Friday, May 28, 2010

Zero Collection Time Trial Event In Japan

If you happen to be in Japan, specifically Nihonbashi, Osaka on June 6 or June 10, stop on by the local Sofmap to participate in a special time trial challenge event for Rockman Zero Collection. The event has guests attempting to beat the Rockman Zero 2 "bomber" time attack mode as fast as they can. The winner receives an exclusive Zero Collection poster signed by the development staff alongside a bunch of other nooks and crannies like stickers and pens. You'll even get a Capcom branded notebook just for showing up!

If you don't live in Japan...guess this is meaningless! But hey, at least we got confirmation that Zero 2's multiplayer mode will remain intact for Zero Collection.

Source (via CapKobun)


  1. Z2's multiplayer is still intact?

    BRB, pre-ordering.

  2. Wow. I never knew that they've added multiplayer to any Mega Man game, other than Mega Man 7's hidden two-player mode (and the two arcade games, of course).

  3. Z2's multiplayer is a nice little Battle Mode where you and a friend duke it out as your corresponding Zero's.

    Now granted, that includes what Forms, Weapons, Elements, Life, Sub Tanks, etc. you have, but once you both max everything, or have both your ideal setups, or agree to handicap/not use certain things, it's a fair match.

    And the closest thing we'll probably ever get to some official 2-player platformer action, even if it's not Co-op.

    Again, barring MM7.


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