Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mega Man Zero Collection Footage - Opening Cutscene, Menus and Gameplay

Looks like some footage of Zero Collection leaked out from last night's Capcom party. Thanks, Klavier Gavin via GoNntendo


  1. the intro.. it looks like the one of street fighter alpha 2

  2. Cropped gameplay? That's lame. At least Double Team utilized the screen size. This shouldn't have taken as long as they claimed to finish.

  3. intro is kinda cheap its just old art work put together kinda dissapointed with this and the game they shoud have at least updated the music and graphics

  4. I'm foaming to get this!!

    No more hauling around four Advance game paks! I can't wait to unlock all those goodies, either!

    Sure, we all have great ideas on how it could have been 100% better, but nonetheless, WE HAVE IT. At least this got made!

    I prefer the original sprites, and certainly the original music is better than any of the arranged versions that have come out!

  5. People really should remember that a collection is not a remake.

  6. To buy this game? hahahaha!! (c´mon please)

    I´ll just wait its rom to emulate it

  7. Someone leak the ROM dump already.

    It's not like anybody's actually gonna pay money for this.

    Hell, more than half the people saying "I'm gonna buy this" are lying, and are actually gonna just emulator/Flash Cart it, in reality.


    -I- plan on picking this up!

  9. As will I. If it really bothers you setting yourself false expectations on a product selling on clear specifics, that's your problem. I seem to recall that the previous collections for the Classic & X series were just that: a collection of games, NOT an enhanced remake (which is what Operate Shooting Star should have been: at least having enhancements that are tolerable would be a plus).

  10. @Zan:

    In most cases, that's true. However, I'm pretty sure that Super Mario All-Stars for the Super Nintendo was more than just a simple port. It also had updated graphics, music, and whatever else.

  11. Just like what happened last year with OSS, the hopes and dreams of a fanbase is thrown out the window. The main difference is that this time, it was the Zero fanbase's turn.

    Come on, guys. At least this time around, Capcom said it was a port from the very start (whereas OSS was mostly unclear until the CoroCoro scans appeared), and you guys still let yourselves be hyped up to hell and back to the point of disappointment and disgust.

    I don't think anyone here could honestly say that nobody saw this coming.

  12. If the Europe version gets a French translation, it's more than a port to me. AND THEN I WOULD GET IT !!

  13. I for one have already placed my preorders, either way I can finally have some nice MM Zero goodness on my XL. Cant wait :D

  14. Oh man, this really IS just a cheap port.

  15. @Krazy Monkey:
    Mega Man: The Wily Wars is similar to this, but the result wasn't as good as Mario All-Stars. The graphics are fine as they are, but it would be good to have a few tracks added like the Rockman Complete Works games for PS1. And as more buttons are available, there is room for more 2 weapons to be equipped.

  16. Should I be this excited that they gave Ceil extra frames of walking animation in that Credits thing? I don't even like Ceil that much! XD

  17. @Krazy Monkey:

    In Mario's case, it was a NES title to an enhanced collection on SNES; a simple matter of shading and unifying all the sprites in these very similar games. Something Rockman even got in the form of MegaWorld with varying degrees of success.

    With Rockman Zero, however, it is GBA to DS when the DS equivalent of the series uses the exact same sprite style with wider resolution. The only graphical upgrade possible would be to change it to a resolution the games weren't made for. Something which will mess up appearance, tension and difficulty, which reminds of some of the issues Megaworld also had. Requiring those games to be once more collected at a later date with all the double-edged fancy extra stuff excluded.

    Musicwise, people would be asking for them to jam in the entire remastered soundtrack set, regardless of the size of the game for a fanbase which will inevitably complain that some remastered tracks don't compare to the originals...

    All in all, people should be fine with the path they've chosen; fancy emulation of all four titles on the DS. Not touching the core experience at all.

  18. @OPEN

    «prefer the original sprites, and certainly the original music is better than any of the arranged versions that have come out»

    Are you serious ? Really ?

    Listen to the original Hope for freedom

    and now the arranged version :

    wow the original version is so lame compared to the new version

    I just want to know why you prefer the original version lol


    The Rockman 4,5 and 6 complete works were not remakes but at least they had good remix music

  19. @Anon:

    1~6 Complete Works was put on six playstation discs, not one DS card. Inti simply cannot put the Remastered soundtrack of four titles in a single DS card; it's too much.

  20. Are we really complaining about the small problems? Back then, the cost of the games with the E-Reader cards are more than 5 times the cost of this collection. Not to mention all the accessories for the E-Reader...

    I suggest to just buy it and enjoy its awesome. Hopefully, unlike the recent SF games, this one will occupy us more than just 1 summer...

  21. The Japanese version is also censored. No voices too from what I hear. I lost all excitement I had for this.


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