Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fan Made E-Tank Energy Drink Commercial

Fan made creations range from the sublime to the ridiculous. This one, an advertisement for E-Tank energy drinks by KingBrothersFilms, falls into the former.

Mega Man's life saving beverage is actually a real consumable product courtesy of Boston America Corp. Cans are sold in packs of eight and singles in a wide variety of retailers, namely Hot Topic and Borders. You can order an E-Tank of your very own online from Amazon or ToyWiz for $3.99 a pop.


  1. except the US version completely misses the point of the whole drink due to Capcom US' idiotic sales team deciding to make Boston America switch it.

  2. Great commercial! XD
    The Japanese E Can was WAY better, why Capcom USA changed it? ;_;

  3. Because the idiots forgot who the can was intended for, the FANS, and thought we would not identify with an "E" on a can.

    In this case, they pulled a 4kids on our drink. thinking their version would be better for the US audience.


  4. Capcom USA is weird. They must have many lazy and incompetent employers (remembers MM10 official site using art from fan game, the voice acting of MM8, X6 and B&C, removal of content, among other things...)
    Capcom Japan should make their games with the option to select the language (like many European games have), so we can buy the real thing without a "4kids" behavior.

  5. Pretty neat little commercial. Looks like they used Fallout 3 art. One thing they missed was the white sides of the E-Can at the end. I think they should have been removed.

  6. XD


    Do want...


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