Friday, December 31, 2010

Mega Man Olympics Round 4: Quick Man Challenge

The Mega Man Olympics wage on! In the fourth round, jgonzo and Ucchy-san take on the appropriately named Quick Man stage, a hundred meter dash to the finish.

With only four challenges remaining, things are really starting to heat up.!Who will come out on top? USA or Japan? We'll just have to keep watching to find out.

GoNintendo via The Mega Man Network

Sigma Returns In Rockman Online

It was simply only a matter of time: with all these old baddies being revived for Rockman Online, Sigma's return was inevitable.  On the verge of wishing all a happy new year, Alia's "transmission" at the official Rockman Online was sabotaged by the head-honcho himself, dropping the following message:

"Young masses, a new revolution is drawing near! The sun you all knew from long ago has disappeared beneath the horizon. As the new year dawns, everything you know, ladies and gentlement, will change.
We, for example, were born as far greater beings than the humans, yet… we are bound to their principles. Throw off the bonds of the ancient humans, and join the evolution of the new generation! Yes! We will evolve and progress! For our revolution! Please do not forget the day the era our new evolution began! Yes! Once again, that new age is drawing near! The day of the Reploids!
Until that day comes, pray you’re one of the chosen… and a survivor."

It certainly sounds like Sigma is once again the mastermind behind the sudden Maverick outbreaks, possibly even the leader of RMO's 'Ultimate Reploid Association', the opposing force.

Let's try to act surprised.

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mega Man: MAD Magazine Style

Jose Garibaldi, the freelance artist best known for his work in MAD Magazine, whipped up this nice interpretation of the Blue Bomber some weeks back on his personal blog. It's illustrated in a style that gives off this interesting, every-day-kid portrayal of Mega Man; the look of a young sprat eager to go about saving the world!

Jose suggests you listen to this tune as you ogle over the image:

Gotta love those pseudo-sneakers!

Plenty more of Mr. Garibadli's video game inspired art can be found at his official website, Little Brown Heart and official blog!

Source: Comics Alliance

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

U.S Kotobukiya Model Kits Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month, Kotobukiya's US subsidiary announced plans to bring all three 1/10 scale Rockman model kits outside of Japan under the Mega Man label. A release date wasn't discussed then, but now it seems we have ourselves that and more.

Online hobby retailer Entertainment Earth have begun accepting pre-orders for the English version Kotobukiya model kits --Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man -- each priced at $27.99 and slated to ship out in June, 2011. Below, Entertainment Earth's product description for each model:

  • Mega Man Protoman Plastic Model Kit 
    • Proto Man is made up of pre-painted parts (approximately 200), Proto Man doesn't require any painting or glue. With 30 points of articulation for excellent posing he is 5 1/2-inches tall (1:10 scale). Customize him with included interchangeable parts like multiple faces with tampo-printed eyes, and additional hands and weapons!
    • Mega Man Roll Plastic Model Kit
      • Standing just over 5-inches tall (1:10 scale), the cute robot girl has 30 points of articulation and comes with multiple tampo-printed eye and face options as well as interchangeable clothing and hands!
      • Mega Man Rockman Plastic Model Kit
        • Mega Man, also known as "Rockman," is Capcom's world-renowned and beloved hero as a plastic model kit! Standing 5-inches tall (1:10 scale), the video game hero is comprised of approximately 200 pieces and has 30 points of articulation for excellent posing. Mega Man also comes with bonus parts so that you can display him as you choose. There are two interchangeable blasts for his Mega Blaster: standard and "charged." He also has three types of pre-applied tampo printed faces for a variety of facial expressions and even an in-scale "E" can!

        Notably, the June release is likely a tentative date, having not been confirmed by KotoUS themselves.

        If you haven't already imported one from Japan, this is a grand opportunity to easily snatch up one of these awesome models... and at a rather reasonable price too!

        Hoping to have the official confirmation from Kotobukiya soon!

        Rockman 7 Manga Gets Reprinted

        For one reason or another, Wedge Holdings, the Japanese publisher of Rockman Megamix and Gigamix in Japan, are planning to reprint Shigeto Ikehara’s Rockman 7 manga in Japan.

        Ikehara's comic adaption of Rockman 7 was originally published in three volumes from 1995 to 1996 under the now-fedunct Comic BomBom label. Come February 2011, the books will be reprinted for 1,260 Yen or roughly $15.31 US.

        It remains to be seen if the reprint is a single volume compilation or three individual books. Notably, the original volumes retailed for 400 yen; the current 1,260 Yen price tag suggests that we're looking at a compilation.

        It'd be great if this is the start of a whole slew of Ikehara reprints -- that way, Udon might even consider bringing 'em stateside!

        If you've got the means to do so, pre-order your copy here.

        Credit: The Mega Man Network

        Tuesday, December 28, 2010

        1Up Chats With Mega Man Universe Producer

        It's been quiet a while since we last heard from Mega Man Universe... early October, to be precise. Since then, there's been little to no news on that front, leaving many wondering just what has become of this curious project. Contrary to popular belief, Mega Man Universe has not been canceled -- there's a lot more news coming down the pike soon... or so I'm told.

        To keep our appetites whet until then, 1Up's Jeremy Perish has published a semi-new interview with the game's producer, Akiko Ito, originally conducted at the Tokyo Game Show some months back. The interview covers much of what has been known for a while, however, it does divulge into a lot of interesting, little tidbits behind the game's infrastructure including a reaffirmation that Universe is, in theory, a spiritual successor to Mega Man Powered Up.

        Other topics of interest include the game's controversial controls, character customization, plot line, and other miscellaneous bits about the game's development. All in all, it's a nice read, especially if you've been longing to hear something, anything from the MMU front.

        Again, this interview is a tad old and as such, some details may no longer relate to the game's current state of development as of December 2010. Remember, a lot has happened since TGS '10; you never know just how much has changed as a result.

        You can check out the full interview here!

        Monday, December 27, 2010

        Legends 3 Director Planning To Visit Nintendo Event

        This January, Nintendo is planning on holding a Nintendo 3DS demo event aptly titled "Nintendo World 2011." No games have been announced for the exhibition but according to a report by Andriasang, Mega Man Legends 3 producer, Masakazu Eguchi, will be in attendance -- news that some are taking as a sign the game will be at the show.

        Eguchi will be on-hand during the event's first day, January 8th, in Hall 9 of the Makuhari Messe convention center just outside of Tokyo. Eguchi will be on the showroom floor checking out the other games and encourages fans to come and say hello if you spot him.

        Despite speculations, Eguchi's post over at the Legends 3 devroom makes no mention that Legends 3 itself will be playable. While I wouldn't get your hopes up for a full blown reveal, I think the least we can expect is a new trailer.

        I'll keep you posted! Full story at Andriasang

        Archie's Mega Man Comic Gets Equipped With Release Window

        A 2011 release has long been touted for Archie Comics' on-going Mega Man comic book series, but that hasn't been all too specific. However, an exact release date is gradually coming into focus, thanks to a new teaser image sent out by the publisher this morning.

        Too hard to see? The image, featuring a silhouette of Mega Man's issue 1 cover pose, reveals the comic will go on sale in April, 2011. An the specific day of release isn't know currently, but I assume that tidbit will bubble to the surface closer to April.

        For more information on Archie's Mega Man, check out our previous reports:

        Sunday, December 26, 2010

        Mega Man Olympics Round 3: Jump Like Mega Man

        Title says it all, really. The third round in Capcom's Mega Man Olympics tasks Capcom Unity's jgonzo and Rockman Unity's Ucchi-san in a jumping contest. However, this challenge isn't about distance: the contestants must do their best to mimic Mega Man's classic jumping pose!

        Who will come out on top this time?

        Can YOU do better? I think that's something we'd all love to see.

        Saturday, December 25, 2010

        Mega Man Christmas Bananza!

        It would seem there's quite a bit of holiday Mega Man randomness going on this season. If at some point you're feeling a bit bored on this very fine day, here's a breakdown of all the Mega Man-related Christmas-themed stuff going on throughout the web:

        Mega Man Christmas Carol
        ACE Spark and Sprites Inc. have released this flash game just today! It's your run-of-the-mill boss rush game, but with a Christmas twist! Deck the halls with the Ghosts of Christmas, gain their presents, and use them to squash the humbug that's ruining your Christmas!  Are you up to the challenge?

        Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Christmas Update
        Released earlier this month, a nice update to Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch which adds various Christmas-themed characters to the roster as well a Christmas map AND a fun little Snowball mode (which replaces Buckshot mode).

        Rockman Online Holiday Artwork
        The official Rockman Online blog released a new piece of artwork just for the winter season, though it bears little semblence to anything winter related. Still, it's quite a fine piece. Snag it here!

        Capcom's Holiday E-Card
        Capcom's official holiday e-card spotlights Mega Man in a rather interesting way; be sure to check it out!

        Come across anything else not mentioned here? Leave a link in the comments!

        Many thanks to Joseph Collins for the tip!

        The Inevitable Christmas Post

        Just wanted to take some time out of my busy day to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I do hope you recieved some wonderful gifts, and are spending some nice quality time with friends and family.

        The day's half over on my end and already it's been one to remember. I'd like to give Heat Man of the Mega Man Network a special shout out; Heat graciously provided me with a Kotobukiya Rockman model, intended as a gift for my kid brother. I had some difficulties securing a model that wasn't overpriced and Heat Man came to the rescue. Needless to say, the model made my brother's Christmas. Thanks a bunch, friend!

        As for me, well, I received a surprise gift of my own from reader Jimb0: a reproduction Wily Wars cartridge -- the full English version on a region Genesis cartridge. Been looking for this one and Jimb0 really hit the nail on the head. Thank you!

        Well that's it for me today. Have a good one, guys!

        Friday, December 24, 2010

        Rockman Megamix/Gigamix Box Set Revealed

        Japanese retailer Tanomi have begun accepting pre-orders for "Rockman Megamix & Gigamix BOX", which, as the name implies, is a hefty boxed set of Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Megamix and Rockman Gigamix manga series.

        Inside the gorgeous packaging, you'll find five books: all three Megamix volumes and volumes 1 and 2 of Rockman Gigamix; Rockman Gigamix 3, however, is inexplicably absent.  Also inside, a nice little bonus: a postcard featuring more, exclusive art from Ariga.

        The boxed set is being released to celebrate the conclusion of Ariga's "Mix" series, which came to an end early last month with release of Rockman Gigamix 3. Pricing and a release date have yet to be revealed but those details should surface within the coming weeks.

        Yes, this is Japanese exclusive. Maybe if Udon gets around to Gigamix, we'll have something similar in the future.

        UPDATE: Additional info via The Mega Man Network --  The set will release in early January, retailing for $82.78 US; there ARE three volumes of Gigamix; all three Megamix volumes have been condensed into two books.

        Credit: CapKobun

        Mega Man: The Board Game!

        What do you do when they don't make a Mega Man board game? You build one.

        A young fan by the name of Player 1 has developed a rather intricate Mega Man board game from scratch in his spare time. What may seem simple upon first glance, the game actually presents a unique method of play that faithfully adheres to the Mega Man lore with plenty of nods to the classic and X series. His efforts are sure to bring a smile to elder fans, especially if you made something along these lines long ago.

        An assistant teacher by day, I'm well versed in what's hip and cool these days with the youngins. It does my heart good to see a kid of this age really digging the "older" series... that is to say, classic and X.

        It's a bit sad, but out of a class of thirty with twenty something being gamers, not a single child in my midst knows who Mega Man is. Mario and Sonic, sure... but as character, Mega Man is something very foreign.

        I remain hopeful that the brand's expansion into the on-going comic and toy market in 2011 will reach out to a whole new audience of kids. Game-wise, I don't think Mega Man Legends 3 will be all too appealing to that age group -- Mega Man Universe, maybe; especially since 2D platformers are finding themselves popular among the mainstream once more.

        Yet, I fear that MMU's instance upon being digital-only and not being sold at retail will alienate younger players, who, more often than not, don't have access to online content. Despite owning a Wii or a 360 and a connection to the internet, my young peeps haven't touched Mega Man 9 or 10.

        Hopefully, the future will bring many more Player 1s.

        Thursday, December 23, 2010

        Mega Man Legends PSN Progress Update

        Capcom's Christian Svensson provided a brief update in the effort to release the original Mega Man Legends titles on PlayStation Network. Things are coming along; however, there's a bit of a problem with at least one of the games.

        "Actually, it looks like there's an IP risk on one of the titles so the IP group won't let us re-release it on PSN. We've been trying to see if we can get that resolved but it's going to take a long time."

        Sven could not disclose which of three Legends series titles is having trouble, however, we're led to assume that one or two of the three titles (MML1, MML2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne) are good-to-go as is.

        What kind of IP risk? It's been long speculated that it had something to do with the contracts and legalities of the original voice actors, but this isn't the case:

        "The issues I'm speaking of are not audio related but I can't elaborate more unfortunately."

        My two cents: Mega Man Legends 2 is secure for release. For weeks now, Capcom has made a habit of releasing Mega Man Legends 2-themed avatars on PSN.  Catering specifically to MML2 -- ignoring goodies themed after L1 and TMOTB -- may signify the coming of the game itself on PSN in the very near future. 

        Just one of those wait and see things, I suppose.

        Source: Ask Capcom

        Wednesday, December 22, 2010

        The Mega Man Olympics Wage On

        The first event flew under my radar, but it looks like things are full speed ahead with Capcom's rather bizarre Mega Man Olympics promotion. Following up on round 1, Capcom Unity's jgonzo and Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san go head-to-head in a heated 'chopstick challenge.'

        Just how many more of these zany challenges are left? Only the future knows!

        D-Arts Rockman X Has A Release Date

        It's official: Bandai's conceptual D-Arts Rockman X will be sold as a real product. According to a report from a Japanese Hobby magazine, the figure will go on sale April 2011.

        X will retail for approximately 3,300 Yen or roughly $39.42 US. Not too bad of a price, actually -- close to that of the Kotoukiya models.

        Details concerning the figure's scale, accessories, and such have yet to be revealed, leaving us only to speculate for the time being. Regardless, it's pretty exciting to see this is coming along and it looks great! More news as it comes.

        Credit: The Mega Man Network

        Tuesday, December 21, 2010

        Kotobukiya Roll Shipping Out

        I've received word from a handful of readers that online retailers are sending out shipping confirmations for the Kotobukiya Roll model, namely Hobby Search.

        Apparently, if you happen to attempt to preorder the figure from Hobby Search right now, you'll be notified that it's actually in stock and ready to ship, despite being listed as "reserve" on the main page. What's more, reader Ivan says his model arrived in earlier today (right)!

         If you didn't preorder but would still like to secure a unit, check out a list of stores selling the figure here. Pick and choose the retailer that best fits your budget and order away!

        Hopefully, things will arrive just in time for Christmas.

        Thanks for the tips, Ivan (via Omni Clone), MegaMan64 and Ryan!

        Monday, December 20, 2010

        Aero's 3D Model (Partially) Revealed

        I say partially because it's still in the work-in-progress phases. Tonight, Capcom has revealed Aero's character model for Mega Man Legends 3. Though it may look a little rough around the edges now, the final product should look closer to her official artwork depiction:

        The devroom team have also provided this nice in-depth look at the model's creation, which goes into great detail about all the technicalities involved. You can check that out here, and while you're at it, be sure to check out this post to see the step-by-step process of  how the winter/holiday wallpaper was designed.

        Source: Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom

        New D-Arts Rockman X Images Surface, Zero Figure Teased

        It's been a long, long time since we least heard from Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X figure, but all that changes today. New images of the figure have surfaced on the net and while it remains to be seen if the figure will actually go on sale, it's still very nice to look at:

        Tamashii Web's report on the figure heavily implies X will see mass production, going so far as to tease that a "long haired, red character" will be introduced as well. Who else but Zero?

        Nothing is official yet, but I believe it's pretty likely we'll be having this baby on our mantles in no time. More news on the D-Arts figure(s) as it comes in.

        Thanks, Zereul21 and Aubrey.

        Sunday, December 19, 2010

        Auction: Replica Mega Buster

        I don't think there's a single fan out there who hasn't dreamed of having their own working Mega Buster. Be honest: how many of you spent your playground days using your winter coat sleeve as a makeshift buster? Well, I know I did...

        While we're still far off from a real Mega Buster, this comes pretty close. Currently up for bidding on Ebay is this lovely replica built by an automotive body work technician. The replica is made out of a solid frame of wood and PVC that is so tough, it is said to compare to the structural strength of a speed boat. Topping it all off is a series of LEDs powering a working red-nosed barrel and trademark power strip -- together, that's over 30 volts of DC electricity. Yup, certainly not a toy.

        Owning such a high quality creation does come at a price. However, its hefty price tag is fully understandable.  If you can afford it, best of luck to you. If not, you can at least admire the time and effort that went into it.

        Full auction here. Thanks for the tip, Mac!

        Saturday, December 18, 2010

        Minor Legends 3 Details Trickle Out

        The official Rockman DASH 3 homepage saw the addition of a new game info hub the other night. The page not only discusses the DASH/Legends series as a whole (whose 13th anniversary is today!), but also contains some new (albeit minor) information on DASH 3. While it's nothing earth shattering, I figured it'd be nice to post them here for completions sake:

        • Uses Capcom's MT Framework tools (this was mentioned in a recent development blog post)
        • Will have a number of new characters, starting with the user-selected Aero.
        • "Free Running" has been powered up. You'll be able to run through a massive open field that has height variances. The abundant reactions, sub events and gimmicks that have won the series favor are being powered up as well.
        • The game will have a variety of fields, including massive unexplored ruins.
        • They're currently looking into multiplayer elements.

        Overall, Legends 3 sounds to be like a much 'bigger' game. The multiplayer tidbit is pretty interesting... not entirely sure how that would work out but it couldn't hurt to speculate. I'm holding out for more concrete details before year's end; if not, we can look forward to 2011!

        (Oh, and English winter-Legends 3 wallpapers are now available. Snag them here.)

        Credit/Source: Andriasang

          Friday, December 17, 2010

          Capcom Wants To Know: Aero Or Sephira?

          In Japan, she's known as Aero; for the rest of the world, it's Sephira.

          Mega Man Legends 3's newest heroine has developed quite a following already, and there's been many opinions about her name. Well aware of the matter, Capcom is officially seeking input: Should this new character be named Aero or Sephira in the US release of Mega Man Legends 3?

          You can vote on which name you prefer at Capcom Unity. As noted by the US devroom's new liaison, GregaMan, there's no guarantee that they'll change the name, but the results may affect the final decision.

          As of this writing, Aero leads the poll at 62%, with Sephira at 32%. Cast your vote here!

          Source: Capcom Unity

          New DASH 3 Wallpapers And Themes, Aero Voice Talent Event Announced

          To commemorate the opening of a new Rockman DASH 3 'game info' hub, Capcom Japan have released a brand new wallpaper! Featuring the gang getting prepped for a winter's day, this is one well suited for the holiday season:

          The above theme is available in three sizes, downloadable here. The link also contains a special DASH-themed Twitter background and Kobun profile images.

          In related news, the Japanese Devroom announced a new event: Aero Voice Auditions.

          Capcom is looking for a voice for the game's new heroine, Aero (Sephira in the West). According to an initial translation, three Japanese voice actresses are trying out for the role, and it's up to the fans to vote on which actress fits the bill. UPDATE: according to a translation provided by The Mega Man Network, the event will run from now until January 11th. Three potential actresses have already been selected for the role, and users will vote based on audio samples.

          The voice casting event has yet to be announced by Capcom Unity. More often than not, ADR during localization usually doesn't take place until the Japanese version has been completed, so it might be some time before we see this event on our shores. Update: according to jgonzo of Capcom Unity, this new event is indeed a Japanese exclusive. Joveth says: "While this event will only be for Japan, we have something cooking up to keep Western devroom members busy during the holidays, in addition to event #3."

          On a final note, DASH TV, a visual representation of the rocket being built to rescue Rock Volnutt, has been updated! The rocket is now 5% complete and sports some new colors. Check it out here.

          More updates soon.

          Mega Man's 23rd Anniversary

          They grow up so fast. Today, December 17th, our beloved Blue Bomber turned 23 years old.

          This past year as been exceptionally good for Mega Man with the release of Mega Man 10 and Mega Man Zero Collection, a handful of sweet new swag and merchandise from Udon and Kotobukiya, and the biggest surprise of all: the revitalization of the Mega Man Legends series.

          Of course, there was a rather significant low point this year, too: the departure of series creator of Keiji Inafune. Inafune seems to be doing just fine these days, but many are still left questioning just how his leave will affect the series hereafter. However, I'm certain things are in good hands.

          Regardless, with Legends 3, Rockman Online, and Mega Man Universe on the horizon, 2011 is definitely a year we can all look forward to in anticipation. Who knows, we might even see a few more surprises down the line!

          I am very thankful to have shared a large part of my life with this franchise. It's become such a huge part of my daily routine that not a single day goes by where I'm not thinking about Mega Man. A fan since my years as a pre-schooler, I can safely say I will continue to be immersed in his adventures for many years to come.

          Here's to you, Blue Boy.

          (trivia: Dec. 17th also marks Mega Man X's 17th anniversary and tomorrow, the 18th, Legends turns 13!)

          Thursday, December 16, 2010

          The Significantly Cheaper E-Tank Mug

          Fangamer's E-Tank mug too pricey for your budget? Fret not, there's a contingency plan. The folks at ThinkGeek are selling a significantly cheaper but equally nice E-Tank coffee mug for a low $8.99.

          Making up for the lack of a complementary coaster, the mug even comes with it's own epic back story:

          "It's Monday morning. You've been out rocking and rolling all weekend, and boy is your arm-cannon tired. You arrive at work in your robot dog, transform him into your desk chair, and settle into him to check a few news feeds to see if any killer roboviruses or random Russian scientists have tried to take over the world. Suddenly, your robot dogchairphone rings!

          It's Boss Man, and the wily client just moved back the due date on your project -- to 20XX! (XX, we assume, is some value less than 10.) He wants the finished product on his desk by the end of the day, or he introduces you to Pink Slip Man. There's no time to lose!"

          I think we've all found ourselves in a similar situation at one point or another...
          You can purchase your very own E-Tank mug and read the rest of the story at ThinkGeek.

          Thanks for the tip, Tony!

          Wednesday, December 15, 2010

          That Time Capcom Almost Made Mega Man X9 and Command Mission 2

          What's there to look back at? Well, you'd be surprised... maybe. If you were part of the Mega Man community in 2005, you know what I'm getting at.

          The Mega Man Legends 3 Project has long been hyped as a collaborative effort, with the community actively participating in the game's development -- an experience that is said to be the first of its kind. However, this isn't exactly true, as Capcom once worked side-by-side with fans to co-develop a Mega Man title -- er, titles in the past. Maybe not as intimately as MML3's development, but the history is there.

          As a precursor to not only the feedback-fueled Legends 3 Project, but maybe even the likes of Submission Box and Ask Capcom, the company once sought serious fan input for a potential Mega Man X9 AND Mega Man X Command Mission 2. Yet, neither title came to fruition... we know that. However, there was a time when they were being considered and the fans were in on the experience.

          Full story after the break!

          Tuesday, December 14, 2010

          Megamix Robot Master Sculptures Are A Delight

          Homebrew sculptor Awasai spent his summer toiling away on these absolutely incredible Megamix-inspired Robot Master statues. Ten in all, consisting of the likes of Heat Man, Metal Man, and the other usual suspects, the statues range anywhere from seven to eleven inches in height!


          The amount of detail that went into each figure is something truly to be hold; in fact, each Robot Master has their own unique stand that coincides with their respective in-game stages.

          Of course, to truly appreciate this labor of love, you'll have to check out the figure's individual pages at the following links:  Burner Man / Needle Man /Snake Man/ Shadow Man / Fire Man / Metal Man /Air Man / Heat Man / Quick Man / Elec Man / Group shot(with Dr. Wily)

          Excellent work awasai. I do apologize for not covering these earlier but nevertheless, we can admire them now!

          Monday, December 13, 2010

          Mega Man Legends 3 Being Developed On MT Framework

          The following tidbit comes from a post by Legends 3 director Eguchi:
          "By the by, it bears mentioning that Mega Man Legends 3 will be developed using Capcom’s pride-and joy MT Framework! To explain it simply, MT Framework is Capcom’s exclusive game engine. To put it even more simply, it’s sort of a set of “high-performance game-making tools” we at Capcom developed ourselves (although to be more accurate, it’s something else). Sort of a tricky subject, but I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to have the programmers tell you a little more about all that in the future."

          Looks like we were spot on with that one!

          It's a real full circle experience, Legends 3 and MT Framework. Originally conceived in 2007, the engine was actually built with a then-hypothetical Mega Man Legends 3 in mind. Three years later, that ideal is finally coming to fruition. Inafune would be proud, I'm sure.

          Eguchi is also teasing some big plans for this coming Friday, December 17. Being Mega Man's 23rd anniversary (and Legends' thirteenth), I think it's safe to assume we're in for some interesting developments. Stay tuned!

          Source: Capcom Unity

          Winner Declared In Bonne Mecha Design Event

          The Mega Man Legends 3 development team have reached a verdict: the winning Bonne Mecha design is the Donner Wels by Kobun #46 of the Japanese Devroom (and author of the famed Japanese fansite Cap Kobun).

          It was a rather difficult decision, but ultimately the The Donner Wels came out on top. The electricity-based mech will go on to appear in Mega Man Legends 3 as a real boss battle, piloted by none other than Bonne family!

          Legends 3 director Eguchi notes the team will "do a bit of revising and “recipe-altering” on our end in the interest of quality and what-have-you. So please bear with us and look forward to seeing how this mech ultimately turns out!" What you see here may not necessarily reflect the final design, in other words.

          You can read more info on the winning design and the overall selection process here.

          A big congratulations to #46! And let's not forget to applaud the other designs; excellent work all around, everyone!

          Source: Capcom Unity

          Sunday, December 12, 2010

          Battle Chip Stadium Cabinets Up For Grabs

          Don't know how long this has been going on, but hey, it's worth a mention.

          Collectors looking to get their hands on the Japanese-only Rockman EXE: Battle Chip Stadium arcade machine can look no further: Online retailer Coin Op Express have begun selling the game, willing to ship them out to fans throughout the world. Owning this lovely piece of hardware does come at a price, of course; a whopping $1002.42 USD!

          It's quite the rarity to see units up for grabs -- publicly, that is. The presence of Battle Chip Stadium cabinets in arcades has significantly dwindled in the last few years, with an official phase-out beginning in January 2009. Since then, the machines have found themselves up on the private Japanese auction block, often selling for several thousands dollars. Coin Op Express are presenting a unique opportunity for overseas fans, capable of shipping the game out internationally. Naturally, the shipping and handling charges will vary depending upon your location so don't be too surprised if the above price adds up.

          Battle Chip Stadium began its arcade run in 2006, shortly after the release of Rockman EXE 6 for the GameBoy Advance. The game acted as an extension of the former, allowing players to upload and download data from copies of EXE 6 or the Link PET EX toy, battling Net Navis using real plastic Battle Chips produced by Takara/Tomy. (footage, more info here.)

          If you're a diehard collector and are willing to shell out a lot of dough for this baby, I say go for it. Grab yours here! Thanks, Lcarens.

          Saturday, December 11, 2010

          "A Young Superhero By The Name Of Mega Man 2"

          Now here's another interesting blast from the past: GamesMaster, the cult British gaming show from the early nineties. The program, hosted by an enigmatic cyborg version of Sir Patrick Moore, served as an early example of televised competitive gaming with players of all ages competing in challenges to earn the glorious Golden Joystick.

          Mega Man 2 managed to make it's way onto the show, challenging a young gamer to complete "the satanic Heat Man level" in under three minutes. What ensues is a display full of needless drama, hilariously bad commentary, and the inaccuracies you've come to expect from similar programs.

          If you're up for more 90's nostalgia, you can find a whole slew of similar GamesMasters challenges throughout YouTube. I love stuff like this, so do give me a holler if you find something else of interest!

          Friday, December 10, 2010

          Capcom To Live Stream Upcoming Titles Next Week

          In news not relating to Mega Man (that we know of), the Capcom Unity crew will be live streaming footage of five upcoming games all next week:

          "Next week, we've decided to stream five upcoming Capcom games (one for each day of the week) so that you folks can check out these titles in action! Tune in each day next week for a different game! We'll be playing each game for about an hour and we'll be sure to give you a heads up on which game will be featured by revealing a title each day." (see the above picture)

          The identify of the five titles are currently shrouded in mystery, however chances of one of those being an upcoming Mega Man title, Mega Man Universe or maybe even Legends 3, seems pretty likely. Come to think of it, one of the mystery titles will be featured on December 17th, the same day as Mega Man's 23rd anniversary; perhaps we'll see something of interest around then..?

          While I'm all for seeing Mega Man Legends 3 in action, I'm a tad more curious to see what's going on with Mega Man Universe, a game that hasn't received any attention since mid-September. I'm certain everything is okay development-wise (it hasn't been canceled, contrary to rumors),  however it is puzzling to see it go off the grid after a slew of hype. Seeing the game after after all this time would be reassuring.

          We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose! Let the speculation begin.

          Source: Capcom Unity

          Thursday, December 9, 2010

          Bonne Mecha Design Event: The Results Are In! (Update)

          The North America/European Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom had over 250 entries in the Bonne Mecha Design Event, and unfortunately, there can only be five to go on to the finals.

          The fans have voted and the winners from the English side of project have been announced. Update: Japanese results are in!

          Capcom will be posting the results from the Japanese contest shortly, but for the time being, they've publicly revealed the five winning designs, who will go up against the Japanese top five in the end. The Legends 3 staff will select the sole winning design on December 14th, which will go on to appear within the game itself!

          All five of the winning entries can be found at Capcom Unity or after the break. They're in no particular order; everyone's a winner. Hit the jump to see the results!

          Wednesday, December 8, 2010

          Udon Announces Mega Man Tribute; Your Artwork Wanted

          Looks like a few readers out there just won a couple bets: Udon Entertainment has officially announced Mega Man Tribute... and an initiative for all you artists out there!

          "Fans everywhere can become a part of that history with an all-new art book from UDON Entertainment – get ready for MEGA MAN™ TRIBUTE!

          "UDON is sending out a call to comic artists, video game artists, freelance illustrators, and fan artists all around the world to show us your artistic tribute to Mega Man! Give us your best artwork featuring the cast of Mega Man®, Mega Man® X, Mega Man® Zero, Mega Man® ZX, and Mega Man® Legends. All styles are welcome – anime, western comic style, cartoon, pixel-based, sculptures – whatever you can come up with as your tribute to the blue bomber!  The best pieces submitted will be included in Mega Man Tribute, which will premiere as a special 300-page limited-edition hardcover book at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con."

          Now before you go all hog wild, there are some rules and regulations you've got to follow:

          • Artists may use any characters from the Mega Man games including Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends.
          • Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, artists may NOT use characters from the Mega Man Battle Network, or Mega Man Star Force series.
          • Art should feature characters from Mega Man games only. No cross-over characters from other Capcom games or other comics / manga characters. Guest characters like Ryu and Arthur from Mega Man Universe are also off-limits.
          • Characters or designs unique to Mega Man-related comics, manga, or animated series may not be included. Submissions must be of game characters only. For example, the green Mega Man from the Captain N animated series is not allowed.
          • Artwork may not include fan-characters. You may not, for example, create your own Zebra-themed Robot Master named ‘Zebra Man’.
          • All content must be kid-friendly. No nudity and no extreme violence. Also no smoking, drugs, or alcohol use. If it is too adult for the Mega Man games, it is too adult for this book.
          • Multiple entries are welcome, as are collaborative efforts — but all artwork must be original, and created by the credited artist(s).
          • Artwork should be created at 8-1/2″ x 11″, 400 dpi or higher, (CMYK or RGB), portrait shape. Initial submission of artwork should be sent as a low resolution JPEG file that is no larger than 400 kb

          Full contest rules can be found on the official Udon blog here. Once you've designed a piece, you can submit it to Udon in the preceding link by clicking on the large 'Submit Your Artwork' banner. Fill out the forms, and you're good to go!

          All submissions are due no later than January 31st, 2011 at 1:00PM EST.

          Source: Udon Entertainment

          Complementary Coaster, Release Date Bump For E-Tank Mug

          Fangamer have updated their E-Tank coffee mug product page to include a little sneak peek at the custom coaster, included wth your purchase.

          The coaster's simple design harkens back to the classic Robot Master windows of the 8-bit days (and the more recent MM9 and MM10). The colors mesh quite well with that of the mug, too -- I really couldn't think up of a more appropriate design, really. The four-inch rubber coaster is set to be included alongside the mug, collectively retailing for $28.00 USD.

          Additionally, there's been a slight bump in the mug's release date. Due to overwhelming popularity, Fangamer says all orders placed from here on out will not ship until mid-January, 2011. Citing a tight-production, the mugs will also be limited to two units per customer. No indication of how much longer they'll be in-stock so if you intend to order, order ASAP!

          Source: Fangamer

          Tuesday, December 7, 2010

          Bonne Mecha & Servbot Wallpaper For Your Mobile Devices

          Capcom Unity is commemorating the fans and contributors of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project with the release of an exclusive wallpaper for mobile devices, available for use with your smartphone or regular phone.

          Two sizes are up for grabs; they can be found here and here.

          The illustration featured was made to celebrate the Bonne Mecha Design proposal contest, which recently wrapped up the other day. As a reminder, The devroom is now currently accepting votes for designs so if you haven't done so already, head on down and vote for your favorite!

          Source: Capcom Unity

          Monday, December 6, 2010

          Legends 3 Townspeople Event Kicks Off

          Mega Man Legends 3 event #3 has officially kicked off! As discussed earlier last week, the Legends 3 crew will need your help in not only naming some of the game's townspeople, but constructing their personalities, too.

          The event is split into two methods of participation:
          • Type 1 - Here, you can write the name, background, and dialogue for the townspeople
          • Type 2 - this one is a bit simpler; all you have to do is write a line of dialogue based on one of three topics. 
          The deadline for both tasks is January 5th... a little over a month from now. While that may seem like quite a while, time certainly does have a tendency to flyby. The winners will be announced on January 14th. Those who win the contest will receive a whopping 15,000 Unity points and a special Servbot title of "Townspeople Planner." The best reward of all, however, is getting your ideas in the game.

          Capcom is also providing some material to help you in constructing a character. You can play catch up with the Legends series lore via this handy-dandy write up, or see some tips on going about this event from level design planner, Hajime Horiuchi here. What's really neat about the write-up in particular, it reveals the first of presumably many locations in Legends 3 -- Klickelan Island. Even if you're not going to participate, do check that out!

          All the details available at Capcom Unity

          The Road To Mega Man Megamix

          Earlier this year, Udon Entertainment took it upon themselves to finally bring Rockman Megamix, Hitoshi Ariga's radical reimagining of the classic series, to English speaking audiences. Yes, after years of petitions and a plethora of fan translations, the manga series finally came stateside... and there was much rejoicing.

          In the wake of the success of the Mega Man Megamix venture, comic artist Zack Giallongo, a key player in getting the books stateside, recently posted a lengthy article describing the history of Megamix's journey to the West. His love of the Mega Man IP and chance encounter with Udon project manager Jim Zubkavich paved way to that copy of Megamix volume 1 on your bookshelf.

          “You've got to see these books.” I said. Jim, himself one of the biggest and most genuine fans of games, comics, art and Mega Man I have ever met, was interested and told me to send him the covers and whatever information I had on them. I think it was the first thing I did when I got home.
          Weeks, months, YEARS went by! I would often see Jim at other conventions and he would talk about successfully getting the license to Mega Man.

          It's quite an interesting read, highly recommended if you're a Megamix fan. Head on over to Zlog!, Zack's official blog, for the full read!

          Sunday, December 5, 2010

          Bonne Mecha Voting Contest Patched

          After a few technical hiccups, the voting system for the Legends 3 Bonne Mecha proposal contest is back and kicking. The Capcom Unity crew have been working diligently to get it in tip-top-shape these last few days, and things are working properly once more.

          Making up for the delays, the Unity crew are extending the voting period to to Wednesday, December 8th at midnight PST. All the previous guidelines apply for the new voting system; you rate a proposal on a 1-5 star scale that can be found at the top of each entry's respective thread.

          As a bit of a reminder, this is not an art contest. Consider all aspects of an entry -- not just how it looks -- but how it might play. Make sure to read each design's specs and gameplay description careful before submitting your vote!

          That said, head on over to the devroom and vote away if you haven't done so already. Before anyone asks, yes, you can link us to your design in the comments, if you'd like.

          Best of luck.

          Friday, December 3, 2010

          Udon Teasing 'Big' Mega Man Project (Update)

          "Big" as in all caps BIG. Our friend Matt Moylan wanted me to pass this teaser along for Udon Entertainment's "biggest Mega Man project yet." As you can see (below), the first of five images features Mega Man Volnutt, stricken with a bit of a 'bad ass' expression. 

          Update 12/6 - fifth and final image: Classic Mega Man

          Udon will be posting a new teaser image ever day until the project is announced on the official Udon blog. All shall be revealed Wednesday, December 8th!

          My two cents? Take a look at the art style; reeks of that Udon feel. I say we're looking at an Udon original Mega Man comic.... Legends related, perhaps.  Never mind!

          All aboard the speculation train!

          Thursday, December 2, 2010

          Legends 3 Townspeople Event Announced

          Hot on the heels of the Bonne Mecha design contest comes the third community-wide Mega Man Legends 3 event. The Townspeople event, kicking off on December 7th, is a two in one deal in which various townspeople, assumingly, NPCs, will be revealed.

          The first part of the contest will have you coming up with names and personalities for various townspeople; The second asks you to come up with a line of dialogue for the character to say based on a scenario Capcom intends to provide. Of course, you don't have to participate in both  -- one or the other is just fine, too! While this doesn't quite sound as involved as previous contests, it's sure to yield some interesting results.

          Again, all this doesn't happen until the 7th; stay patient! For more details on the event, read up on the official post at Capcom Unity.

          ALSO, as some of you have pointed our, there seems to be a glitch in the mecha contest voting system. As noted by jgonzo, everything should be working smoothly by tomorrow night.

          Wednesday, December 1, 2010

          Voice Actor Listed For Mega Man In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

          According to the Internet Movie Database, 12-year old actor Zachary Gordon is reportedly listed to portray Mega Man in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

          While this is by no means a 100 percent confirmation for the Blue Bomber, it's looking pretty legit as IMDb apparently "lists things as rumored when they haven't been been substantiated," according to Event Hubs.

          On the flip side, IMDb isn't perfect -- the site does post inaccurate information on occasion, although a majority of the info on the database is usually correct. If the listing is indeed legitimate, this means a Mega Man incarnation will be a playable character -- an incarnation that requires a somewhat young voice... classic MM, perhaps? A likely choice.

          Take this bit with a grain of salt for now; nothing's official until Capcom says so, as usual.

          Credit: Event Hubs (Thanks, Amir)

          Keiji Inafune Returns With An All New Blog

          After a period of silence following his departure from Capcom last month, Keiji Inafune, the father of Mega Man and producer behind some of Capcom's biggest titles, has resurfaced, running a new blog aptly titled "It's Keiji Inafune!!"

          Introducing himself as "Keiji Inafune, without a title", the former producer utilized his first post to give us a brief status update, starting off by expressing his desire to continue making games -- social games, online games, and everything else in between. Beyond that, he's also interested in working on films, books and comics.

          "I'd like to challenge things that I couldn't do during my salaryman era and greatly exceed my former self," says Inafune in regards to projects outside of games.

          Inafune says that, now free of his salaryman lifestyle, it would be meaningless to not use this opportunity to try things that he couldn't quite do before.

          In closing, Inafune isn't announcing any new projects at the moment, but hopes to keep us posted via the blog.

          Needless to say, it's good to see the guy occupying himself and he seems quite adamant on achieving his goals. As long as he's happy, that's all that matters.

          Check out Inafune's blog for yourself here.

          Credit: Andriasang

          Tuesday, November 30, 2010

          Rockman 9 Hits Mobile Phones In Japan

          Capcom released Rockman 9 for mobile phones in Japan today and from the looks of it, the new on-the-go version is a faithful port of its home console counterparts.

          The game is currently exclusive to Docomo and Au phones, available for 315 Yen ($ 3.75 USD) per month via Capcom Party. It remains to be seen if the game will support the many downloadable features of the original, or if the content comes preloaded.

          If you've got the means to obtain the game, you can do so right here. If not, just keep on hoping for a world-wide release!

          Vote For Your Favorite Bonne Mecha Proposals

          With all entries accounted for, Capcom US have begun accepting votes for the Bonne Mecha design contest at the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom.

          To vote, head on down to the contest's official forum. Click on a thread to view a member's entry, which will include an illustration and some commentary about the machine. At the very top of the thread, you'll find a star scale:

          You're allowed one vote per thread. Adhere to the following scale when voting:

          • 1 star: I didn't like it at all.
          • 2 stars: I don't hate it, but I'm not a huge fan.
          • 3 stars: It's all right. 
          • 4 stars: Better than most, but not quite a favorite.
          • 5 stars: This idea is the best!
          Do bear in mind this isn't an art contest -- votes shouldn't be based solely on one's artistic ability. Take into consideration other information provided; ask yourself, based on the ideas provided, is this a boss battle I'd like experience?

          Votes will be accepted until December 5th at 11:59PM PST. Shortly after, Capcom will select the top five Western submissions. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but we'll probably have more details shortly.

          Best of luck to all of you who submitted a design. I'll follow up with the results as soon as they're published!

          Mega Man 2 Video Guide Is A Blast From The Past

          Back in the day before the rise of GameFaqs and the like, stumped gamers would seek solace in video-based walkthroughs to aid them in their time of need. Case in point, this retro-tastic Mega Man 2 video guide from the now-defunct Game Player's magazine, which recently surfaced in this century thanks to Retro Realities.

          Yes, there's certainly a lot of inaccuracies and "well, duh!" moments throughout, but I can see how this would be helpful way back when. That or you could have picked up one of these.

          Credit: Mega Man Network

          Sunday, November 28, 2010

          Mega Man X Collection Gets Re-Printed

          With each passing year since its release, supply of the Mega Man X Collection, both used and new copies, grow few and far between. However, it seems the collection has reemerged at retail, with a new low price to boot.

          Reports from users of the Cheap Ass Gamer Forums indicate that new copies of the collection were sold at GameStop during the retailer's Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale for a budget price of $19.99. What's more, Hubba Games has also seen a re-supply, too, stocking an estimated 600 new copies of the game as of last week.

          The re-printed X Collection apparently comes in the new flimsy, eco-friendly PS2 DVD cases, which noticeably lack the memory card slip above the disc holder. The new packaging alone is a clear indicator the game has seen an official resupply. There's been no sign of a GameCube reprint, currently.

          If you've been looking for a brand new copy of X Collection, you just might be in luck. Call your store of choice ahead of time and see if they have it in stock before making the trip!