Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mega Man On the Cover of Pix'n Love Magazine

Reader Ryan sent this in the other day. The latest issue of Pix'n Love, a French magazine devoted to all things retro-gaming, sports Mega Man on the cover.

A hardcover version of the issue is also available, which features a variant cover. Check it out here.

Incidentally, this particular issue contains an extensive article over the franchise's history and an exclusive interview with Keiji Inafune. Unfortunately, we don't have a scan of that yet, but expect to see an update by this weekend. Thanks, Ryan!


  1. inb4 that one guy saying "ugh!!!!! its horrible!!!!!"

  2. Actually Pix'n Love is not a "magazine" it's a series of books which released one every 2 months.


  3. The poor Met is like "Spare me and I'll give ya this E-Tank!"


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