FUCKING TRAUMATIZED MY FIANCEE FOR FUCK'S SAKE! :DDDD THAT IS DAMN AWESOME HARD!

    But yeah, seriously. It's not just an SSR4 that I'd want. I just want something new, something that can evolve or expand on the franchise.

    And unfortunately for these 8-bit loving little fuckers, the only way for that to happen is to make either:

    -A new ZX
    -A new SSR
    -A new DASH
    -Or a totally brand new X game (but we all know how that's going to work, bzzt shit-tastic and disregarded by the fanboys cause it's not 8-bit or pre-X5. >_>)

    You can only play the same shit so many times before you get sick of it.

    And me personally, I had my "sick of it" phase when the Anniversary Collection came out. When I was done with that, it was when I said, "I don't want to play another fucking port of Megaman 2 for the rest of my life. Fuck this game and fuck anyone who can still put up with this shit".

    And how many years ago has that game been out?

  33. I also find it hilarious how the only comeback Alantor can come up with is "You're egotistical" or something similar to that.

    Much like all the 8-bit Rockman fanboys I've come across for the past year or so now.

    And it's funny, they think I'm all "butthurt/angry/whatever" simply because "there isn't going to be an SSR4" as their main argument or something.

    Honestly, the only real reasons I want a fucking new SSR4 is because at least it's going to introduce something NEW AND FRESH to the franchise.

    Megaman 10 did NOTHING to evolve the games at all, in fact it actually went a step or two back. Kind of like what Megaman 9 did, but at least it had it's fucking reasons for doing so. Megaman 9 was basically a "let's see if people like this shit" sort of deal. And, despite the severe lack of effort it took them to make the game (the dev team even fucking ADMITTED IT IN THE JAPANESE BLOGS, IF YOU CAN READ A LICK OF JAPANESE TO KNOW THIS, that Megaman 9 was, for the most part, using the engine of Megaman 2 and was nothing more special than the slightly-better than average fucking ROM hack), it sold very well and got high praises worldwide.

    And I'm not going to deny it, I loved Megaman 9. It was a great game. I had fun with it, it was challenging at times, and I'm not going to deny that I got the 100% for it's Challenges on the Wii version.

    But that's not the point I'm trying to make here.

    When Megaman 10 was first announced, I won't deny that I was already disappointed in it's existence, seeing how I already knew that it was going back to the 8-bit sprites, and that the game was "using Megaman 9 as it's base of the source code". That basically meant, that the game was nothing more than a fucking ROM hack of Megaman 9 but with some alterations and additions. That, is fucking lazy. And I've said this time and time again in EVERY SINGLE Megaman 10 post that was put on this blog. But of course, NOBODY fucking wanted to hear it, and would bitch at me for it CONSTANTLY.

    And once again, to back up the other "two egotistical ones'" points, it's sad how amazing games like Megaman 7 and Rockman & Forte (I personally didn't really like Megaman 8, but meh, that's just my opinion), are considered terrible, just because they're not in 8-bit.

  34. Look, this has gone far enough.

    We all have difrefrent opoions on games we play or series we like.

    So let's put an end to this flame war.

    It's getting out of hand...

    You three have diefrent opioions and we fans have difrerent opioions.

    So let's just keep it to ourselves.