Friday, May 28, 2010

Pre-Order Bonus For Zero Collection

Capcom's giving away a series of collectible Mega Man Zero buttons when you pre-order Mega Man Zero Collection from their online store. Twenty three in all, you get two (at random) when your order ships June 8. At the moment, this looks like an online only deal and might not apply to retailers like GameStop or EBgames.

Check out all the buttons and pre-order your copy here.


  1. Yeah, and get made fun of by every single living person in the universe if you were to ever show those buttons in public. XD

    Plus, you can get stuff like that for like, what 50 cents, at ANY anime/manga convention.

  2. Dang it, I already pre-ordered mine at gamestop because I wanted my freebies.

  3. wow finnnnally I will put some MMZ buttons on me !

    watch out girlzz I'M coming !!!!


  4. Anon #1: "watch out girlzz I'M coming !!!!"

    Being a girl and all I'd probably randomly leap and hug someone with these. Assuming the guy didn't "OMGGIRL!!11", wet his pants and run at least we'd have a common ground to have something to talk about.

    In saying that I'm going off to pre-order this now. My back pack is covered in gamer pins.. these will be awesome additions.

  5. Got nothing on the EB buttons fangamer gives out for free with any order

  6. Okay, so if I pair the Zero pin with the Excalibur pin, oughta make for a nasty deck! :D

  7. Well those pins are definitely not worth it in my mind.


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