Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard, Mega Man X2 Due For Wii Virtual Console

Yeah, I'm a little late with this one, but it’s worth talking about just the same.

Some months back, the ESRB rated Mega Man X2 for the Wii Virtual console.  Things were quiet on that front up until a few days ago when Capcom Japan confirmed the game for a December release.  Meanwhile, the Australian Classification Database has officially awarded the game with a PG certification, thus confirming the X2's Virtual Console distribution in that region. So if it wasn't clear enough: Mega Man X2 is coming to the Virtual Console.

Australia and North America tend to get Virtual Console releases weeks to months after Japan, so we can probably look forward to a late 2011/early 2012 release. No idea what's up with Europe, I'm afraid. Those folks are still patiently awaiting X1!

So if all the X-related merchandise wasn't enough to deplete your Zenny, be on the lookout for X2. Awfully lot of Mega Man X love lately, what with all the figures, trinkets and classic game re-releases. Gauging interest in something are we, Capcom? Hm...

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

Request Mega Man Albums For Capcom Store

Much to the dismay of international fans, official Mega Man albums have been predominately sold exclusively in Japan for several years.  With your help, however, that may soon change.

In a thread on Capcom Unity, Christian “Sven” Svensson has put the call out for album requests, which might just make their way over to the Capcom Store.  Your task is simple: if there's a specific Mega Man album you want to see -- be it the remastered Rockman Zero soundtracks, or We are ROCKMEN! -- request it at this thread here.  No guarantee your requests will come to fruition, but really it couldn't hurt to show some support.

It might be a good idea to limit requests to soundtracks that came out within the last year or two. Anything before that is likely out-of-print.  Doubtful Capcom would produce fresh new copies of, say the Rockman X7 soundtrack just for North America.  It'll be far easier to stock up on discs that continue to be produced (and sold) today. But hey, you never know.

Drop your wish lists off here.

Artwork courtesy of Coramune

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hitoshi Ariga Interprets Mega Man 9 & 10 Foes

Hitoshi Ariga, writer/artist for the Megamix and Gigamix line of Mega Man manga, has been drawing up a storm over at his official deviantART account. More recently, the artist tried his hand at interpreting some of the more quirky enemies from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Doubtful these pieces relate to his mysterious new project, but they're well worth a gander if you're an Ariga nut. Commentary below:

Mega Man 9 Piece
- Octopus minion: "I made the legs similar to existing squid/octopus type robots, and went with Springer type eyes."
- Stone mid-boss: "I felt it didn't have enough "mecha flavor", so I added to that while still sticking to the "Mega Man" vibe."
- Elephant mid-boss: "I thought this mid-boss didn't fit in well with the other mid-bosses of the series with respect to its proportions, so I tried to bring it closer to the dog mid-boss from MM2 and the hippo mid-boss from MM4."

Mega Man 10 Piece 
- Light Bulb mid-boss: "It kinda bugged me that his eyes were ovals, so I made them circles instead."
- Ax minion: "The eyes on this one bugged me too. Looking back at the series, it was my opinion that this enemy should have had lenses for eyes."
- Snowman minion: "Since there is already one eye on the body, this character would end up with three eyes once its head had taken shape. I altered the eye on the body so that it would look like a button instead once the head was in place. The eye is similar to the eyes used on the raccoon minion from MM6."

Seeing this only fuels my desire for an Ariga-esque Mega Man game. I think we're well overdue for something like that. Ariga's style is practically begging to be immortalized in polygons, sprites, or what have you. One day, maybe.

Ariga's deviantART is home to a wealth of personal illustrations of not only Mega Man stuff, but other video game characters as well. Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Coolest Rush Cake You'll Ever See

We've seen some amazing Mega Man-themed pastries here at Rockman Corner; the amount of creativity and hard work that goes into these scrumptious creations never ceases to amaze. Just when I though I'd seen it all, Yummy Pixels comes along with this:

Mega Man's faithful canine companion Rush is a master of transformation -- but this latest form certainly takes the cake. Kat, the self taught baker of Yummy Pixels, whipped up this Rush Jet cake for her husband's birthday:

"I was thinking of doing Rush early on but hesitated at first. The last time I did a character cake (Kirby), it was kind of sad to cut into it… But! I went ahead and made a cake of him anyway since Buckley likes the Megaman series so much. I chose his jet form since he’s lying down and is mostly flat.

This cake ended up larger than I originally planned. I accidentally made his head too big, which meant making everything else bigger to be proportional. He is made from lemon-orange cake and rice krispies. His head, body, and 2 front paws are carved from cake. The rest of the parts are rice krispie treats molded into shape."

While it may look delicious, I think we can all agree it would be hard taking a knife to this masterpiece. And standing on it wouldn't be too bright, either.

More photos of the cake available at Yummy Pixels. While you're there, be sure to check out Kat's other masterpieces, like the Sandvich!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hardcover Mega Man Tribute On Sale This Weekend

In honor of the biggest shopping period of the year, UDON Entertainment are offering Mega Man Tribute at half off. The hardcover edition, no less. UDON's Matt Moylan sends the good word:

"Just $39.99 (regular $79.99 – that’s a $40 savings!!)  Save half-off this exclusive hardcover edition of our Mega Man Tribute book, featuring hundreds of international artists paying tribute to the Blue Bomber! This limited edition hardcover version features exclusive cover art by Mega Man manga artist Hitoshi Ariga (Megamix, Gigamix), and is only available direct from"

Not a bad deal if you ask me! If you've yet to snag Mega Man Tribute for yourself, now might be an ideal time to act. Of course, if you already have it, you can't go wrong with gifting it to somebody!

Though the sale lasts all weekend, one can never anticipate when stock will deplete. Purchase your copy ASAP while supplies last!

Thanks for the heads up, Matt!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Adventure On The Five Islands Part 1-6 and 1-7

Apologies for not posting this one sooner... let's just say Thanksgiving at the Protodude family home has been rather hectic (for lack of a better word). Nonetheless, here are the final two parts of Get Me Off The Moon's 'Great Adventure On The Five Islands' fan dub.

Don't be mistaken: this is not the end of Great Adventure. Get Me Off the Moon are prepping a "second season", which kicks off a whole new story arc. Get Me Off The Moon has not shared when Episode 2-1 will hit, but sometime next week would be a safe assumption.

Stay tuned!

Rockman Online Q&A Session Part 2

It took a little while, but NeoWiz has finally gotten around to answering another batch of Rockman Online questions.  Unfortunately, this part of the Q&A didn't have very much better info than the last, nor does it contain your questions we collected. Eh, maybe next time.

In the meantime, our pal Amunshen strained the Q&A into a convenient summary of actual pertinent info:

  • The game is still on track to be a 2D scrolling platformer made with 3D models.
  • None of the game’s music will come from existing Mega Man games; it will be entirely original.
  • None of the game’s original characters (at least those conceived up until now) will be playable.
  • None of the game’s villain characters (such as Vile) will be playable.
  • There is no system for choosing to represent the URA or UCA.
  • Although the game looks based on the X series from appearance, the scenarios do not slant towards any particular series. That being said…
  • Sigma is the main villain of the game.
  • All playable characters have charged attacks.

    A third Q&A post from NeoWiz is in the works, so hopefully they'll get around to the questions Amunshen collected. Hang tight!

    Thanks for the translation, Amunshen!

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Original Mega Man Cartoon Pitch Unearthed

    At long, long last we have ourselves footage of the elusive promotional video used to pitch the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon before the show was "Americanized". A rare look at what could have been, The Mega Man Homepage has uploaded the original footage in its entirety. And it's awesome.

    The promo tape features two-minutes worth of never-before-seen footage of a significantly different Ruby-Spears cartoon. In its early stages, the show featured aesthetics incredibly faithful to the art direction of the games, with a style largely influenced by Keiji Inafune's character designs.

    When the show was finally picked up and green-lit into production, however, Ruby-Spears gave it a complete overhaul. The anime style was ditched; suddenly Mega Man became a buffed-up American Super Hero, cheesy one liners and all. Hey, at least the theme song was catchy.

    We aren't exactly sure why the art direction changed, but The Mechanical Maniacs' has a pretty good theory: 

    "In the early 90's anime hadn't taken off yet. The biggest shows were Batman: the animated Series, X-Men, and Spider-Man. These shows were probably considered Mega Man's main competition and the show we got falls into line with these shows as opposed to any other shows on at the time. Furthermore, if you watch the OVAs, you'll see that they're preoccupied with teaching foreigners about Japanese culture. An admiral attempt, but I don't think it went over very well as many characteristics that might have been deemed "Japanese" were taken out."

    Regardless the reason, I'm very happy to finally see this footage with my own eyes. It's a true sight to behold! Bit of a shame this version never came to fruition.

    Thanks for the tip, RADIX!

    D-Arts News Round-up: Comic Version Zero Revealed, Ride Armor Confirmed?

    Tamashii Nation 2011 isn't kicking off until tomorrow, but already we have ourselves some tantalizing D-Arts news. Full color prototypes of Zero Type 2 and Vile have been spotted at the exhibit and, well, they look fantastic:

    Aside from the apparent confirmation of a Z-Saber, we've no word on additional accessories and doodads set to ship with Zero Type 2. Same goes for Vile; no indication of accessories, pricing, and release date just yet. I imagine that news will be coming along shortly. Even so, there they are in vibrant color.

    Also spotted at the exhibit, a D-arts Zero "Comic Version" and... a Ride Armor?

    The marker below Zero there indicates a THIRD D-Arts Zero is in the works, and much like Comic Version X, it will be based off of Yoshihiro Iwamoto’s interpretation of the character. Speculation says the figure could go on sale tomorrow alongside Comic Version X, but we've no official confirmation on that. Click here for a close-up.

    And then there's that Ride Armor conveniently placed behind Vile. It's hard to say at this point if the figure will actually be sold, or if it's nothing more than part of a promotional display. Bandai has been known to decorate D-arts displays with items and knick knacks that never made it to retail. Hopefully that's not the case.

    Stay tuned for more D-Arts news shortly!

    Credit: The Mega Man Network

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Rockman X4 Mobile Screens, Zero Version Due In 2012

    Hot on the heels of our previous report, Rockman Unity has released a small helping of Rockman X4: Rockman X Version screenshots. Graphically, things look just as spiffy as they did on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. But, because this is a mobile phone port, screen resolution had to be significantly cropped down:

    Rockman Unity also confirmed the production of Rockman X4: Zero Version, due for release in January, 2012. Confirming previous speculations, Rockman X4 is being partitioned into two separate games starring X/Zero respectively. The split was done in order to preserve the quality and authenticity of the original game, released back in 1997.

    X Version begins distribution on December 1st for 525 Yen (roughly $6.55), exclusively to NTT Docomo FOMA905i and 705i series phones via the Capcom Party internet service.

    Source: Rockman Unity

    Rockman X4 Going Mobile In Japan

    According to CAP Kobun and Tarbosan, Capcom announced on their mobile site that they intend to release a cell phone version of Rockman X4 on December 1st in Japan. The game will be released for Docomo FOMA905i and 705i series phones.

    For the most part, the game is a port of the original PlayStation version; however, only X will be playable. The port carries the subtitle of "X Version", so it would seem a separate version starring Zero will be released at a later date.

    Rockman X4: X Version will run you 525 Yen (about $6.55). Very little doubt you'll see this one stateside, I'm afraid. Gotta admit, I grow jealous over all the lovely Rockman games on mobile phones in Japan. Is it simply too much to ask for something along these lines to make it to my side of the pond?

    Source: CAP Kobun, Tarbosan

    Rockman Unity Teases D-Arts Zero Version 2.0

    The minute I laid eyes on Bandai's Full Armor Rockman X, I just knew a "Zero 2.0" D-Arts was just around the corner. Lo and behold, it is.

    Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san is teasing the production of yet another D-Arts figure from Bandai. In spite of Ucchy's best efforts to obscure the image, one can easily make out the visage of Zero, sporting his famous Rockman X2 armor. Yep, Bandai's finally making the Zero figure you've been waiting for.

    Beginning with Rockman X2, Zero received a bulkier armor that incorporated shoulder guards, gold trimming, and the character's trademark weapon, the Z-Saber. No doubt, fans disappointed in the design of the original D-Arts Zero figure (based off of his X1 armor) will be happy to know an X2 variation is coming along. And hey, it looks like they fixed the hair mold, too.

    Unfortunately, Ucchy neglected to provide additional details, cryptically asking readers to "stay tuned." More info is expected to surface at this weekend's Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara. Until then, well, you heard the man: stay tuned!

    Source: Rockman Unity

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Fight, Lockman! For Everlasting Peace!

    Bicycles are widely used in Japan as a mainstream form of transportation. People of all ages and social standings rely on cycling to get around, so you can imagine how important it is to keep your bike locked up when not in use. Choosing a bike lock that's fit for your needs is no easy task, what with so many to choose from. Fortunately, one mom-and-pop business has summoned the likeness of Rockman to help them come out on top.

    Meet Lockman. He's here to sell you bicycle locks at affordable prices!  The mascot of a local hardware store in Japan, Lockman makes for an appropriate poster child because of a convenient pun on Rockman's name.  In the Japanese language, it's difficult to recognize the difference between L and R, because the sounds fall into the ra/ri/ru/re/ro liquid category.  Therefore both L and R are pronounced as a single phoneme. So 'Rockman' often sounds like 'Lockman'. It's quite punny.

    Lockman here has become something of a miniature imageboard meme over the last couple days -- well on his way to cult status. It's only a matter of time before the fan art starts pouring in! A "Mr. Lockman" crossover is inevitable.

    Source: Omaketeki

    The Mega Maniest Car On Earth

    Just how far is someone willing to go to express their affinity for Mega Man? We've seen tattoos, fanart, and even cake... but nothing comes quite as close as this. Spotted by the folks at Motorworld Hype, the untapped realm of Mega Man-themed car modifications has finally been realized:

    What can I say? Mega Man fans are a passionate bunch. There's nothing wrong with allowing your Blue Bomber affinity to spread to other parts of your life. The attention to detail here is all kinds of wonderful -- maybe even a little too wonderful. It's not a stretch to say this Mega-mobile is a perfect meta-commentary on distractive driving. 

    Unfortunately, that's the only image we got on this lovely labor of love. Whoever owns this piece -- if you're reading this -- we'd love to see more! 

    Source: Motorworld Hype

    Mega Man #11 Cover And Solicitation

    New solicitation and cover art for Archie’s Mega Man #11 is available, and from the looks of it, our blue boy will have his hands full. With events largely inspired by Mega Man 2, the penultimate issue of the "Return of Dr. Wily"  story arc heats up as Mega Man fights back against the likes of Quick Man, Metal Man, and the rest of the MM2 gang. It's sure to be a doozy:

    MEGA MAN #11 -- Written by Ian Flynn, art by Ben Bates and various, cover by Ben Bates.

    "Dr. Wily Returns," Part 3. Mega Man has been in the fight of his life against Dr. Wily's eight new Robot Masters! Fearsome as they are, Quick Man has always been there to mock Mega Man and slow him down. Now, at long last, it's the showdown you've been waiting for! And you won't believe who shows up to help Mega Man at the eleventh hour!  32 pages, $2.99. 

    I gotta say, I'm really digging that cover art. Bates has done an admirable job of mimicking Inafune's trademark style. The color could use some work, but I'm sure things will loosen up a bit when this releases next yet. One more issue to go before we enter an all-new arc! The sooner we jump into Mega Man 3, the sooner we get to see Proto Man/Break Man's Archie debut!

    In related Archie news, solicitation and cover art for the second tradepaper back volume is up. The 112-page book collects issue #5-8. According to Amazon, we can expect it to ship out on March, 20, 2012. Full details, images and more available at Comics Continuum.

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Rockman X Hits Android Phones In Japan

    Capcom Japan has just announced a new mobile port of the original Rockman X for Android phones. The game is a 1:1 reproduction of the Super Famicom classic with all-new touch-based controls. Few pictures of the port exist at the moment, so make do with this pair for now:

    Distribution of the game is currently limited to docomo-branded phones via Capcom Party. As with most mobile Rockman games, X1 requires a 315 Yen ($3.80) monthly fee.

    To be perfectly honest, I shudder at the thought of playing X1 with touch-based controls. It's one of those games that pretty much requires force-feedback. Unless gameplay was tweaked to compensate touch-screen input (à la the iOS Mega Man 2 port), I highly doubt this will be an enjoyable port. Throwing your controller in frustration is one thing, but throwing your phone is much worse!

    Source: Android Wire

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    Great Adventure On The Five Islands Episode 1-5

    Another week, another episode. Mega Man Volnutt continues his quest to thwart the Bonne family, who's up to no good, as per usual. The chase won't be an easy one: Reaverbots and Bonne forces lurk around every corner!

    Need to play catch-up? Previous episodes can be found at Get Me Off the Moon's official YouTube channel here. Check back every week for new content!

    An In-Depth Look At Kotobukiya's Localized Zero Kit

    Released in Japan back in October, Kotobukiya's localized Mega Man Zero model kit is headed stateside next month. In case your on the fence about this one, this extensive video review from Pixel Dan of the Pop Culture Network may help you make your decision.

    Overall, the consensus is pretty darn good! If you're a fan of Kotobukiya's previous Mega Man kits, you can't go wrong with the red crusader. Pre-orders are up and running from a number of online retailers such as ToyWiz, Entertainment Earth, and elsewhere. Availability will increase as we approach December, so do keep an eye out.

    It's worth mentioning the Japanese version is readily available right now, but the purpose of the localized version is to provide a budget-friendly, import-fee-less method of obtaining the kit within North America. This version is essentially the same as the former, save for the inclusion of translated portions of text and "Mega Man" branding.

    Source: The Pop Culture Network

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    Rumor: Mega Man Playable In Street Fighter X Tekken

    The enigmatic Lupinko is at it again. The man who accurately leaked the entire vanilla Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9 rosters (among other fighting titles), has recently hinted Mega Man (and Pac-Man) will be a playable guest character in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken.

    Coming from Lupinko's Twitter...

    "Everybody will love the yellow dude's style, but blue boy will cause lots of lols or lots of rage, wait and see! Excelsior!"

    Street Fighter X Tekken is no stranger to guest characters, what with Cole (inFamous) Toro and Kuro (Sony cats) fleshing out the roster. Mega Man and Pac-Man, Capcom/Namco's respective mascots, seem like a fitting addition to an already diverse cast.

    Compensation for Mega Man's MVC3 no-show? Hopefully. Lupinko has been spot on for the most part, so there's definitely some credence. And don't forget that ending bit from the game's announcement trailer. Suffice to say, that does support the rumor.

    Better ready those grains of salt just in case.

    Source: @Lupinko (Thanks, Clown Prince of Crime!)

    Auction: Inflatable Mega Man Bop-Bag

    2011 has been nothing short of frustrating for our blue bomber. The year will go down in the books for singlehandedly shattering the faith of an entire fanbase; a year defined by broken promises and shattered expectations. Yes, we've all been feeling a bit disgruntled lately. But in lieu of bottling up that frustration, here's a great product to safely express those aggressive impulses: an inflatable Mega Man bop-bag.

    From the depths of Ebay comes one of Jazware's more obscure Mega Man items -- a simple bop-bag produced in 2005, adorned in Mega Man X's likeness. While certainly not the biggest bop bag around (measuring in at 42'' when inflated), it'll get the job done. However, Mega Man collectors may want to go easy on it, because it's quite a rarity.

    2005 was a time when retailers began to show fleeting interest in Jazware's Mega Man products, save for the popular Retro Roto figures. More often than not, the likes of Toys R Us and Wal-Mart simply refused to stock anything with Mega Man and Jazware's in the same sentence. As a consequence, many items fell into obscurity such as our lovely bop-bag. Fortunately, it looks like someone managed to nab one!

    So the choice is yours: inflate it and bop the scrap out of it? Or collect it and admire it on the shelf? Full item details here.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Mega Man TV App Comes To Nokia

    For those who wish to stream animated Mega Man content on-the-go, you’re in luck. That is, if you're a Nokia subscriber.  The Anime Network and ZooVision have partnered to produced "Mega Man TV", a mobile app designed specifically to stream full-length Mega Man content on your Nokia device of choice.

    For a mere $4.99, you'll have on-the-go access to the Mega Man original video animation “Upon a Star" in its entirety. What's more, the app comes with some special mobile Mega Man wallpapers and themes. The app itself takes up no more than 0.59 MB, with storage space predominantly reserved for optional content. WiFi and/or 3G connection is required.

    Anime Network also currently holds the distribution rights to the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon, and while there's little indication the show will make the jump to Mega Man TV, it's a possibility. Because really; how convenient would it be to have a single outlet just for streaming Mega Man television shows? That's pretty awesome.

    Grab your Nokia device of choice and download the app here.

    Giant Servbots Relieved of Greeting Duty From Capcom HQ

    Since 2009, a colorful display of adorable oversized Servbot replicas greeted visitors to Capcom's Tokyo headquarters. Sometimes, they even pose with celebrities. However, those days have come to an end. The bots have been seemingly replaced by equally adorable, oversized Monster Hunter Felynes.

    Left: 2009 | Right: 2011

    Now, now... I wouldn't look at this as some sort of conspiracy against Rockman DASH (because that's just ridiculous). People generally like to rearrange things from time to time, you know? Helps living spaces stay fresh and lively! Fortunately, Rockman himself remains diligently in position. That statue (only two in existence) has been a prominent display at Capcom Japan HQ for well over a decade. It's become something of a corporate symbol.

    Perhaps there is no contest in declaring that the Felynes are Capcom's most popular characters in recent years, what with their marketability spurning countless toys, merchandise, and even video games. The Servbots found themselves in a similar position in the late 90's/early 2000's -- often appearing on everything from PUDDING to Band-Aids. But those days are behind us. Their marketability has diminished within the last few years, sad to say. Fortunately, Servbots continue to cameo in numerous Capcom games, keeping them in the limelight.

    But I digress. The Servbots have likely relocated somewhere else within HQ. Before '09, they frequently popped up at Capcom's Osaka offices and even Plaza Capcom as decorations. And before that? Tokyo Game Shows, promotional photo ops and Rockman's 20th b-day bash. These displays have a legacy; very little doubt in my mind Capcom would simply throw them away.

    Source: EC-Current

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Closer Look At Ultimate MVC3's "Mega Man X"

    As you've no doubt heard by now, Mega Man X has been relegated to an alternate costume for Zero in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The news has caused a bit of controversy throughout the community, leaving many fans with a sense of bewilderment. It's unfortunate, but that's how Capcom chose to proceed. Sigh.

    Tonight, we have a closer look at Zero wearing the skin of his comrade. Krisan Thyme and Global-Trance, the duo who hacked into the original MVC3, have unearthed victory pose portraits from early copies of Ultimate. Lo and behold, "Xero" was among the assets, pictured right. Click here for the Hi-res version.

    Compared to Zero's victory portrait, you can see that it is clearly a skin. Same face; different skin tone and eyes. Unsurprising, all of the DLC costumes -- including Mega Man X -- are on the disc just waiting to be unlocked. No official word yet on the costume's release date or pricing, but that news is likely forthcoming. And for the record, no additional DLC characters have been found on disk. Make of that what you will.

    More ripped Ultimate assets, including victory portraits of Tron, Zero, and Frank West in MMX outfit, available at Global-Trance's webspace here.

    Source: Shoryuken

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    Mega Man Perfect Harmony Demo Now Available

    For those not in the know, Mega Man Perfect Harmony is an ambitious fan-made project by Rud of the Rocks Clan. The game not only mashes up the best elements of 8-bit era gameplay (with a few twists), but also includes four-player cooperative multiplayer. Now that the playable demo is out, I simply had to pass this along to you.

    Perfect Harmony fills in that multiplayer hole Capcom has yet to rectify. Gameplay is incredibly authentic, dense, and just plain fun. Best of all? It works. By all means, don't take my word for it. Try it out yourself! You can download the playable demo at the Rocks Clan. There you'll also find full instructions on installation. 

    As per usual, just about everything you see could change before the game's release. But so far, the game's pretty solid as is. We'll keep you posted when the full game hits!

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Mega Man X Is In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3... Sort Of

    Now, now -- don't get too excited. The scoop: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 isn't due out until November 15th, but some fans are already getting their hands on the official Brady Games guide book. Midst the pages of strategies and tips, was this:

    Mega Man X and Frank West in Mega Man X threads. But more importantly, MEGA MAN X! Splendid news, right? Like I said, don't get too excited.  Indeed, the guide confirms X as DLC... but ONLY in the form of an alternate costume for Zero. Not exactly what most people had in mind, but that's how the hammer falls, I'm afraid.

    Now, there are a few details that remain obscured for the time being: Will X play slightly differently? Can we expect a new voice? How about all-new cutscenes? And so on. Many questions, little-to-no answers currently.

    We'll be keeping an ear out, of course. In the meantime, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments. Satisfied? Disappointed? Sound off!

    Thanks to all who submitted the tip!

    Mega Man and Friends Set To Cameo In UMvC3 Endings

    For the time being, Mega Man isn't playable in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Fortunately, the blue bomber hasn't been given the cold shoulder entirely. According to new UMvC3 footage and screens from around the community, Mega Man and pals will guest appear in both Nova and Thor's ending cutscenes:

    Nova's ending not only manages to sneak in Mega Man, but also the likes of Roll, Proto Man, Zero, and Beat -- all decked out in traditional Nova Corp. threads. Veteran of vanilla MvC3, Thor's touched up ending now features a nod Mega Man, Ryu, and Morrigan.  So far, only footage of Nova's ending has surfaced, viewable here. Thor's should be coming along soon. In the meantime, here's a few comparison shots.

    And now, the million dollar question: teasing or trolling?  It's times like these I'm reminded of Destructoid's recent Seth Killian interview: "When I questioned Killian if we'd see more DLC past Heroes and Heralds mode he responded 'We'll see.' So Mega Man and more DLC for UMvC3 has neither been confirmed or denied. The dream still lives... at least for now."

    All's not entirely lost just yet, it seems. Still, it's best to continue to rally support and raise your voice. Something's gotta turn out right for our blue boy!

    Original Mega Man Designer Digs Mega Man Tribute

    Though Keiji Inafune is often credited for fathering the Mega Man series, game designer "A.K" is the one responsible for conceptualizing the character long before Inafune's involvement. Simply put, without A.K, there would be no Mega Man today.

    A.K's always been a little bit on the quiet side when it comes to being communicating with the fanbase; but today he has a few words for the artists of UDON's Mega Man Tribute artbook:

    "So this is the book you were telling me about. I didn't expect it to have so much volume. I flipped through a few pages just now, but... I don't really know what to say.
    Back in the day, I never would have dreamed that a book like this would ever be released. It seems to me that the overseas fans have a different kind of passion for Mega Man. The pieces included in this book are quite mesmerizing...I can't help but be drawn in, and I find myself spending more time than you might think on each page.

    Talk about variety. This book has left me speechless. I'm truly in awe. I feel like I am getting a look at the Mega Man that lives inside each and every one of these people. It's almost hard to believe that a game started by a few unknown, almost amateur team members has managed to influence so many people in such a powerful way. I am so delighted by this book!! Thank you for giving it to me.
    I'll be going through it very slowly!"  ~AK

    And thank you, A.K, for inspiring these artists to pump out such magnificent work. Mega Man Tribute is an awe inspiring testament to not only A.K, but every artist whose ever had a hand in designing these timeless characters. I'm sure each and every one of them are very humbled by your work.

    If you haven't picked up Tribute, get on it! It's a great book -- now even greater with A.K's blessing!

    Thanks for the tip, Matt!

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Operate Shooting Star Translation Project Cancelled

    Much to the chagrin of English speaking Battle Network fans, the Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star translation project has come to a premature end. Project leader LuigiBlood has informed me development of the patch has ceased.

    It's unfortunate, but the project proved too strenuous a task for LuigiBlood on top of other obligations. The work required was simply too much for a single person, and LB made the hard call to pull the plug. It's unfortunate, but game translation is a time consuming business. It's important to understand that not everything comes to fruition. These things happen.

    LuigiBlood's efforts to take on OSS is something that should be respected regardless the outcome. He was willing to tackle a project Capcom USA opted not to, and for that you owe him your thanks.

    In terms of the future of OSS in English, there are no other patches in the works that I know of. I will, however, be keeping an ear out. Battle Network fans are a passionate and devoted bunch -- I'm sure someone will take up the initiative one day.

    Merti Garage Kit Nears Completion

    When we last checked in with Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Merti garage kit, she was but a torso. Today, X's lady friend is looking a bit more complete, now capable of standing on her own two feet!

    Spiffy, no? The completed garage kit is roughly to scale with your standard D-Arts figure, so the two complement each other perfectly. Though the kit may look complete, Iwamoto notes there are a few extra details he'd like to flesh out before release such as brushing up Merti's hair and backside. I only hope the additions are minor because things look great so far!

    The final garage kit will go on sale in February 2012 at Wonder Festival in Japan. Come January 27th, however, Iwamoto will hold a special launch event in Tokyo where attendees can pick up Merti a bit earlier. The event will mark the unveiling of the finalized kit, and play host to a few other surprises, too. Specific details are forthcoming.

    All in all, it's pretty cool to see such an obscure character get the garage kit treatment -- officially endorsed by Iwamoto, no less. Hopefully this won't be too hard to track down and import!

    Credit: The Mega Man Network

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Your iPhone Has Been Megafied

    The folks behind the super cool "paint explosion" Mega Man shirts have whipped up twelve super cool Mega Man iPhone cases, targeted specifically at the more fashion-conscious fan...

    The cases will fit the iPhone 4 and 4S models and run you $37 a pop over at RedBubble. You'll find a dozen vector designs to choose from, themed primarily around Mega Man 2. Proto Man, Bass and Mega Man Volnutt are the exception, and just so happen to be my favorite designs of the lot.

    For those of you who are iPhone-less, you can order the vector designs as shirts or as large posters and mini-prints at Etsy. All very very slick and stylish. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get equipped with that Proto Man case!

    Source: The Daily Robot

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    Great Adventure On the Five Islands Episode 1-3

    Teisel's up to no good in this week's episode of the on-going Rockman DASH: Great Adventure On the 5 Islands fan dub. The Servbots are back, too, in a battle that leads up to quite the climax. Enjoy!

    Gotta love your typical Servbot antics.  What shenanigans will the get into next? Stay tuned for future episodes!

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Archie Mega Man Editor Talks Comic's Future

    Over at MTV Geeks, a new interview has popped up with Archie's Paul Kaminski, Editor of the Mega Man comic books. Many topics are discussed, but among the more interesting bits is mention of a possible comic tie-in with a new Mega Man game down the line:

    GEEK: Have there ever been talks of doing any in-game tie-ins?

    Kaminski: We do them with Sonic whenever a new game comes out, for instance there's a Sonic Generations tie-in coming up in Sonic #230 that'll act as a primer for the game. With Mega Man, the series hasn't been around long enough to coincide with a new Mega Man game for it to tie in to, but expect to see it down the road! We do adaptations of previously established games too, like the "Sonic Genesis" storyline that ran in Sonic #226-229 (hardcover collection available early next year) which was an adaptation of Sonic 1 and 2 for the Sega Genesis, or the Mega Man 2 adaptation story we've got coming up in Mega Man #9-12.

    Archie's Mega Man is deeply rooted in reinterpreting the events of games past. However, having a story arc directly related to a new game would certainly be a welcome change of pace. And, you know, having a new game in the first place is nice, too.

    Kaminski goes on to highlight some future ambitions, once again recognizing the demand for a Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man crossover. No mention of the prospect of a Mega Man X adaption, but Kaminski does tease some surprises for next year. Hey, we can hope!

    Head on down to MTV Geeks for the full interview! Thanks for the tip, Jason!

    Mega Man Series Reaches 29 Million Units Sold

    Look up the Mega Man franchise on any Wiki or press release and you'll find the series' lifetimes sales has been resting comfortably at 28 million units since 2008. However, that number has seen a *slight* bump in the last month or so.

    Capcom's revised earnings indicate the franchise has sold roughly 29 million units worldwide as of September 30th, 2011, spanning across 129 games. Though not officially stated, we can assume the likes of Mega Man 9, MM10, Zero Collection, and even Operate Shooting Star contributed to this tiny bump -- all titles released within the 2008~2011 window.

    With 29 million units under its belt, Mega Man remains one of Capcom's key tent-pole franchises, fleshing out the "Capcom three" alongside Street Fighter (31 million units) and Resident Evil (46 million units). Monster Hunter, however, is catching up fast (19 million). In another few years, there could be some competition for big blue's spot.

    What the franchise could really use right now is a big seller. After all, we haven't had a platinum title since 2003's million selling Battle Network 4. It's certainly a long term goal I'd like to see come to fruition eventually. And you know, the series has the potential. Mega Man is an appealing character with a legacy to boot. All it's going to take is a top quality game that can thrive in today's market. It's a challenge, but if done right, we can achieve it.

    Source: Capcom Investor Relations (thanks, Tom)

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    The Many Expressions of D-Arts Rockman X "Comic Version"

    Many as in three. Tamashii Web has a new page up giving some in depth detail on the D-Arts Rockman X "Comic Version." What's noteworthy here is a better look at the figure's various face plates used to change X's expression:

    You can really see that Iwamoto Yoshihiro influence now! Compared to the face plates of original figure, "Comic Version" is certainly a lot more expressive. I wonder, are these plates interchangeable with each other? That'd be mighty sweet if we could use the original face plates on the "Comic Version" body, and vice versa.

    "Comic Version" X will go on sale on November 25th exclusively at Tamashii Nation 2011 for 3,500 Yen ($44.79 USD). Importers, keep your eyes peeled on the usual stomping grounds.