Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rockman Trading Art Figures Available Now

Contrary to the June 6 release date on E-Capcom, the Rockman trading art figures are actually available now: PRC reader Ryan sends word (and photos) that his local hobby shop has already started selling the figures:

Both the individual and set of 12 figures were readily available for purchase, says Ryan. Online shops who plan on selling the figure, namely, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth, aren't shipping them out to customers just yet, it seems. I imagine you'll be getting a shipping confirmation any day now.

In related news, Japanese consumers have begun snapping photos of the individual figures, which reveal a surprising lack of paint job quality when compared with the figures' advertised counterparts. Thought not a disaster, it's pretty surprising to see just how strange they turned out. Read up on that story over at The Mega Man Network.


  1. I knew they weren't gonna end up looking that great. :/

  2. That paintjob is certainly a slight dissappointment. I wouldn't mind that Protoman figure though. Zero still looks rather nice too, but the Zero series one isn't one I would invest on.


  3. Kinda ugly compared with the last fanmade of the bluebomber rockman

  4. "which reveal a surprising lack of paint job quality when compared with the figures' advertised counterparts"

    you know nothing about the japan toy/trading figure market do you? this is THE NORM. THIS IS NOT SUPRISING AT ALL.

    The prototypes are as their name states, the one master figure that is the template for the mass production figure. When the price of the figure dips below $20, There is no reason to expect anything but generic mass market spray coloring. Remember you aren't paying that much for this thing to begin with, and unlike the US toy market, there are not the margins of a super large market to reduce production cost,


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