Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Mega Man CG Fan-Art

Last week we caught a peek at David Espinoza's exceedingly awesome Hollywood-quality renders of the Mega Man 2 cast. Today, Kotaku brings us a look at two more of equal quality: Crash Man and Quick Man.

The Crash and Quick renders were produced by Yoshi Vu, friend of David Espinoza. Vu is said to be currently working on a Wood Man render, so do look forward to that. Wouldn't it be great if Vu and Espinoza rendered all the Robot Masters? I'd love to see that!

Source: Kotaku


  1. David needs to redo his megaman model. All of the others are so badass, but that one looks horrible! And these two are awesome sauce!!!!

  2. Crash looks great, mostly because you can't see his face. Which is exactly what screws up all these renders, the faces don't fit with the body at all.

  3. Crashman's bald! You can see through the window slightly.

  4. Wait a second...

    First these come out, then Mega man Universe was pretty much announced. Maybe it's hinting at something.

    I am probably looking too deep into it.

  5. :/

    How does MMU and this even possible relate? These are fanmade.

  6. Awesome renders. I can also tell that he used the complete works artwork as reference. ;P

  7. Crash Man isn't actually bald, if you look closely, especially at the right facing pose, he has a protective helmet underneath the glass as well (think Power Ranger, without the visor).


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