Thursday, November 27, 2008

SSR3 Crushed By the Competition

According to the newest Japanese game charts (courtesy of VGChartz), Shooting Star Rockman 3 sold 23,000 this past week, totaling 88,000 units. Not looking so hot there, eh?

To make things more bleak, SSR3 jumped from the #3 spot all the way down to #10 due to the likes of Animal Crossing City Folk, Chrono Trigger (ftw!), Gundam Vs. Gundam and The Last Remnant. Wow, talk about a week of "AAA" releases.

Hopefully, SSR3 will be able to make the 100,000 unit mark in the coming weeks, though I wouldn't be surprised if it fails to do so. Things aren't looking too good.


  1. Why bother? iIt is not going to get a new sequel anyway. I am not surprise because it is not good game and I am glad they are move on to a new Rockman game.

  2. We can't mess up the things. The USA market is different - while it may sold a lot of copies, the japanese side isn't good, and THAT side makes the difference: SSR3=bomb, unfortunately.

  3. True, the economy is still struggling to keep it balance. I mean, come on, the other games are so popular that even overshadowed SSR3.

    I say, give them abit more time for the sales reach to 5th week, I pray the sales will go well... Look at Capcom, they worked hard for only SSR this year, they don't deserve to get low title of sales...

  4. as long as the series ends with Subaru x Misora, I'll be just fine. Besides, i have confindence the game will have at least one more sequel.

  5. @anonymous
    Not a good game? Geez, I know you love the EXE series but PLEASE, stop being biased toward SSR. It's a good game on its own rights, so stop trying to compare it to EXE. Unlike you I LIKE the SSR series, so this news kind of gets me down.

    Anyway, I'm not surprised SSR3 is lowering on sales with those games on the market right now. Kind of sad too, I hope it keeps a steady pace of sale.

  6. Kenichi is right. SSR has its good points and bad. I've been truly happy with the series.

  7. I agree with you, Kenichi. While I do have a soft spot in my heart for the EXE series and do think it's superior to SSR, I have really come to enjoy SSR in its own right. SSR 1 left me underwhelmed and wanting a return to the EXE days, but SSR 2 really stepped things up a lot and brought the series to relevancy for me. By the time I'd finished SSR 2, I was left with those familiar feelings of "I can't wait to see what happens next!" and "I can't wait for the next one!" that I felt every time I finished an EXE game.

    I also agree with you, BassDS -- Subaru + Misora or bust. There's no other way it should happen. :(

  8. @Kenichi340,

    true but I am not lie to you.. Please dont say to stop. I am telling you how I feel so you cannot tell me what to do. That's my opinion. Therefore, it is not good game to my opinion anyway b ecause it's the truthful. Would you want me to lie to you and say it is good game when this game is not really GOOD game from my point of view? No, I dont like to lie, you know. Anyway, I love Rockman/Megamang games.. Not exe series. I dont like them and never did. I prefer 2-D platformed the best but I did collect all of them anyway because they are megaman/rockman, lol. :)

  9. Um, anon never said he liked EXE. I'm the anonymous who likes EXE. :P

    And I don't think it's good news! Sure, it's not EXE, but it's better than nothing!

    I hope they don't go to a new Rockman, actually... Too many would not be good.

  10. I wouldn't blame this on the economy. :P

    Don't go wacky on me for saying this, but it's just because SSR is what it is. I don't know if it's because it's the same old same old, or if it's because it's not as good as EXE, or a combination of both! But for whatever reason, people just don't want it.

    Sure, the third is an improvement on the SSR series, but in the eyes of some, I'm sure that's not saying much.

    I myself think it is a good series. I like EXE much better, but I'd rather have this than nothing as anon2 (or 3, I suppose) said.

  11. You know, I think the SSR/RnR series could've been SO much better if it had been headed by the exact same team as EXE. Didn't they put an inexperienced producer in charge?

    In my mind I could see how SSR could have been awesome, but just too many things went wrong, and I'm not just talking about gameplay.

    I don't know, I still wish SSR had been more of a continuation of the EXE series than it was. But then, with all the weird stuff they put in it, (mishandled matter waves, "FM-ians", the disappearance of the entirely-cyber cyberworld... I could go on.) I suppose I'm glad it's more separated. :P

  12. Er... stop being biased toward it? It's a good game in its own right, yea. But since it's not as good, why can't someone say so? It's natural to compare the SSR series with its predecessor, and wish that the old (and in some opinions, better) had been preserved. Although I would say comparing Original/X with EXE/SSR isn't really something that someone should do...

    But, I don't want to argue. ;)

  13. Don't take the USA versions as reference, like I said before. It's a fact that SSR=bomb in Japan. We had those 50+ episodes in anime, then Tribe ending on 21st prematurely. Next, a new game with an overload of features that couldn't save it. I wonder... why Japan only? Worldwide doesn't count, Capcom? :(

  14. *Sigh* (Time again to crush hopes of the EXE fans...) Okay, the EXE series is over, SSR is over, X is probably over, Legends is on (almost)indefinete hiatus, Zero is over, ZX has many nails in the coffin and is on "OH MY GOD IT WONT HAPPEN!" status. Seriously stop thinking old and think new. Rockman 9 was one of the greatest game comebacks ever but that game was for nostaligia as Inafune said before. Maybe we will get a Rockman 10 that's great the series isnt over yet, but all these series ^ are over so get over it guys.


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