Saturday, May 8, 2010

Servbots Spotted In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Screenshot (Update)

The June issue of Game Informer is running a lengthy preview for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3; and while there isn't any confirmation of playable Mega Man characters yet, a single screenshot alludes to the possibility:

Yup, those are Servbots -- Servbots running amok in the background of a stage. Make of it what you will, but their presence certainly raises the likelihood of someone from the Mega Man universe appearing as a fighter, maybe even someone from Legends (the return of Tron Bonne?).

UPDATE:  The magazine has another screenshot of interest which features Tron sitting idly in the background of the same stage:

Background characters in Capcom fighting games are usually just limited to cameo appearances, so chances are she won't be playable.

Furthermore, thanks to this new image, we can confirm that this stage is indeed Kattelox Island from Mega Man Legends 1, now known as "Cattleox Island", according to the banner behind Tron.  From the looks of it, the island has seen a significant re-design. By the way, is that brother Teisel Bonne sitting next to Tron? He's obscured by Chris, but that sure does look like his spiky hair...

EDIT: Corrected a few factual errors.


  1. Considering the fact that Capcom keeps going out of their way to promote the Mega Man Legends series in some of their recent games, there's no doubt in my mind that a third Legends game is going to come into existence.

  2. Hm... Nevermind the servbots, is the background familiar to any of the Legends fans around here?

    Then again, it possibly being unrecognizable might be due to the crossover nature of this game, rather than any potential hints at the existence of a Legends 3.

    On another note, actual servbots imported into a new graphics engine... I wonder if a Legends game would fit in using the same engine that MvC3 runs on.

  3. I want
    Mega man X
    Classic Mega Man
    Proto man

  4. Ooo, screenshots. Looks pretty good so far. As for the's about time for a Legends 3. Enough with the cameos. Period.

  5. @Alilatias

    I don't recognize the background, only the Servbots. It could be because of the low quality image or the background being too dark. Once I get the magazine I will try to scan a higher quality picture.

    Although, it could also be a Marvel stage with Servbots running amok.

  6. I hope it's not Tron, I want an actual relevant character to the Mega Man universe, people who haven't played much Mega Man wont recognize Tron, if Trigger is in then cool, as long as he's not as useless as he was in TVC.

  7. God damn it, when is X gonna get to be in one of these? Zero's been in 2 cameos, Rock in MVC 1 and 2, Trigger in TVC, Tron in one of the MVCs... X? NONE

  8. @Flame

    Because Zero is really the star of MMX. Mega Man X is pretty bland. Anything that he can do that classic can't Zero pretty much could. Unless he had an armor on.

    Also, Tron bonne was featured in a "leaked" list. Although there is no reason to believe the person who leaked it.

  9. They've been shoving ServBots and other DASH stuff into Capcom games for almost 11 years now.

    I'm pretty sure by now people'd realize that DOESN'T mean that a new DASH game is coming. -_-

  10. Also, at Gerome:

    Rock Volnutt was NOT useless in Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

    However, he was the deepest character and hardest character to master from the entire cast. Learning Rock Volnutt was a steep curve, but once it's accomplished, he opens up to being quite possibly the best character in the entire game.

  11. @Saito:

    Okay, maybe it doesn't, but like I said somewhere on this page:

    Mega Man Legends 3 has been getting a lot of votes over at Capcom Unity's Suggestion Box. Think about it: The only reason Mega Man 9 even exists in the first place, is because of fan support. If that hadn't gotten a bunch of demand from the fans, then it probably wouldn't have happened. It looks like Legends 3 is also getting a lot of fan support, and I highly doubt that Capcom is just going to flat-out ignore it.

    Also, despite the low says of the first Mega Man: Powered Up, Inafune said that it STILL has a strong chance of happening:

  12. Protoman,X and Bass should be the fighters this time around for the Megaverse

  13. You are right!! imagine Bass in those graphics. Badass!!

  14. I heard something's up from Capcom. They said they will use TvsC control in MvsC3 instead MvsC2 control. So how do we suppose to play that like TvsC style gameplay?

    Also some people said about four buttons. Not six buttons! Here's one:

    Low, Medium, High, and Exchange Button.

    Exchange Button is when you launch your opponent, then slam him/her down from air combo and exchange with partner for more combo. I don't know about that, but I could be wrong. That's all I heard.

    Now no more MvsC2 control. Dead. Welcome to TvsC control and new gameplay. -_-

  15. Actually, it will be similar to TvC in controls and closer to MvC in gameplay. And didn't JoJo's Bizarre Adventure feature a similar style? Didn't stop the game from being great.

  16. I didn't like how Mega Man Voulnutt played in TvC, Classic Mega Man in MvC was much more manageable. Tron was a power house and heck, I could even kick some butt with the Servbot and Roll.

    I'm hoping we get Tron and maybe Mega Man back, we don't need a huge info dump of Mega Man characters.

  17. Similar to TvC in controls!?! How can you say that? When you play that, you'll feel like you play TvC on Wii(arcade stick)? It's not for me, I'm afraid.

    So how do you use for switch, call assists, and Trio Hyper Combo?

    F + Exchanage button = Assist 1?

    B + Exchange button = Assist 2?

    Medium/High + Exchange = Switch partner?

    Push all buttons = Trio/double Hyper Combos?

    You call that similar to TvC in control??? What if you press buttons in wrong way when you are supposing to do???


    It looks like that stage might be a Bonne mecha factory.

  19. @The Stupid Anonymous Who Apparantly is Flipping Like Eight Bitches and Loves His Question Marks

    "MvC3 is using the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom scheme to be more accessible, but will retain stuff like Hyper Combo cancels, Snapbacks and assists."

    From EventHubs, as gathered from the Game Informer. And come on, even Marvel vs Capcom 2 had less buttons. Well fine, same amount. Two of them were used for assists though. They simplified some things and made things more advanced. More people play MvC2 than they do the original though.

  20. I'm seeing a generous amount of Legends stuff lately.

    I'm starting to think 3's on its way.

  21. I did not like how in TvC, you could not use the Low, Medium and High attacks if you chose to play with a control that had the special moves. It was not a good trade-off.

  22. Wow, I just realized that Nintendo Power Teaser could of been for this game.

  23. I recognize two things. The tower from the Legends 1 intro, and what appears to be the Balcon Gelede behind the Hulk. No idea about the rest.

  24. Please capcom do the right thing. CLASSIC Mega Man characters, not random ones from every series (or at least classic megaman)

  25. I've heard rumors about Tron returning to the cast. I hope that's true, since she was one of my favorites in MVC2.
    I'd also like to see a new MM rep, hopefully from someone who hasn't represented the series in a VS game yet, like X or Model X Vent or something.

  26. @mega rock.exe

    That is not true at all. The Wii Remote just allowed quick specials, and gave you the ability to have everyone hate you online for using the Wii Remote. You could still do special moves in TvC with the classic/gamecube controller, you just had to input them instead just hitting A and a direction.

  27. Dang it! We took it for grant from the beginning!!! How can we forget to ask Capcom before MvsC3 comes to exist??? Did we ask them to stay with six buttons too late??? Are they already making their decision to change that layout to TvC layout for MvsC3??? No more MvsC2 layout/control??? Oh, my, gosh...

    We've been screwed! Thanks a lot, Capcom. T_T

  28. A Kattleox redesign, you say?


    I smell a Legends 1 remake within a year or two...

  29. Steven Chase "Seiko"May 10, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    Cattleox? Cattle. Ox. Hmm.

    Taurus Fire for MVC3!

  30. It does slightly resemble Old City.. The strange tower and dark buildings. Though it's hard to tell, as the buildings look kinda upper class. It's confusing. XP

  31. Cattleox makes more sense if that pun was the intention... I wonder if it'll be changed in the US release back to Kattelox?

  32. If you guys notice carefully on upper right corner of the second screen with Teisel and Tron, the Bonnes are riding what looks like the Balcon Gerald.


  33. Yes, it looks nearly exact like the Balcon Gerald.. Except it's orange and not purple. But the size and shapes are really close, I would have to say it is. :3

  34. Classic Megaman PLEASE! I don't like Legends MM. D:

  35. Tron is cute in that picture and hugging the servbot, X is playable but in a differnt charcter Frank West Right.

  36. MaverickHunterAshMay 11, 2010 at 7:11 PM

    X should be the first Mega Man character in MvC 3 -- ANY other character should be a secondary consideration. Seriously, it needs to be X's turn.

    Fuck Zero. He's all right, but he's one of the most overrated characters ever and gets far more attention than he should -- he can't even begin to hold a candle to X in any way -- design, character story arc, power. Doesn't matter. X owns the hell out of him.

    X FOR MVC 3!

  37. Something's up from Seth, the one of Capcom staff. He said The button layout are still in development, so they may keep MvsC2 layout if the fans want to. But, Capcom are considering that TvC button layout may working on it. Now, I'm still worrying if they will change their minds about putting TvC button layout back again after everything's settle up. I wish they can keep MvsC2 button layout on MvsC3 with few new basic moves.

  38. Dang, if Tron's a background character, that means she won't be playable. That's a shame, she was my point in MVC2.


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