Monday, November 24, 2008

An Interview With Lucas Gilbertson: Submit Your Questions!

So, the Mark Gatha interview didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. To make up for it, I'm planning on throwing a Q&A/interview session with Lucas Gilbertson, the voice of Zero in MegaMan X8, Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X!

Lucas Gilbertson remains a fan favorite VA in the MegaMan lore, considered to be the best actor who has ever portrayed Zero, successfully reproducing his Japanese counterpart and adding a bit of his own flavor to Zero's demeanor.

As before, I'm requesting of you to submit your questions to Mr. Gilbertson right here in the comments section! Ask him about his role as Zero, his experience in the industry and his love for painting or whatever comes to mind.

Question submissions end Friday, November 28th (black friday!). Hopefully, we'll get some feedback from Mr. Gilbertson, I'm sure he'd love to hear from fans of his work.

Many many thanks to PRC reader Rew for contact information!


  1. hmm lucas gilbertson. well how about this. "i hear that you have a love for art, was any of this inspired by your work in the megaman series?" thanks, megamanzxa

  2. Dear Lucas Gilbertson,

    Why did you choose Zero for Megaman X8? Was Zero so cool when he fights some Mavericks? And will you play the role of Zero for next game: Megaman X9?

  3. Soo.. Was it hard to act as Zero? I mean, getting the voice right, and just putting yourself in the position of a fictional, red machine, made to kill the one who became his best friend?

  4. In the Mega Man X Collection, was there a re-recording of the dialogue in Mega Man X4 and X6?

    As far as I know, a Capcom rep explained that it was stripped for the Maverick Hunter X remakes but those never saw the light of day. I just want to confirm whether or not there was going to be a new voice track for those games and whether or not you participated in those voice tracks.

  5. Have you ever considered voicing another video game character?

  6. As an addition to the MMX collection question: "if there was an additional voice track recored (by Gatha and Gilbertson), is there anyway for fans to listen to it?"

  7. Do you plan to continue voice acting? And by that, I mean voice acting in general-- not just as Zero. It would be great to hear you in more roles!

  8. -Do you plan on continuing your role as Zero since your voice acting was excellent?

    -I also would like to know about these mysterious MMX Collection recordings

    -How come you didn't voice Bio-metal Model Z in the ZX games? I was really looking foward to hearing your voice as that character instead of some other guy.

  9. Lucas Gilbertson, I am in LOVE with your voice. Like in megaman x8, I think you have a perfect voice for zero.
    So I was wondering if you would consider singing for a band of some sort? In my opinion, you have a great voice and great feeling. Sooo I would love to hear you sing sometime. Please keep me posted!!

  10. Lucas Gilbertson, I am in LOVE with your voice. I wonder if you have considered being a singer in a band of some sort.
    In my opinion, you have a great voice and great feeling. I would love to hear you sing sometime. So please keep me posted on that. ^_^


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