Thursday, May 27, 2010

MvC3 - Another Look At Cattelox Island

Capcom released a handful of high resolution Marvel vs. Cacpom 3 screens today, a few of which offer a MUCH better look at the Cattelox Island stage from Mega Man Legends.

A couple observations:
  • The youngest member of the Bonne family, Bon Bonne, can be seen floating in the water wearing his inner tube from the ending of Mega Man Legends 1.
  • Looks like our previous speculations were right: Teisel and Tron are sitting on top of the Balcon Gelede mech.
  • In the third screen, you can see the Gesselschaft flying by in the background.
  • The tower in the background is definitely the first Ruins from MML1, although I don't remember it being that close to Cattelox.
  • Third screen, there's a poster of Tron hanging off the side of a wall.
  • Servbots are holding flares or something.

Again, because Tron is a background character here, her chances of being playable are slim. Traditionally, background characters in Capcom fighting games are usually limited to cameos and not necessarily playable.

Thanks, Jeff.


  1. More MML cameos huh? While it's nice to see them jumping around in the background and it's sort of like fan like where's X? Top gun!!!

  2. *Snore*

    Can we see something new, and not just the same five screenshots of this going-to-be garbage game?

  3. Goodness Saito, what's your problem?

  4. I get the feelings Triggers going to be in this title as well. Not that I'm going to complain he was fun to play with in TvC, though I really wish they would give all of our blue bombers a chance in this game (like MegaMan.EXE, subaru/Geo, Model X ect) and not just reuse who they already have.

  5. The first ruins? I think that tower is the Main Gate. I mean, it's pretty much colored the same way as the original one...

  6. well, we still hope for a playable servbot, unless there are 40 of them in the background D:

  7. If this game hasn't any Rockman character, I'm not going to buy it when it comes out, maybe later...

    If this game has any Rockman character, I'm gonna buy it the day it comes out (Specially if it is the classic Rock, or Rock Volnutt).

    If this game has Blues, I'm gonna buy it the day ot comes out... Twice...

  8. Huh, no Tronne Bonne as a playable character....I wonder if that means that Wily could....nah.....but maybe....

    @Saito: Ooh, Ooh! Someone who's actually played the full game! Is Mike Haggar in the game? Because I'd be soooooo happy if Haggar was in it!


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