Monday, May 10, 2010

'Mega Man Online' Announced For Asia

In their 2010-2011 investor relation plans, Capcom Japan has revealed a new Mega Man game entitled Mega Man Online for Asian markets.

Details are very scarce at the moment, but initial reports indicate the game is being developed by Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea as a joint venture between Capcom and is slated to release in March 2011.

You can't help but wonder if this is somehow related to that Mega Man Universe patent...

More news as it comes in. Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. I bet its like in the rockman.exe uiverse where you can create your own megaman and use for diffrent thing like battle exploring the net and so on... hopefully they wont use the exe universe as reference but a completley new one with similar style of the zero/zx universe.

  2. Universe, Online, Rad....give us a break. Any doubt it´s the same thing? geez...

  3. No. No, no, no. This makes me physically sick. The worst thing that could ever happen to Mega Man — an MMO — looks to actually be coming to pass. If this really is what “Mega Man Universe” is, consider me officially disgusted. I hate MMOs with a passion, and combining them with my favorite, beloved franchise… how awful.

    Well, looks like we can kiss any hopes for more true sequels goodbye if a bloody MMO is Capcom’s long-term plan for Mega Man. How sad. I can see Mega Man 11 still being a distinct possibility, but beyond that? Nothing.

    What a depressing way to start the week.

    I will add, though, that the only way I could see this even have a chance of working is if it’s based on the Battle Network/Star Force universe. A truly online Battle Network title for the PC is still a terrible idea, but it’s more workable than an MMO based in the Classic, X, or Zero universes (and we all know Legends and ZX aren’t going to be revisited).

  4. Ah, that's it, an MMO of the Starforce/BN line. Perfect.

  5. Wow, let's all jump to conclusions and say it's an MMO. I mean, it's quite likely, given the name, but let's go out on a limb and say that it's an online multiplayer sidescroller.

    Anyone remember the multiplayer trailer for MegaMan 2.5D? That looked freakin awesome, and if I could be Mega Man while my friend is playing as Proto Man, well I'd love a game like that.

    Sure, it's wishful thinking, but let's try to stay positive until we actually get more news. :)

  6. ...crap.

    I hereby quit any and all Megaman gaming until Megaman 11 comes out.

    Insanity is fun, but not this kind...


  7. As long as it isn't a Point & Click Game... xD.
    I'd probably still play it, but I'd rather not have a point & Click.

  8. The ONLY way this will work out is if they do something comletely new and unique with an MMO. Not more of the same. Another only way this will work is if it's featured in either the X series, Legends series, or BN series. Lets hope this isnt just some stupid cash-in and it actually means something. I'd love to create my own Hunter, Digger or Navi. (Lol, Hunter and Maverick/Digger and Pirate as to Alliance and Horde :P)

  9. Steven Chase "Seiko"May 10, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    Yes, because anything with "Online" in the title automatically means "World of Warcraft."

  10. Tempting as it is to jump on the "Oh noes, an MMO" bandwagon, I think I'm gonna wait till more details are released....

  11. I'm not a big fan of MMOs, but if a whole online EXE world was made... I'd suddenly be a fanatic.

    Now that would be a dream come true.

    Though anything else... meh.

  12. I am going to play that game until my fingers bleed. Even if it's based on Battle Network / Starforce, which I hope it isn't. I want to make my own maverick hunter.

  13. 3 hours later and there's already a "It's an MMO" bandwagon, an idea of what the game might be and people requesting their favorite series to appear in this "game".

    First, let's wait until more details arrive. Stop speculating, damn it ¬_¬. It's getting annoying.

    And more importantly:

    What is this. I dont even

  14. The usual cycle of a new Rockman game annoucement:

    1) If it's not for a series you like, -immediately- BAWWWW to no end while trying to come up with legitimate-sounding excuses as to why you immediately hate it, like it can't change/it's stagnant/etc.

    2) If it's for a series you like but going in a different/new direction from the norm, immediately/wait until a few details come out before engaging in BAWWWWW.

    3) If it's for a series you like and it's more of the same, you either immediately love it to no end, or BAWWWW while tossing around accusations that the series is getting stagnant.

    4) Wait until the game is actually released AND THEN praise/BAWWW to no end.

    Ugh, I'm going to go with option 4 and side with Seiko, HyperCoyote, and Musashi here.

  15. Steven Chase "Seiko"May 10, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    An online Mega Man game could easily work. Remember that "demo" of a hypothetical co-op 8-bit Mega Man game someone released on YouTube not too long ago? It was a 2.5-D "MM3" world with Mega Man and Proto Man cooperating, helping each other make jumps and what-not. Just because it's 'Online' doesn't mean it's 'Massively Multiplayer'.

    Resident Evil 5 is an online game, and it's mostly two-player. I could easily see Capcom making a large, immersive 8-bit Mega Man game with user-created content (like level creators), but it's got a "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" vibe to it, like 2-4 players at once on a single screen, but Mega Man style.

    Now tell me that's a bad idea.

  16. Look, I'd be much less inclined to rag on this if it wasn't being developed by some random Korean company.

    At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it was some low-budget affair just for Asian markets.

  17. Saito (Sick of the fanbase)May 10, 2010 at 3:48 PM


    Your opinion is the reason why Rockman is in the shitter right now, people not wanting to accept change.

    So you know what? Shut the fuck up. Seriously.

    People like you killed DASH, killed ZX, almost killed Zero, and also killed SSR.

    We don't need anymore retards killing the rest of the new stuff for Rockman.

    Some of us are actually SICK of 8-bit garbage ROM Hacks of RM2 being packaged as "Rockman 10" or stupid fucking GBA ports called EXE OSS and Zero Collection.

    So for people like you, eat a rotting dick and shove a broken broom stick up your ass.

  18. I can't help but i feel a little stressed.
    But who knows, maybe it will be 2.5D or something... (Why not, it would make things different than we see all the time)

  19. YES! A MMO type game! Wonder what the classes might be. Navi and Hunter is almost given. I would say a Digger as well. It would be cool if you could play as villans as well. Like lets say their is a class called "Heat", you can use things from different Heat bosses from all the series like a part from BN Flame Man and a part for SF Ox Fire. After all, this way their is also a big chance that now EVERYBODY will enjoy this game since most likely they will use elements or use classes from all the series right?

  20. Frankly, I don't think this is anything to get overly antsy about.

    More than likely, whatever this game is, Capcom and Neowiz are only going to market this game in East Asia only, as is the way for so many other "quirky", Korean-made MMOs of its type that basically hover around for a year or so, and then go right the hell back out.

    Seeing that this game already has its own call-name, separate from "MegaMan Universe", I'm inclined to believe that the two are separate.

  21. It would be cool if they had like a Dark Type. Like a secret class that can be used to get parts from only final bosses in all the series. Imagine using parts from BN Bass,SF Crimsion Dragon, and like another cool boss from another series like Omega Zero! That would so cool. Also imagine like a X or a BN Megaman wielding like a Z-Saber. They should make it so that you can get specific weapons from like your friends or when you beat your opponents. This way the varieties will be ENDLESS! Everybody will be differnet and totally unique. I just hope that it is 3-D.

  22. @Saito:

    ...Okay, now THAT was just COMPLETELY uncalled-for. Seriously. Do you want to know WHY people are always "yelling" at you? Do you want to know WHY you've been called an "arrogant prick" a few times? THAT'S why. The way you just flat-out attack people because of their opinions. Where in MaverickHunterAsh's post did it say that he doesn't like change? As far as I can tell, all he did was simply state that he doesn't like the MMO genre. Is that a crime? Apparently, it must be, since you felt the need to bash him for it.

  23. MaverickHunterAshMay 10, 2010 at 4:59 PM


    Wow, Saito. On the rag much? Could you have made a more ignorant comment? If you've ever seen any comments I've made on PRC in the past, you'd be informed enough to know that I'm exactly the same as you, and I hate the fanbase whining about new games (and whining in general) just as much as you do. I'm pretty sure I've respected your comments on PRC before -- it would be a shame to have to stop now, so I hope your ignorance and hotheadedness here is only temporary and not a permanent fixture of your character.

    Let me enlighten you.

    First of all, I adore every single Mega Man series out there, from Legends to Star Force to everything in between. And I'm at the forefront of every argument against every mouthbreathing idiot who rallies against Battle Network and Star Force, claiming they're not "real" Mega Man games.

    Yeah, oops. Maybe you should have thought before you spoke... looked before you leapt, champ.

    What you failed to see through your ignorance and amusingly nasty, immature temperament is that this is not what I was doing. I've never complained about an actual new Mega Man game before. I'm happy for whatever we get.

    I can even be happy that a Mega Man MMO looks to be coming, and in a twisted sort of way, I am. Because as much of a disappointment as it is, it IS a new Mega Man game. But the long-term effects of what an MMO could likely do to the franchise are what worry and disgust me. MMOs are, in my opinion, THE worst, most banal, insipid genre of video games out there. It is MY PREFERENCE that Mega Man, my most favorite and beloved series, not be cross-bred with such an awful genre. It is also MY OPINION that a Mega Man MMO, unless based in the Battle Network/Star Force universe, would not work. And even then, the overall effects such a BN/SF-based MMO would have on the Mega Man franchise would in all likelihood be very negative. MMOs are designed to be around for a long time. To be sustainable. It'll be a lot harder for us as Mega Man fans to clamor for new games when one -- the same game -- is constantly already out, even if it's not the one we necessarily want.

    So that X9 you want? Legends 3? Kiss 'em all goodbye in favor of this new MMO, if it turns out to be the real deal. I want those games just as much (probably more) than you do, but we won't be getting them if the Mega Man series is busy maintaining an MMO.

    However, my statements are subjective opinions, not objective statements. I never said anyone who liked this idea was wrong or stupid -- you, however, did. Now who looks the fool?

    If you valued the integrity of your words and thoughts, you'd more closely READ what it is you're replying to before you mouth off like you did this time.

    Look, if you love the idea of a Mega Man game in a genre known for its weakness in story and characterization and strength in mind-numbingly dull, grindy gameplay, more power to you. If you're okay with the idea of the games we want being put on an indefinite backburner for a Mega Man MMO, that's fine. Because I know how to interact with other people without getting my panties in a bunch if they disagree with me, I'm totally fine with you liking that idea. I'd disagree with you, but hey, that's what makes the world go around.

    Apparently not the world you live in, though. Oh, what it must be like to live such an existence it's unthinkable that anyone could possibly disagree with you.

    Think before you speak next time, and consider the source of the words with which you disagree. It'll save you a great deal of wasted time and a potential verbal smackdown.

    Wow, look at that; I was able to disagree with you and argue with you without swearing or namecaling even once. It's amazing how far a little maturity and intelligence, can go, isn't it?

    If you're going to respond again, please try to do so with some measure of patience and maturity. I'd respect you a lot more for it (as I believe I have in the past).

  24. MaverickHunterAshMay 10, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    @Saito -

    Oh, I forgot to comment on the sweet, sweet irony of your hypocritical rambling. You call me out for complaining about a Mega Man MMO or what you call "change" and then turn around to complain about Mega Man 10 in the very same breath?

    You're the very person you purport to hate so much -- the spoiled, whining, impossible-to-please fanboy -- and you don't even realize it. And this is coming from me, the one who has proven, in past comments, that he loves every Mega Man series, from Classic to Star Force. And you... already whining about a Classic game.

    Funny how hypocrisy works, isn't it? Physician, heal thy self.

    From what I remember, Saito, you're capable of MUCH better, more reasoned arguments and comments than this. Please prove me right. It's not that I mind being wrong, but I'd like to think you're as chill and mature a Mega Man fan as I remember. Or am I recalling someone else?

  25. @MaverickHunterAsh

    You guys are aware we have literally NO NEWS on this game yet, yes?

  26. Wha, you guys are thinking it's a Point-and-Click?

    I really find that unlikely. WizCorp aside, I think Capcom knows well enough that a WoW-esque point-and-clicker ain't gonna work, and that this has more to do with the BN/SF line; this is how they're going to take care of that gameplay segment once and for all.

    You've got the massive connectivity of the internet, and the "add-on" nature of MMOs. Face it, BNs and SFs got too shallow to consider purchasing. Even though that wasn't the case with MMBN1-3.

    But now it is. So now, you can make a series ~like~ Starforce or MMBN where you have ~insert new evil force here~ pop up and it not be a complete drain on you or on the team for having to design a whole story around it; the event can just happen in an MMO setting, and just go with the flow from there.

    That's what I'm seeing. Could be wrong, of course.

  27. MaverickHunterAshMay 10, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    Andronian -

    Yes. That's why all of what I said is MERELY SPECULATIVE. IF Mega Man Universe turns out to be MMO, THEN I will feel the way I have described.

    It's a simple "if/then" statement for me. I know nothing's confirmed yet. Saito just decided to fly off the handle at me for some reason. My original comment wasn't even aimed at anyone. o_O

  28. This sounds scarily similar to something like an MMO... I thought it was real stupid people thought something like that for RockMan was possible but... I'm still leery on the idea that Universe and Online are the same thing, and even leerier on the idea that either are an MMO...

  29. If it is the same archaic design that World of Warcraft and other MMOs use then it would be completely uninteresting. However, I expect a Mega Man MMO not be like that, as previously pointed out.

    Although it makes no mention of EXE/SF in the title, it seems like it would be a no brainer. EXE fans have been frothing at the mouth of an EXE MMO for years. I think Capcom would have a really unique game if the went that path.

    Classic Mega Man would be kind of weird as an MMO. If it was a platforming MMO that would be neat.

    For either we would need a lot of customization, so we don't get recolored Proto Man and Bass bastard children.

    Although then again, it might not even come stateside like previous Mega Man games. It might even just be some collection of games that can be played through the browser, literally being Mega Man online.

    I expect to hear some good Mega Man news at E3. Or possibly a week before when Famitsu leaks it.

  30. Warrior(the REAL one)May 10, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    Reading the posts here reminds me of why I despise the human race...

    Oh, and to the phony Warrior who posted above...

    Bug off, retrotard.

    Some of us take what comes and try to enjoy it, like me. Capcom, good luck with whatever you do with this new game, and to all the close minded /fans/...

    BOG OFF.

  31. Look at all of you with your arguments. If its an MMO its an MMO. But even if thats what it turns out to be, I'll play it. Im a true megaman fan. I'll play a megaman game just because its megaman. You know what? I played X7 and enjoyed it. If this game is an MMO, theres no changing it so just focus on the good instead of the bad. If you want a certain game to be made, support capcom by buying the new games. Im still waiting for legends 3 which NEEDS to be made and if the only way for capcom to make it is to have extra funds then so be it.

  32. I'm all for this as long as its gonna be in English

  33. Guys, stop putting the term "fan" on a pedestal. It is not some glorious wonder title. Someone could be a fan of just the Mega Man cartoon and still be a Mega Man fan.

    If you just buy everything that has Mega Man on it/in it regardless of quality that makes you a mindless drone.

    That being said, we know nothing about Mega Man Online and Mega Man Universe other than the titles.

    But isn't that strange? I don't think either of those are going to be in Japan if they use Mega Man. I think excluding Japan he is universally known as Mega Man, right?

  34. @MaverickHunterAsh in response to "Saito"

    Sensible points well stated around, good chap. Nice work.

    A toast, to civility and restraint!

  35. This will be the greatest Rockman game ever.

  36. Well as long as it's not a 8-bit FPS game right? Ahahaa... ha...

  37. Considering that it is Asia, shouldn't it be "Rockman Online"?

  38. The Oblivious PrattlerMay 11, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Why is everyone always so negative about something new? A MegaMan MMO? So what? We don't even have screenshots or anything yet! We don't even know what series it's from! Heck, if Universe is related (and we don't know that for sure either), it could be all of them for all we know! We have too little information for people to be condemning or even praising it already. It's like trying to predict a baby's whole life just because we found out the gender. Protodude will bring us more details as they're made public. That's what I'm waiting for.

  39. MaverickHunterBrockMay 11, 2010 at 7:45 AM


  40. ...Rockman MMO? If Korea's involved, I'm both intrigued and worried. Korea has a tendency to make really addictive MMOs. Unfortunately, Korean MMOs have a tendency to not do a proper job outside of Korea. Moreover, Korean MMOs have a tendency to have no plot or focus whatsoever.

    Damnit, I live in Korea. I was hoping that I could go for years without getting addicted to online games. Worst of all is that it's due for release in the year that I'm due for my college entrance exams. Well...I guess going to college is out for me.

    Oh well. As long as it's EXE universe.

  41. One thing I'm confused about though is why it would be "Mega Man" and whatnot. Considering how the "Rockman" name is more well-known in East Asia. This goes double if this is an EXE-universe project.

  42. So someone over at TMMN found a teaser poster of sorts that appears to indicate that at least the X universe will be used in some sort of way.


  43. MaverickHunterAshMay 11, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    @Anon -

    Thank you! Nice to talk to someone with some sense after Saito's embarrassing display of immaturity. I've always preferred civility myself. As rarely as it happens, it's always good to see that it's not lost on others on the Internets, too. :)

  44. Since when did "MMO" automatically mean MMORPG? It's seems alot of you are affliating it with the elements of a grindy rpg. It could easily be an action MMO, or any other gerne. It could still be 2D side-scroller. WOW is a MMORPG, yes it's an MMO reguardless. But, the "rpg" sub-title does stand for something people.

    Also, let us wait for more news shall we? Speculating is great and all, but I still want to know if Online and Universe is one and the same.


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