Thursday, November 20, 2008

SSR3 Moves 65,000 Units In First Week

Well, here we are, one week after SSR3's release. How's it holding up?

According to VGChartz, both versions of SSR3 managed to move 65,000 units nationwide, coming in at #3 on Japan's charts. Pretty good! Still, when compared to its predecessors, SSR3 is a bit behind. (SSR1: 98k SSR2:80k)

Hopefully, we can expect a bigger number in the coming weeks. After all, the holidays are rapidly approaching!

Heed Luna's advice Japan: "Buy SSR3!"


  1. #3 in Japan sales chart, eh? That's pretty good, here's hoping it stays on the sales charts for weeks like the EXE series before it. I really hope for a US release soon.

  2. Oh good, thank god people starting to see SSR 3 is a great game.
    If they end the series now, that would be a shame, hope your HAPPY now, EXE fanboys... <_<

  3. Here's hoping sales stay strong. Having finished RnR3, I can say it's really a step up from the other two, and I hope sales pick up, as it'd be a shame for it to end just when it was getting good.

  4. That's nice to know but it doesnt matter because the SSR 3 is the last one and there will be no SSR 4 at all.

  5. I would only be happy if it ended to be replaced by an EXE revival. :P Which is NEVER happening. :(

    I guess RnR's alright, but it just isn't all that great.

  6. RNR 3 is a good point to end the series. EXE 3 was also a good point to end the series. I'm hoping they actually end it early this time around.

    I would love some new games from capcom, not sequels.

  7. But too many games without sequels, and you've got even MORE Rockman series' on your hand. :P I must be the only one who actually enjoyed EXE 4-6, and wouldn't have minded a 7.

  8. Well, if they end this, (and seeing as it seems like they ended ZX and Zero,) I wonder which one they'll turn to? X, Legends, or Original? (ZX and Zero, didn't really have formal ends, but still, it's kind of implied at least with Zero.)

  9. Doesn't she look happy....

  10. That's nice to know but it doesnt matter because the SSR 3 is the last one and there will be no SSR 4 at all.

    November 20, 2008 7:18 AM


    WRONG. There is a SSR 4, genius. Do you even read the interviews that get posted on here?

  11. ^
    Well, nto official yet.

    I believe it was Takeshita who said he would like to continue the series with new entries every year. Each game would somehow "follow the player's own growth."

    So, I guess he's trying to see we'll see the cast grow up, bit by bit?

  12. Who says they'll turn to an old series? ;) They seem to like making oodles of new series nowadays. :P

    I'm quite frustrated that they didn't have Netto and Rockman age in the EXE series like they're apparently going to do in RnR. :| It would've been cool to play the sixth one with them as teens. :P


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