Friday, May 7, 2010

Now Playing: "Mega Man" By Eddie Lebron (Updated)

Kick back, relax and grab yourself a bucket o' pop-corn because Eddie Lebron's long awaited Mega Man fan-film is now online! You can check out the stream below or if you're hankering to see it on the big screen,  Hunter College in New York City will be screening the film tomorrow, May 8th. More details on that hereUPDATE: The soundtrack for the film is now available for download! Grab it here!


  1. I was enjoying it at first, but the cheese built up just a tad too much.

    Very awesome production, and great music. Not my thing, but I can still appreciate the work that went into it!

  2. I had fun with this film! It was a fun watch and I think it's wonderful that Eddie stuck with it over the course of, hell, I can't remember how long it's been since they started!

    There will obviously be nit-picks about the acting, dialogue, animation, etc. But it was an entertaining 90 minutes, so goal achieved Eddie! The soundtrack is epic! I hope it's everything you wanted!

  3. EPIC, I love the protoman whistle!

  4. Well, here's hoping this place doesn't get flamed to hell.

  5. -_- When I saw this vid, I feel I was dead. And it's dead to me as well.



  6. Love the ending actually, Standing on the roof with the number 2 music playing ;)

  7. They need to release the score somewhere, the Blues' whistle almost got me to tears!

  8. I rather watch Iron Man 2 rather than this sh*t.

  9. Well some of the acting was pretty bad. And the special effects didn't really work for me. The music was great though.

    But then again, what can you really expect from a movie like this that does not have a million dollar budget. From what they've had to work with, this is an excellent movie and a really nice piece of Mega Man fandom. You can feel the love and effort that was put into every single second of this movie, and at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Everyone involved with this project has done a great job.

    Glad to see Mega Man gets a treatment like this before cinema Nazi Uwe Boll got his greedy little hands on this franchise.

  10. I can personally say that I am truly impressed with the production value and the time and effort that went into this movie. It was nicely written, the acting was above average and emotional and the special effects were nicely executed which helped it bring the world in 20XX to life. No doubt it is the best fan-made video game movie to date, or at least one of two. It's just that good. Albeit it's not a perfect movie. It probably couldn't pass for a commercial release. Though considering what it is being completely FAN MADE, it should get enormous recognition and accolades regardless. I enjoyed it. It was very gripping, very solid and had a sense of engaging professionalism that kept me watching. It told the story well and gave even more insight into why Rock and Roll were born among other aspects. Lebron took a few liberties that I thought spiced up the originality of the film while still retaining familiar things from other MegaMan media. As a die-hard, life long MegaMan fan, I probably can appreciate this film more than others can. I know there are MANY that are the same and feel the same. However this movie should be watched by all, fan or not, because to see what love for a franchise can do to achieve a project such as this is nothing less than inspiring. Congratulations, Eddie Lebron and all the staff. Your movie is a success in my eyes. Two Mega Busters up!

  11. Pure awesomeness,all i can say,left me speechless...though i wonder why did they use the MM2 Wily castle instead of MM1,lawl

  12. For a fan movie, it was decent, but some parts just made me cringe, laugh, and nitpick. But Dr. Wily stole the show!

    Terrible music choice for the credits segment though...

    But overall, it was much better than that Zelda fan movie.

    I'd give it a 6 out of 10.K

  13. All the haters, if you hate it so much, then please, go away. why are you commenting about not watching it? Let those of us who like it, talk, and if you dislike it, theres really no need for you to stick around baselessly bashing it.

  14. I loved Fireman :D

  15. Only about 30 minutes into the movie. It's pretty different from the actual game, imo. Great movie, however.

  16. Well, I think it was pretty good overall.

    I agree that Wily pretty much stole the show with Roll and Rock being 2nd & 3rd place respectively. Dr Light seemed so out of it most of the time IMO.

    Special effects were pretty good, not spectacular. The thing is, it wasn't the quality of the graphics, it was how fast things moved, it just seemed unnatural how quick stuff moved. I've never messed with CG so maybe it's just something I don't know about, but seems like that would've been something they could've easily fixed. I gotta give Eddie props for attempting to do all that CG, I was really surprised how much he put in.

    One thing that drove me nuts though, Rock was Light's 2nd robot, not his 9th (or so I've always believed since he's DRN-001)! He gets created after Blue, Roll and the 6 robot masters in this movie....

    Like I said, I was overall pleased with it. It was an enjoyable movie, actually had some pretty good acting and a good story adapted to the games. I loved the backstory of Light's wife and Wily's emotional turmoil. Discounting the SFX, I would give this movie an 7/10

  17. Surprisingly good. Dr. Wily stole the show and Roll was annoying.

  18. The reporter in the beginning was HOT.

  19. @ Anonymous 6

    "I rather watch Iron Man 2 rather than this sh*t."

    You should have probably stated,

    "I rather watch Iron Man 2 rather than form complete sentence."

  20. @Flame: And how about you stop telling "the haters" that they can't express their dislike.

    I don't see "all you haters" that haven't seen at least some of it. You act like the whole thread is covered with them every time this pops up. O_o It's worse than the actual haters.

  21. My only issue is at the end. So apparently Megaman suddenly becomes 20 feet tall? (Come on now.. even for a fan made film, did no one notice the rows of windows on the building being a fraction of his height...?)

  22. I really love the scene when Wily says Roll has no purpose.

  23. It was pretty good for a fan made movie. The only thing I didn't like was the battles with the robot masters couldn't of even lasted an average of one minute. Pretty minor complaint overall though.

    Wily and Roll were the best parts for me.

  24. Thanks a lot to all the staffs and Eddie Lebron for making this film. The movie came out very successful. CAPCOM is an awesome game-making company, but they would not make this kind of movie that often. So, it is a really valuable chance for us to have a Rockman movie like this. I liked the scenario very much. Blues is SUPER awesome. (*spoiler->) I liked the part where Roll cooks for Rock, Rock says that the pancakes are bad, and Roll gets mad at Rock... It was SO CUTE!!!! XD There is a smart additive scenario hidden behind Dr. Right (which is related to the photo of a woman,) too.

  25. I loved it. Like most of the people said, it lacks a few things, but hey, it's a completely fan movie, you can't ask for millionarie special efects, or Oscar-like acting. This was made from fans to fans, something that Capcom hasn't give us in a very long time. Ultra kuddos to Eddie and his team, excellent work and I hope that hey release the score, it was really awesome.
    PS: Wily stole the show...

  26. This movie brought up a good point to me.

    If Dr. Wily had not reprogrammed the Robo Masters, then do you know how many people would be out of work cause of these infernal machines?! Yes, he says that it wont happen and that they will only "Help" humans.

    In a way... Wily is an economical genius!

  27. It was good nonetheless, but I got a little disappointed that the Robot Masters battle didn't last 5 minutes or 3.

    I didn't suspect Blues when Roll first saw him, when I saw those cool Red shades made me realize it was him all along.

    I give this movie a 7/10

  28. I just realized the ending was a tribute to MM2

  29. impressed over all. the only thing that bothered me was fireman's head wasn't on fire for most of it.

  30. Overall, I really enjoyed it. There were a bunch of things I disliked, but it was entertaining.

    Dr. Wily really stole the show, for sure. His mannerisms, his speech, it was just so great. Roll was a little irritating, imo.

    Loved all the Powered Up references, with Fire, Ice,and Guts personalities. Elec Man was irritating, pretty meh and not like the Elec I know and love, and Bomb and Cut's voices didn't fit well at all.

    The CG was, for the most part… bad. I know they had no budget and all, but if you compare it to the CG of, say, the fan-made Metal Gear movie, it fails in comparison. The final battle’s CG was so bad I wanted to facepalm.

    I thought the Yellow Devil, with his awesome (if not fake-looking) intro had a rather lame fight, but oh well.

    I can look past these, however. It was entertaining, despite some parts looking less real as the games from which it’s based.


  31. @flame,

    what about you go away, alright ? Jeez!

  32. The Oblivious PrattlerMay 8, 2010 at 9:24 AM

    Since I was one of the ones constantly saying, "Give it a chance," I'll give my opinion on it.

    I enjoyed it. It got cheesy sometimes, the battles were a bit boring, and the effects/3D and camera work were pretty sad and obviously amateur. But the story was well adapted, the soundtrack was great, and the characterization was good. I loved Blues and ElecMan! The acting was decent, too. I also liked the way Lebron incorporated various elements of the game, like the select screen and such.

    Nice job overall! It definitely wasn't the franchise-bombing mess people were so sure it would be. I give a B.

  33. I can appreciate all the love that went into this, I can see the energy poured into the production, and I understand the minimal budget.

    Still, this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

    I mean, I wanted to like it, but... it was just too terrible in all respects (except the music). Massive kudos for the effort, thought.

  34. Well that wasn't bad. I was expecting it to be made as a film with broad appeal with subtle nods to the fandom, ala the marvel movies or the transformers films.
    The acting didn't bother me, though some of it struck me as sort of poor, it was about on par with what you'd expect of a film with this budget.
    My main grudge is the fight scenes. For a film where the action should be the main focus, none of the fights were very exciting, and even the "climactic" battle between Megaman and Wily's final machine came off as dull.
    A solid film for fans, I suppose, but not quite what I had been hoping for. With luck this could help introduce the idea of a high budget megaman film to the big names, but I wouldn't bet on it.

  35. I see that most people have their standards set pretty high. I would like to clear up a couple things. I know people have their opinions but they are mostly corrupt with expectations that simply aren't reality. I mean take GeminiSaint, he says it's one of the worst movies he has ever seen? Yet he appreciates the love and effort? I don't understand those two extremes making any sense together. The love and effort makes it one of the best indie game films ever. If not THE best. Not just because of that but because the production value really is solid. Deep down, most people expect higher quality than what's basically capable. They say the CGI, acting and camera work are amateurish? All I have to say to that is, well, they are well above amateur and I'd like to see whatever armchair critic do better, lol. I mean, c'mon, seriously.

  36. Wow. This really is crap!

  37. meh it was ok i the robot masters and there fights made me lol but good try the music was good and dr. wily was the best thing from the film i think.

    6.5/10 ONY

  38. ProfessorMegamanMay 8, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Clearly the professionalism is lacking, but when a group of fans get together to make something like this with an extremely modest budget what can you really expect?

    I didn't hate it, and I challenge all the haters to do better. All the money in Hollywood probably couldn't top this. The special effects would be better, but consider how much farther it would stray from the source material. It's a modest film and if nothing else it gets a high A for effort.

  39. Overall, for a fan film, not that bad. I certainly enjoyed seeing a little more fleshing-out of the characters and the scenario that led to the games.
    The music was excellent, and I liked how they fit in certain bits, like Blues's whistle and the Wily Castle 2 theme.
    The acting was okay from the humans characters, and any problems I had with the acting of the robots I'm willing to chalk up to them being, well, robots.
    The CGI could have been a tad better, but considering the budget, I think I can let it slide.
    My only major complaint might be the pacing. Rock doesn't get upgraded to Megaman until halfway through the movie.
    All in all, I was expecting this movie to be made of major facepalm. Suprisingly, it's actually decent, considering the budget. Thus I have to salute Eddie Lebron and the cast for doing an okay job.

  40. Wily has a NetNavi XD

    19:32 Falcon Punch!
    22:55 Is that Contra?
    54:55 Bomb Man used a Program Advance!
    60:48 THE REAL FALCON PUNCH! (and later he defeated Yellow Devil with 1 hit! Proto rocks! Or Rock rocks? whatever...)

  41. I think calling it "terrible" is stretching things.

    For what it is, it's pretty damn good. Although some aspects needed checking. Especially in the fight with Bombman (no scuff marks after an explosion) and Fireman (no flaming hair after the one scene) and intenral consistancy (Rock displays free will by disagreeing with Light when proto is only supposed to have free will ... or even X, technically, Sniper Joes deliberately mentioned, but never shown).

    Wily's always the star of the show. Even in Captain N, Wily was pretty good. It's hard to mess him up. Light was kinda wooden. Still, the acting seemed to pick up as the movie went on.

    All in all I like dit. It definately deserves to be remembered in the times to come. Kudos to sticking with the project, Megaman movie guys!

  42. Thanks for the Score/Sountrack/Music!

    "I rather watch Iron Man 2 rather than this sh*t."

    Well, I was expecting Iron Man 2 to be super special awesome, and War Machine to be even more badass than Iron Man. Now I only like the trailers for the movie. :/

    And, I was expecting this movie to suck, and it turned out to like me enough to make me go out to the city with sunglasses at 7PM while listening The Megas.

  43. The Oblivious PrattlerMay 8, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    @ MegaMac: Now, I'd like to clarify some things because I think I was referred to in that comment. I'm not trying to start a fight; I just hate to be misunderstood.
    1) Liking something doesn't mean having no criticism of it. Yes, it was a good movie, but it wasn't perfect.
    2) You mentioned high expectations. Actually, the movie was about what I expected, if not better.
    3) The camera work and 3D was "amateur," not as good as Hollywood could have done. But I didn't expect it to be Hollywood-quality, so I was basically stating the obvious. Yes, it was better than someone with a camcorder could have done, but it had flaws. I can think of a few scenes with GutsMan that made me cringe, or to put it differently, broke me out of my "willing suspension of disbelief."
    4) No, I couldn't make a better movie; at least, I don't think I could. I've never tried. Maybe one day I will. I've always fantasized about it. I wonder if that's how Mr. Lebron started out.

    I'll say it again: I enjoyed this movie. I wish I had a DVD.

  44. Not to shamelessly self-promote myself, but I recently did a review of this movie on my Live Journal (and cross-posted it a couple places as well).

    The summary of my review is something like, "Not the worst thing I've ever seen, but not the quality of movie I was expecting." Two things about this movie really kind of bugged me. The writing, and the pacing of events. It's really kind of a mess all and all, but it's not too bad overall.

  45. I think the movie was pretty good. Not bad at all for a no budget, fan film. It was awsome, and I like seeing how mega would equip the chips to gain the robot masters powers. Also, I like Roll in the movie, thought she was pretty hot to be honest. :)

    All in all, I think it's great and through trial and error, if mr.lebron wanted to try and make a sequel, im sure it would come out much better than the first one since now he has all the experience and knowledge he needs to make the "next" one, if any, better. Kudos to all the actors in the movie for a job well done.

    Jun, your an awsome megaman!

  46. Well the script and the concept stay pretty truthful to the Megaman Source Material, and for that alone I'll give it more credit than any previous attempt at adapting Megaman.

    That said, I could handle the cheese, and the bad special effects, but why choose an actor with such a heavy accent for the lead? He sounded like he had a cold the entire time, and it really stands out that he didn't pronounce his hard consonants correctly.

    A bit of advice, when recorded, consonant sounds are weaker than in person, so you actually have to pronounce them more strongly.

    It's a solid concept, but the acting killed the execution. Dr. Wily however did an excellent job, and was really the star of the show, but when someone else has to play off of him, it only makes their own flaws stand out more.

  47. protoman was awesome and my fave character

  48. Definitely a great fan film that deserves credit for all the work that went into it.

    I do wish they chose different actors for rock and roll, but everything else was beyond my expectations.

  49. For a low-budget (Not sure how low, I just know it was low), fan-made movie, this was pretty good.
    I'll admit, I expected worse acting, CG, etc. because of the fan-made stereotype, but it was better then I thought it would be in every aspect. :3
    Wonder what they could do with a full budget... >:D

  50. <3

    When I first heard about the making of a real film of Mega Man I was like... "OMG... Please don't. Those have never really worked out, did they?"

    The first few pics I saw only added to that fear. Until I actually to the time to read why there were asian actors and the fact that this would actually be made by fans.

    Then I saw Gutsman for the very first time eand got interested in it.

    Now I've finally gotten around watching it and...

    Well, I really liked and enjoyed it.
    It's not perfect, but it's obvious it has beem made with much love.

    My favourites were the same as in the game: Wily & Blues (Blues <3 not Proto, I liked that especially)

    My favourite robot would have been Bombman XD I just found it very enjoyable to see those bombs appear out of thin air.

    I kinda don't like Cutman thought. For me, it was always the cute little robot with the big eyes and... :3 Yeah... And his voice was really off from what I'm used to, but still good made.

    What I really would have wished for is for Wily to get the correct hair. I didn't mind with all the others, even if they did look different, but Wily was always the guy with the 'eyebrow thing' and the bat-like hair and beard.

    The actors all did a great job thought. Especially Ice Man when he switched between 'good' and 'bad' and of course Wily had the most awesome facial expression.

    Gutsman was another favourite. Especially the way he blew up XD (Did I see Gutsman's ass? LOL)

    Aside that I regretted that the end seemed rather rushed. The battles were way to short compared to the rest.

    AND! There was no E-Tank shown! It was mentioned, but... How could you leave out the E-Tanks? XD

    Either way: Great job! I really mean it.
    And I do hope Megaman 2 will also get a movie <3
    I'd love for Metal Man, my favourite Robot Master of the Classics to get some screentime <3

  51. This was great all around! Yeah, there were flaws, but what can we say, whether based on a game or a book, there going to be one here or there.
    For instance, Fire Man's head wasn't always ignited. Cut Man reminded me more of an insect than a cute, innocent robot like he was in Powered Up. And what was with calling him "Father Wily" exactly? And the fact Bomb Man used futuristic bombs, it kind of irked me. He wasn't much of a party goer like he was in Powered Up, either. Also, where was CWU-01P anyway? He's a castle boss, right?
    But there were some truly great moments, too. I liked how they exploited Elec Man's poor AI with Proto- erm, Blues. The fight with Guts Man was preaty good, but is it just me, or did he seem smarter? Oh well. And how they did the scene with Ice Man with his bi-polar disorder was creepy, but well exucuted. I wish they played Team Nekokan: No Sleep Until Clear! (クリアまでは眠らない) during the battle with the Yellow Devil though! But then again, I don't believe it was made at the time.
    Overall, my rating is an eight out of ten. Great job, Mr. Lebron!


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