Monday, May 10, 2010

Capcom Unity Holding Official Mega Man Zero Collection Art Contest

Come forth, artsy Mega Man fans, for Capcom Unity is readying another contest in celebration of the Mega Man Zero Collection:

Similar to the robot master contests, this will be a weekly contest but will only run for 4 weeks. For week one, we'll focus on the FIRST game of the Mega Man Zero Collection. All you have to do is submit your best fan art that has something to do with the first Mega Man Zero game. Even if you've never played the Zero series, you have to admit, the art style is certainly unique and inspirational!

To enter, simply send jgonzo a message by May 17th at 9AM PDT with the subject "Mega Man Zero Fan Art: Week One" and a link to your submission. A brief description of your piece is required.

What's a contest without prizes? Capcom's giving each week's winner a copy of the Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works art book and a free copy of Mega Man Zero Collection. Unfortunately, you won't be getting an advance copy of the game as Capcom will ship it out to the winner(s) on June 8th.

Head on over to Capcom Unity for the complete details.


  1. Dude im calling megaman zero 5 being made because of this art contest thing. if zero 5 is good and out does the rest maybe we should get it i dont know.

  2. @megamanzero:

    Sorry, but for story-related reasons, Mega Man Zero 5 is completely out of the question. I'm not exactly an expert on this, but from what I've read, Zero truly died during the events of the fourth game, and ended up becoming a Bio-Metal, or something like that in the ZX series.

  3. MMZ...

    That will never happen.

    Y'see, there's this little thing called ZX...

  4. Calling it now: Zero collection includes a Z5 or a Z0, of which will be revealed along with the final week of the contest.

  5. @Krazymonkey dude read the megaman zero complete works zero was never confirmed to have died even capcom has said that

  6. Man I wish I could draw

    Well I have a friend that might enter it and if so he say he would give me the prizes all he care about is people seeing his Art he does not care about the rest


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