Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legendary Rockman DASH Figures

Garage-kit convention Wonder Festival is set to kick off in Japan soon, and as per usual, you can expect to see some pretty fascinating custom models and figures such as these Rockman DASH figures by Sorairo.
Tokyo Hunter will ship these the figures out internationally on July 25th for 5,000 ($56.08) per set; Rock Volnutt and Data representing one set, Tron and faithful Kobun being the other. To guarantee a set, you'll have to secure your order before July 23. Bear in mind, assembly required!

More pictures of each figure and details how to order at Tokyo Hunter.

Credits: The Mega Man Network, Sean


  1. Must... fucking... GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GAH! I NEED TO GET A SUMMER JOB NOW! My vacation cheques aren't gonna be enough since it's all going towards my bills and apartment rent!

  2. Poor Saito.

    Luckily I have a summerjob now, and my first pay pops up on my bank account next week's friday.

    I could consider ordering the Tron and Kobun set.

  3. The Tron is a Non-Articulated statue. Megaman and the Servebot use Revoltech joints. I'm not sure about Data, though he probably has some articulation, unlike Tron.

  4. These are beautiful. Figures from the show always look...well...perfect! Exactly how characters should be brought to life in action figure form every time! Damn...the price really is worth it.

  5. $120+, plus shipping....

    Crap... that's a bit too much for me to spend, for figures.

  6. Nice figures but kinda expensives.


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