Friday, November 28, 2008

You Decide Shotgun J's Next "RRF!"

PRC's affiliate, StenMan's Shotgun J, is asking viewers to vote on the next "Rockman Random Fact" in honor SSJ's 300th post. The categories are:

1: Intermissions - X8
2: Boobeam Trap - MM2
3: Sniper Joe - MMClassic
4: Cruiser 1001 - X1
5: Red Striker - MM B&C
6: Green Biker Dude - X2
7: Muramasa - EXE/BN
8: Mu Continent - RnR 2
9: Giant Laser - MM2
10: Serpent - ZX

Feel like participating? Send all votes to StenMan himself at kwas71(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. For more details on participation, pay a visit to Shotgun J!


  1. Thanks a bunch Protodude XD.
    Voting is going on until a day after RRF299 is posted (about 3-5 days), so vote away!

  2. ......He's STILL doing that trite?


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