Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mega Man Marathon For Alzheimer's Association

Beginning June 4th at 6pm CST, The Returners will embark on a 72 hour Mega Man marathon to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association, a group that promotes research, care and support of Alzheimer's patients and raising awareness on brain health.

While the playing is happening, you'll have the opportunity to view a live stream of the action on UStream. They'll be playing through a total of 22 Mega Man games, spanning across classic, X and Zero series. Viewers are encouraged to donate funds during the marathon.

Learn more about the marathon and The Returners at their official website here.


  1. Yet another Mega Man marathon?

  2. Yet another Mega Man marathon?

  3. they couldn't remember the last one

  4. @Anon 2: I would laugh at your comment, but i forgot how to do it.

  5. What am I fighting foaaaaarrrrrrgh?! No, seriously, I forget.


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