Monday, August 31, 2009

'Rockman Gigamix' Coming Soon

Hitoshi Ariga is gearing up to release a brand new comic anthology by the name of 'Rockman Gigamix.' According to his latest blog post, the book will release on September 30th, 2009 for a "bargain price." Included in his post is a mock-up of the front cover (pictured)

Japanese online store Fukkan has a pre-order page for Gigamix that describes the book as a compilation of Ariga's works from Comic Bom Bom and numerous Kodansha publications. There's even a small hint that the book might contain unreleased comics.

More Gigamix updates are expected to appear on Ariga's official blog.

Fan-Made Operate Shooting Star Trailer

Flipnote Hatena user gERa made this Operate Shooting Star trailer on Flipnote Studio, a specialty animation application on Nintendo DSi:

Direct link here

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More OSS Screens - Battle Field, Mini Game Feature Revealed

Japanese online store Rakuten has recently opened up a pre-order page for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star. Included on the page are new screen shots, one of which being our first look at the battlefield:

Based on the top right screen shot, battles appear as if they will go unchanged from their appearance in the original game (comparison pic). The custom screen is slightly different from the original with chip selection being cut down to two rows as opposed to three. This was done to accommodate the addition of letter codes below each chip icon; a standard practice since EXE 2 and onwards.

The other new image (bottom left) depicts Rockman.EXE in the school computer; new mugshot present.

On a completely different note, Rakuten's product description mentions something about the inclusion of mini-games. There's supposedly a six player multiplayer mini game taking place in the "Rockman Star Colosseum." I suppose we'll be hearing more about that soon...

Oversized Mega Man X Bead Art

Spotted over at Sprite Stitch Board, a handsomely made Mega Man X sprite built entirely out of perlerbeads.X towers over his 8bit counterpart at nearly two feet in height, sporting well over fifteen different colors. Needless to say, that's some might fine craftsmen ship right there.

More details and an additional photo at Sprite Stitch.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rockman Dorayaki

Hot on the heels of the Servbot pudding comes another strange Tokyo Game Show food product: Rockman Dorayaki.

Half dozen packs of Rockman branded dorayaki were given away at Tokyo Game Show '99. Unlike the free Servbot pudding of TGS 2000, Capcom booth attendees were forced to fork over 500 yen per pack.

For the uninitiated, doryaki are kind of like pancakes more or less. Essentially, it's spongecake filled to the brim with sweetened red beans. Best eaten grilled.

[via Yahoo Japan]

The Votes Are In...

...and it looks like I'll be contacting Andrew Francis, the voice of NT Warrior's Mega Man.EXE, for an interview. In the meantime, I'd like you guys to go on ahead and send your questions to Andrew in the comments. I'll forward them to Mr. Francis and have him answer as many as he can.

As a suggestion, try asking questions not only about his role as the blue bomber, but also about his work as an actor in general, you know, to mix things up a bit in order to prevent the interview from became repetitive or boring.

I'll be taking questions from now until September 12th. Hop to it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Equipped With OSS Wallpaper

The official Operate Shooting Star website saw a very minor update today in the form of a wallpaper download:

Three sizes are available over at the "Brain area" here. Thanks for the tip, Mark, GSR

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flash Man's BGM Vs. "Comin' Home Baby"

Discovered by Calc, a resemblance between Flash Man's stage music and Mel Torme's "Comin Home Baby."

There's a major resemblance kicking in at :22' and onwards. What do you think?

Mega Man Is Capcom's "Unofficial" Mascot

For years, Mega Man has been penned as Capcom's "official mascot" by fans and non-fans alike, however, in Capcom's eyes, this is not so:
“…we don’t have an “official” mascot. We have a logo, that’s it. As far as unofficial mascots go, however, yes, MM would definitely be that. I have actually heard someone discuss this, and I think the reasoning was something akin to Mega Man best embodying the spirit of the company.

So apparently in addition to making great games, Capcom is also here to save the planet from overthrow by evil robot masters (and according to recorded history so far, I’d say we’re doing pretty well–2009 and still no overthrows). ” – Capcom’s Senior Manager of Community, Seth Killian
With so many characters under their belt, I guess it is difficult to determine just who best represents Capcom....though I personally like to believe it has always been the late CAPtain COMmando.

Credit: Nintendo Everything

Operate Shooting Star On November 12th

Gpara reports that Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star will arrive on Japanese store shelves November 12th, 2009. The report goes on to mention the game will contain new characters and a variety of new features. Additionally, Gpara has posted a few (old) screenshots for the game and two pieces of high quality artwork.

Well, not much else to say than that! More OSS news as it comes in!

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Custom Mega Man Hard Drive

This might look like your run-of-the-mill Mega Man NES cartridge, but there's a bit more to it than meets the eye -- it's actually a working external hard drive.

Jammed inside the NES classic is 500GB worth of storage. It works with any PC, power supplied via USB. The best part? It's on sale for $150 at Etsy. Custom orders are acceptable, so if you want more HD space or a different game, just contact the seller.

Complete listing here.

8-bit Powered Up, Wily Tower In The Works?

Mend, the team behind the highly anticipated 8-bit version of Mega Man 8, is tossing around the idea of producing similar, "devamped" versions of Mega Man Powered Up, the Wily Tower, and Rockman & Forte. That is, of course, if the sprites and music on Mend's website are any indication:
I'm all for this, especially if the titles turn out as good if not better than the 8-bit version of Mega Man 7. Future updates can be found over at Mend's official website.

Thanks, Brahman

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Megatainment' Released

It's time once again to rock out to The Megas. The Mega Man based cover band recently released their latest album, Megatainment, yesterday as part of a collaboration with Entertainment System. The soundtrack, featuring four all new Mega Man 1 inspired songs, is up for grabs on their online store for $5. Hard copies of the album, however, cost an extra $3 in shipping.

Wanna listen before you buy? Head on over to the band's official Facebook profile for a few sample tracks.

Credit: Destructoid

Monday, August 24, 2009

Play Asia Getting Bonus Irregular Hunter/ Rockman Rockman Soundtrack

Good news for those of you purchasing the Irregular Hunter X/Rockman Rockman value pack from Play Asia: the bonus soundtrack will be included with the initial value pack shipments. A PA rep informed me they will be receiving a limited amount of soundtracks, thus supply will be constrained and probably won't replenish.

For the uninformed, the soundtrack contains 30 tracks of music from both IHX and RR. Unfortunately, you won't be getting the entire IHX/RR score, most likely select tunes.

The value pack ships September 17th, 2009.

Robot Masters Get Interviewed, Shenanigans Ensue

View the original here.

Wonder Festival Figures Come To Ebay

Remember those totally insane custom Rockman model kits from Wonder Festival? Well, it looks like somebody is auctioning off a handful of them on Ebay...for a price of course:
  • Dimension Diver Rockman  - produced by custom design group, Dimension Diver, a fully pose-able "ball-and joint" classic series Rockman figure. When built, the figure is 11cm in height.
  • Atelier-Sai Rockman -classic series Rockman figure created by Atelier-Sai. Stands at 10cm when built.
  • Atelier-Sai Forte - classic series Forte figure, 11cm in height when built.
  • Atelier-Sai Zero - Zero series styled Zero figure. Approx. 10cm in height when completed.
  • Atelier-Sai Harpuia - 11cm tall Harpuia model, my personal favorite!
Bear in mind, you won't be bidding on completed figures, but, unassembled, sealed in box model kits. Serious construction is required! Also, the ball-and-joint mechanisms for each figure are sold separately. You can find them for $5 at Hobby Link Japan.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Rockman Live' - Advertisment

1997 saw a plethora of Rockman festivities and events to commemorate the series 10th anniversary. One such event was "Rockman Live Stage",  a little known stage show which performed periodically throughout Japan in the fall of '97. Footage of the show in its entirety has yet to surface, but fortunately, there exists a brief TV spot of the event.

I want that Wily costume.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Interview Time

Been a while since my last voice actor interview (Lucas Gilbertson - Zero), so I figured I might as well give it a go again. Here's where you come in: of the voice actors/actresses listed below, who would you like to see interviewed?
  • Scott McNeil - Dr. Wily, Proto Man (Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon), Guts Man.EXE, Shade Man.EXE (Mega Man NT Warrior)
  • Ian James Corlett - Mega Man, Rush (Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon)
  • Rob Smith - Tiesel Bonne (Mega Man Legends 1, 2, TMOTB)
  • Susan Roman - Mega Man Volnutt (MML2), Mayor Amelia (MML1)
  • Sunday Muse - Shu (Mega Man Legends 2)
  • Liz Hanna - the Servbots (MML1,2,TMOTB)
  • Andrew Francis - Mega Man.EXE in (Mega Man NT Warrior)
  • Mike Coleman - Bright Man.EXE (Mega Man NT Warrior)
  • Michael Adamthwaite - Dr. Hikari (Mega Man NT Warrior)
  • Jeffrey Watson - Axl (MMX8, MMXC)
  • Roger Rhodes - Vile, Sting Chameleon (Maverick Hunter X)
Whomever gets the most requests, gets interviewed. I'll do my best to get in contact with the winner. Drop a comment! Past PRC voice actor interviews here: Lucas Gilbertson (Zero) and Caitlynne Medrek (Cinnamon)

Battle Chips. Lots And Lots Of Battle Chips.

There's a big ol' pile of toy Link PET Battle Chips on Ebay - 926 chips to be exact.

"These Battle Chips are for use with the Takara Rockman EXE "Link PET EX" handheld game system (not included). They can also be used on the Game Boy Advance "Beast Link Gate" accessory (not included). The Battle Chips themselves are predominately in mint, new condition. There may be a few with mild wear but for the most part the Chips are in exceptional collectors' shape and will definitely give your collection an enormous boost."

The auction is currently at $31, ending within a day or so. Complete details and more pictures available here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Edible Operate Shooting Star

To celebrate his 21st birthday, Capcom Unity member XHunter whipped up an absolutely scrumptious looking Operate Shooting Star birthday cake featuring the dynamic Rockman duo.

Needless to say, I'm totally impressed with the final product, maybe even a hint jealous that I don't get to sample such a masterpiece. Regardless...happy birthday XHunter!

Credit: Capcom Unity

Operate Shooting Star Website Update

At last, Capcom finally decided to give the official OSS webpage an overhaul. So far, there's nothing extraordinary on the site yet, but lots of little things to keep our appetites whet for more.
For starters, there's a pretty good amount of overworld screenshots . We've seen it all before, but never this clear. If there was any doubt before, graphically, OSS is of EXE 1 origin. The aforementioned section even offers a little bit more info behind Clock Man's motives, who is adamant on changing the course of history. Good guy or bad guy?

Next, there's two areas devoted to jogging your memory for both the happenings of the EXE and Shooting Star series. The pages offer minor background details behind both series worlds and gameplay. EXE page here, SSR here.

Over here, fans can check up on the OSS staff discussions (a blog) and send in their comments via E-mail. No region restriction, you're free to pop the staff a message, though I do suggest using a computer translator to send your text in Japanese.

More updates are expected, so check the site often!

(As a side note, the OSS page does not include the tradition "Nintendo Wifi Connection" logo. A sign of no Wi-Fi play? Coincidentally, the recent Famitsu report didn't mention Wi-Fi either...)

Credit: Mark, SuperMega, The Mega Man Network

Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Rockman Z' Reviewed

Rockman Z is one of those rare pirated Mega Man games that actually doesn't outright suck. It's of fairly high quality for a pirate, good production values with solid gameplay make It's easy for one to mistaken it for a true blue MM game. That said, Brahman has recently written a highly informative review about the title, detailing everything one could ever want to know about this little oddity. A portion of the review below:
"So, what exactly is this game? It is a presumably unlicensed game that was released by a Chinese development company known as Vast Fame for the Game Boy Color sometime in 2001 using a modified version of Mega Man Xtreme's game-engine. The game is part of a trilogy, with Rockman DX3 as the second part and Rockman & Crystal as the third-and-final installment.
Although released as stand-alone cartridges, this game is often still released today in China by various cartridge producers as part of multi-carts."
Full review available here. Thanks, Brahman

Mega Man Has Seen Better Days

Inaccurate proportions? Shoddy designs? Must be the workings of a bootleg.

For your viewing pleasure, here's the box art for a bootleg Vietnamese version of Ruby Spear's Mega Man cartoon. The VHS is said to be quite common among local flea markets, retailing for the equivalent of two dollars.

Proto Man looks great, (though his appearance in the top left is questionable) but what is up with Mega? Definitely a (crappy) tracing job, the basis of which, seen here. A for effort!

via Gyroman_black

Clark Teases "Clock Program"

A couple of new messages are up over at the Satellite Server. Nothing groundbreaking, but they support the notion that Clark, the website's "host", might have some sort of relation to OSS' new Navi, Clock Man. The first message:

Clark speaks about the arrival of a trial version of the "Clock PGM", a program that grants the user control over time. When Ace decides to give the program to Clark, he is both excited and nervous to aid the Satella Police. (Ace apparently chose Clark to bear the program because he was "in good/safe condition.")

The second message:

Clark is struggling to properly use the Clock Program. The message ends ambiguously with Clark being sucked into a "warp hole." What happens next is anyone's guess...

Of note, the translations are computer based, so legitimacy is questionable. The post will be updated when a more concrete translation surfaces.

Thanks, Craig.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Custom Tron Bonne and Gustaff *UPDATE*

Now, I know some of you are getting a little tired of the Jin Saotome custom figure posts, but this one is just too cool not to show off. Sorry. Without further adieu, I give you Tron Bonne and Gustaff:The figures stand at roughly 3 ¾, complete with fully articulated joints. Best of all, the Gustaff can be deconstructed to reflect battle damage.
"From out of nowhere comes Tron, a feisty little lady with a hand for creating her own bizzare mechanical contraptions such as Ride Armors. Rock and Gung Ho encountered her while searching for a band of Air Pirates just outside of the East borders and were assaulted by her robotic helpers. After some long negotiations Miss Bonne begrudgingly agreed to help the Joes fight Wily and Cobra's forces when she realized some alliances are more dangerous than others. We will have to keep a close eye on her for the time being."
You can find the auction for both figures here. Current bid at $31. Happy bidding!

Thanks, linkfreak131

UPDATE: Oh Look, a spiffy Dr. Wily figure. Looks pretty sweet, it's got the crazy hair and everything.

New Rockman CD In The Works?

According to a post over at Ippo Yamada's official blog, a new Rockman soundtrack might be in production. Ippo Yamada, composer for various Rockman titles (Zero series in particular), is supposedly attached to the project alongside a few other unnamed artists.

Ippo doesn't specifically say the soundtrack is Rockman related, but based on the fact that he's currently interviewing past Rockman composers for said soundtrack's booklet, I'd say that that's a major indication that something interesting is coming down the pike.

Not much else to say than that. I'll keep you posted if anything new comes up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If Activision Bought Capcom...

We might see something along the lines of this:

I could totally dig a Mega Man themed Guitar Hero. Too bad we won't be seeing something like this any time soon.

Illustration by Zet via Joystick Division.

Operate Shooting Star Famitsu Blurb

This week's Famitsu came with a tiny OSS blurb that pretty much went over everything we already knew. The only thing really noteworthy is confirmation of two player local wireless play. Strangely, there's no mention of Wi-Fi multiplayer...

Mega Man Marathon Ends, Brings In 7K

The Speed Gamers' 72-hour, earthday Mega Man marathon has come to an end, reaching their goal of raising $7,000 in donations since Friday, August 14th. Fortunately, there is still time to send in your donations regardless of the marathon's passing; donations will be accepted until Wednesday, August 19th.

A big hand to the Speed Gamers and those who participated - a splendid job well done for a worthy cause! Congrats!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mysterious OSS Message From Clark

Accessing the main page on the Satellite Server brings up a new, curious message from Clark, the "welcome Wizard":

"A while back I mentioned something about a “program that can control time,” but it seems like they somehow completed a prototype!

Then, Ace comes to me and asks of all things “Clark, if you’d like, would you want that program installed in you?” It seems to be for data collecting, but to get a program like that installed… I get kind of a special feeling. Hmm, but why would Ace choose me?"

Seems like yet another reference to Operate Shooting Star's mysterious time travel aspect, possibly even a poke at Clock Man, the time traveling Navi from the future. Not really sure what to make of this one, though it really makes me question the true identity of Clock Man (Clark?)

Credit: TwilightTO and The Mega Man Network

Rockman, Giant Servbot Welcome You To Capcom

This is what you see upon entering Capcom's Tokyo HQ:

Once used for promotional purposes, these Rockman and Servbot statues now stand (and slouch) outside of the reception area, greeting those who enter the Tokyo office. Needless to say, they make excellent doormen.

More photos via 941's visual Capcom Tokyo tour here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auction - Complete "US Gold" Mega Man

Up for grabs on ebay is a complete copy of Mega Man for the Sega Game Gear. Considered to be one of the rarer games in the series, the game, released by US Gold in 1995, is a port of MM4 and MM5 featuring enhanced visuals.

The auction contains pretty much everything you could as for - box, manual, cartridge and even a handy dandy cartridge protector. Of course, all of this comes at a price; $99 plus the additional shipping.

Collector's might not want to pass this one up.

Mega Man vs. Cut Man - Nintendo DS Speed Drawing

Mega Man dukes it out with Cut Man in this excellent speed drawing by Collecting Smiles. The scene was illustrated entirely on the homebrew Nintendo DS program "Colors."

Thanks for sharing, shrapnel380.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amazing Mega Man Piece From Orioto

This is just too good not to share over here. NeoGaf member Orioto whipped up a hand-made Mega Man PS3 theme entitled "Crystal Catacomb", a unique "high definition" re-imagining of Crystal Man's stage.
The full sized piece in all its eye popping glory, here.

Mega Man X7 Prototype Gameplay

Unearthed by SuperMega, here's a very brief look at a prototype version of Mega Man X7. Hailing from Tokyo Game Show '02, the footage depicts a fully playable X in the intro stage; in the final, he's an unlockable character not available from the get-go.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Speed Gamers' Mega Man Marathon Live Stream

For the next 72 hours, the Speed Gamers will play Mega Man games nonstop, all for the sake of raising money for Earth Day Network charity. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Online video chat by Ustream
Send your donations here.

Weekly Star Force 3 Sales Report

Let's check up on Star Force 3, shall we? According to VGChartz, SF3 sold an additional 9,000 units from August 1st though August 8th, charting at number 48 on the NA charts. Our grand total in sales is roughly 76,000 units.

Nearly to the 100k point. Hopefully, sales will be consistent in the coming weeks to get us there.

Thanks, MajorTom.

Bootleg Mega Man Beyblade

During a trip to Vancouver, Canada, PRC reader Master Otenko came across something of an oddity: A bootleg spinning top Beyblade toy featuring a very shoddy recolored Zero who makes an appearance on both the packaging and the aforementioned spinning top.

Of course, this is not an official product from either Capcom or Takara (makers of Beyblade), but interesting nonetheless. It's certainly the first time I've ever seen something like this.

More pictures of the toy available here. Thanks, Master Otenko

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If Inafune Wants a New MML, He Probably Wouldn't Be Denied

In a thread over at Capcom Unity, Christian "Sven" Svensson responded to a fan's inquiry regarding the potential of a new Mega Man Legends title and if Keiji Inafune is still adamant on producing a sequel. Sven's response:
“I can’t really speak on behalf of Inafune, but I do know that MM is near and dear to his heart. And if Inafune wants something badly enough, he is rarely denied in our greenlight/CS management meetings.”
Sounds a bit like a hint if you ask me. You never know what Capcom could be cooking.

via GoNintendo

John Delany Does Mega Man

Unearthed today during my weekly hard drive rummage, here's a nifty illustration of Mega Man by famed DC Comic artist John Delaney.John drew the picture for the Toon Zone community a few years back as part of a series of weekly sketches. John would hold a poll each week asking TZN users what character they would like him to draw and it just so happened the Blue Bomber won the vote. Pretty cool looking, no?

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Hits PSN Today

After what seems like forever, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 makes it's way onto PlayStation Network later today for $15. The latest edition of the classic 2-D fighter offers new features including online play, trophies, and cleaned up visuals.

Additionally, the rumored PS3 retail package is available today too for $14.99. Inside the GameStop exclusive pack, you'll find a MvC2 redemption code and a one month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics. The retail pack is limited to 15,000 copies nationwide.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zero Manga Too?

Udon Entertainment is showing off some major love for Mega Man recently. With plans to release the Complete Works art books and Megamix and ZX series manga in the US, these guys are really shaping up to be fans' new best friends. Can it get any better? If you're a fan of Hideto Kajima's Rockman Zero manga, then yes, it can.

The September issue of Nintendo Power brings word that Udon might be planning on publishing the Mega Man Zero manga in North America:

"Udon is also planning to bring Mega Man manga to North America, focusing on the original Mega Man series and Mega Man Zero, though release dates haven't been determined." (p.11)

I'm a little iffy on this due to the fact that the blurb didn't mention Udon's ZX manga plans. Is it possible NP meant to say ZX manga instead of Zero?

Servbot Pudding. 'Nuff Said.

That's right, pudding. Is there any product these guys aren't on?

Apparently, boxes of Servbot branded pudding (and pudding dishes) were given away at Tokyo Game Show 2000 as a souvenir for those who paid a visit to Capcom's booth. Hey, who doesn't love free pudding? Also, you gotta love that slogan on the box:

"I Am Pudding. Anybody Who Eats Me Will Be Happy. Try Me Please!"

So gosh darn cute.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rockman 1 Complete Works On PSN Tomorrow *UPDATE*

The Complete Works version of Rockman 1 hits the Japanese PlayStation Store tomorrow, August 12th. The download will run you a mere 600 Yen (about $6).

Fortunately, there is no region restriction for PlayStation Store, meaning you can purchase the game even though you don't live in Japan. All you need is a Japanese PSN account (free) and a credit card. A step-by-step guide on setting up a Japanese PSN account here.

UPDATE: Scratch that about credit cards. The JPN PlayStation Store does not accept non-Japanese credit cards. What you can do, however, is purchase a Japanese PlayStation Network card in order to redeem Yen. Instructions on how to find and use a Japanese PSN card, here.

Mega Man Vinyls Coming In Fall

Curious as to what's up with the new vinyl Mega Man figures, I recently spoke with a representative of Jazwares. I inquired when the figures would see a release, and although they couldn't give me a specific answer, they said we should expect to see one or two figures some time in the fall. They also told me that the figures might be online exclusives available through places like Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Jazwares' own shop.

The initial line will consist of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Elec Man. More characters will definitely be released if they figures sell well enough.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Unity Auctions - Shirt, Stickers

Another week, another set of Capcom Unity auctions and raffles. Among the lot are two Mega Man items: a retro styled t-shirt (pictured) and a set of Battle Network stickers.

Remember, Unity auctions and raffles only cost you Unity points, so everything is practically free! Read up on how to bid here.

Hyadian's Latest Remix - Heat Man

Caution - suggestive lyrics

Visit Hyadian's channel for more Mega Man remixed tunes.

Another Look At Operate Shooting Star

The missing page from Coro Coro Comic's Operate Shooting Star coverage has surfaced courtesy of this Japanese blog. Nothing groundbreaking, just a couple additional screen shots and some nice artwork of Rockman.EXE and Netto.

And courtesy of this blog, here's some higher quality screen shots from the report:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blast From The Past - Mega Man PSM Cover Story

Mega Man Volnutt and Zero graced the cover of PSM magazine in late '97 as part of the issue's coverage for the then up and coming Mega Man Neo (aka Mega Man Legends) and Mega Man X4. The artwork was produced by comic artist Adam Warren.

A behind-the-scene look at the cover's creation:

More scans from the issue including previews for MMNeo and X4, available here.

Thanks, CaptainJack.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

11 Year Old Plays Mega Man 2 For The Very First Time

Nerdballoon recently started an intriguing experiment by the name of 'Project D', in which eleven year old Dylan is exposed to classic video games for the very first time. The most recent entry in the series was devoted entirely to the boy's impressions of Mega Man 2. Bottom line: he enjoyed the game; hated the music.

via The Mega Man Network

"I Want to Rock" By Fort Awesome

"I Want To Rock", a vintage styled Mega Man print, is but one of many adorable illustrations available at Fort Awesome Studios Etsy shop:

"This is a print from a series of illustrations on vintage book pages. The illustrations are my re-imaginings of the video game characters nearest and dearest to my heart.

Print measures 5" x 7" and is printed on professional grade matte photo paper. The image is centered on the paper with a white background for framing."

Grab yours here while supplies last!

via Tiny Cartridge

Triple Trouble

Jin Saotome returns with three brand spanking new G.I Joe/Mega Man crossover figures: Metal Man, Drill Man and Vile (VAVA).
The entire trio is currently up for bidding on Ebay. Individual auctions below:

- Custom VAVA MKII GI Joe Megaman Action Figure 25th Vile
- Custom DRILL MAN GI Joe Megaman Action Figure 25th RoC
- Custom METAL MAN GI Joe Megaman Action Figure 25th RoC

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Revealed

The September Coro Coro has arrived and with it comes our first look at Operate Shooting Star:

Not much is known at the moment, but what we can gather is that Shooting Star Rockman is playable within the EXE universe. Other characters such as Harp Note, appear as well.

Other tidbits:
- SSRockman and Rockman EXE are playable.
- Clock Man (aka Clock Genius) is a Navi from the future. Interacts with characters from the EXE universe.
- Additionally, Clock Man gets his own area.
- Graphically, the game uses the sprites from EXE 1. The over world is directly from EXE 1.
- There is a map for the Internet on the bottom screen.
- No word on how the battles will play out. Next issue of Coro Coro might touch on this.


More info as it develops. Many thanks to Mega Man Network for helping gather the info. This was a collaborative effort between Heat Man and myself :)