Monday, May 30, 2011

Withheld Artwork: Siblings Through The Seasons

As a die-hard fan, I expected a bit more out of Mega Man and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works. Don't get me wrong, both books are excellent, all-in-one sources for official and conceptual artwork, but each lacks in terms of the obscure. For example, where was the Mega Missions trading card art in MMXOCW? The gashapon packaging illustrations in MMOCW? The truckloads upon truckloads of CFC artwork?

A considerable amount of official materials have been left out of both books; which raises the question if Capcom simply lost the original prints, or if they're intentionally withholding materials for future artbooks. Some of the rarest pieces, a series of seasonal themed images drawn by Shinsuke Komaki for Capcom's defunct Cyber Channel, seem to suggest the latter. Being a major MMOCW contributor, it's a mystery why these pics were left out; however, we may yet see them again.

A couple months back, through a bit of phone tag, I came in contact with Komaki. A personal fan of his work, I attempted to see if I could squeeze out some rare goods, using the above pieces as examples. Although honored to have an admirer in the West, he expressed no desire to release his work publicly, at least, for the time being. Komaki let slip that his "unreleased pieces" were currently under review for a new Rockman artbook. He didn't say much else, but heavily implied (through some minor broken English), a new classic series artbook was underway as of February 2011.

We've yet to hear of such a project officially, but with the series' 25th anniversary on the horizon, an influx of homage and tributary related projects are expected. A new artbook would not be surprising in the least; given how successful the OCW books are domestically and abroad, Capcom would be crazy not to put out more books.

We'll watch where this one goes, but hey, I'm all for another OCW, albeit one a bit more "complete."

Image credits: The Reploid Research Lavatory

The Inti Creates - Rockman - Shin Chan Connection

Contrary to popular belief, Inti Creates does more than produce Rockman games. While the Zero series certainly takes the crown as the developer's most successful brand, titles based off of the popular Crayon Shin-Chan franchise come a close second.

Inti proudly holds the rights to produce portable titles based off of the colorful property that is Shin-Chan, a popular character in the east that has often been cited as the "Japanese Bart Simpson." While the character is just now beginning to propagate outside of Japan, Shin-Chan games continue to remain exclusive to Japan, and as such, this neat tidbit of trivia goes mostly unheard of to the rest of the world:  turns out, one Inti developed Shin-Chan game in particular is heavily based off of Rockman gameplay mechanics.

In a bit of a self-homage, Inti Creates included some very familiar Rockman elements into 2007's Crayon Shin-Chan DS, a game released only a year after the original Rockman ZX. At the heart of Shin-Chan DS is the "cosplay system", which bears more than a passing glance to ZX's R.O.C.K System. The cosplay system allows Shin to change into one of five outfits mid-gameplay, each featuring their own unique set of abilities inspired by Rockman.....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Localized D-Arts Mega Man X Due Out Soon

Our friends in Japan have been enjoying Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X action figure for a little over a month now, but within one to three weeks time, we'll have him in our hands.

Within the next few weeks, North American retailers will begin to stock and ship out the localized D-Arts Mega Man X. This version touts English packaging (pictured) featuring Mega Man branding, and is said to be far more accessible to purchase than importing from Japan. What's more, Toy Arena and New Egg appear to already have the figure in-hand and ready to ship at a moments notice.

The usual stomping grounds for high-end Bandai products -- Big Bad Toystore and Entertainment Earth -- should be stocking X shortly. Of course, other stores intend to stock the figure soon, too. According to Bandai's Adam Newman, any comic/hobby/anime specialty retailers associated with Bluefin (Bandai's distributor in the US), online or not, plan on sell the figure in early June.

The English X will run around $39.99, but the price tag may vary a few dollars or so depending on the retailer. Just look around a bit and find a place that fits your budget; sounds like you'll have a lot of options.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Never-Before-Seen Battlechip Stadium Footage

Rockman EXE: Battlechip Stadium has long departed from the Japanese arcade scene, but just now we're finally getting some decent footage of this highly obscure title. Reader GroundmanEXE managed to purchase a working BCS cabinet, and is hosting footage of the machine in action over at his YouTube channel. 

Battlechip Stadium began its arcade run in 2006, shortly after the release of Rockman EXE 6 for the GameBoy Advance. The game acted as an extension of the former, allowing players to upload and download data from their games to the machine, and engage in Net Battles using real plastic Battlechips produced by Takara-Tomy.  BCS spawned a total of three variations; V3, the final version, is what you see above. Not much is known in terms of differentiation, but V3 is said to have exclusive events featuring the likes of a BassFZ.

Groundman intends to upload more footage to his channel over the next few days. If there's something specific you'd like to see (or hear) from the game, let him know at his YouTube channel here!

Looking to purchase BCS? Coin-Op Express had some in-stock a few months back, but I'm not sure if they're any left. Couldn't hurt to ask. UPDATE: Groundman informs me he purchased his via

Inafune Comments On Mega Man Universe Cancellation

In an interview with 1Up, Keiji Inafune sat down to discuss his recent ventures in the gaming industry and his experience at Capcom during his last few years with the company. Whilst reminiscing, the subject of Mega Man Universe popped up, a title that would eventually face canceled some sixth months after its announcement. According to Inafune, it was during his leave of absence that the prospect of cancellation reared its head:

1UP: Speaking of downloadable titles, last year you were very involved in promoting Mega Man Universe for Capcom. There was even a trailer with you on camera saying "Your world, Megafied." A short while ago Capcom canceled that project. Were you disappointed to hear that? Were you surprised when it happened?

KI: Yeah, I was very disappointed at that outcome for several reasons. One, they kind of started to cancel the game as soon as I left, which made it sort of like I was the only one pushing for it. And it wasn't just a game that I personally wanted to make, it was a game that, again, represents what I think the steps that are required for a Japanese company to take in order to realize the value of download content. They need to use a brand name that has value in the West -- and Mega Man is definitely one of those brands I think -- and put it into digital content so that Western gamers can purchase that and get excited about it. And if it's successful then, as I said before, they'll start to market it properly and start to work on making downloadable content in Japan that will sell like the West does. So I felt there was a lot of potential with that title and it could have represented a very important step for the company to take in realizing the value of digital content, and now they're right back where they started a few years ago in not understanding digital content and not [being] able to keep up with the West in that area. So yes, I was very disappointed.

Universe, it seems, is synonymous with Inafune's philosophy in terms of how eastern based developers should handle downloadable products in the West and elsewhere. Universe was designed, from the ground up, to appeal to to the West -- not just in its form of availability but in its art style and music. Heck, the game was called MEGA MAN Universe globally, even in Japan. It sounds as if Universe was attempting to bridge the gape between two region's views on digital content. With Inafune out of the picture, however, the concept went nowhere.

Universe aside, Inafune also spent a good portion of the interview discussing his feeling towards Capcom continuing his work without him. Franchises like Mega Man and Dead Rising continue to have games produced without him, and Inafune, while flattered in a sense, expressed a general concern.

Full details on that subject, and many more topics of interest, check out the interview in full at 1Up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Custom Break Man Model Is All Kinds Of Awesome (Updated)

The Mega Man universe is populated with a plethora of characters who've never quite been immortalized in plastic; toys, actions figures and the like. Break Man is one such character and like his alter ego, Proto Man, has a devoted and creative fanbase: what do you do when they don't make a Break Man model kit? You make one!

This custom Break Man (Hitoshi Ariga style) is the product of reader Jin, a crafty fan who spends his free time modifying and customizing Kotobukiya Rockman model kits to his liking. Would you believe most of the materials used to turn this ordinary Proto Man model into Break Man were handmade? Good stuff.

With Break Man completed, Jin is open to requests fro future Kotobukiya customizations. He's willing to try anything, but ensure the character can adhere to the "frame" of either Proto Man, Mega Man, or Roll, the currently available Kotobukiya models.

Drop your requests in the comments!

UPDATE: I'm sad to report that Break Man here was not created by Jin, but Nagano Ken. Jin (who is unrelated to the famed Jin Saotome) wrongly claimed Break Man as his own creation, and apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mega Man Gigamix Volume 1 In Stores Tomorrow

It's been a long time coming but the day is nearly upon us: UDON's Matt Moylan sends word that Mega Man Gigamix Volume 1 will hit comic book store shelves tomorrow, May 25th. Gigamix 1 marks the beginning of Hitoshi Ariga's latest manga saga, leading up to Mega Man's galactic duel with the Stardroids. As per usual, here's a new batch of preview pages for your viewing pleasure:

While the release date is less precise on the online front, Gigamix 1 is guaranteed to be at comic book specialty stores tomorrow. Call your local store ahead of time just in case!

Thanks for the heads up, Matt!

New Rockman Online Location Introduced

It's been awfully quiet on the Rockman Online front; while the game is still being developed, developer NeoWiz has yet to provide any new details concerning the actual game since, well, September. The official Rockman Online blog's most recent updates have played host to the introduction of locations, areas presumably explorable in the game. Tonight's update is no exception: welcome to sky fortress "Atlas."

 Like the earth below, the sky, too, has become a battlefield. Sky Fortress Atlas stands firm as the UCA's aerial defense against the likes of the URA. Developed by Command Mission's Dr. Gaudille, the establishment is built from a powerful Force Metal frame, boasting the latest technology. Atlas is capable of generating great speed despite its hefty size, and can repair itself.

Initially a powerful tool against the URA, Atlas has recently become subjected to more aggressive attacks at the hands of the URA. What's more, UCA scientists fear the fortress may not be able to withstand combat over areas with heavy viral concentrations.

Stay tuned for future Rockman Online updates! Still no release date, but that news has got to be coming around eventually.

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Monday, May 23, 2011

Legends 3's Returning Reaverbots Revealed

Having tallied the votes from both the English and Japanese Devrooms, Capcom officially revealed the returning Reaverbots for Mega Man Legends 3. Did yours make the cut?

Coming in on top is Gorbesh, the shield wielding Reaverbot who loooves to dish one out and hide behind his trusty shield. Hot on his heels, Mimic, the fake/trap treasure chest, the tiny buy mighty Firushudot, and Poh, Legends 2's nightmare fuel.

Based on strong user feedback, two additional Reaverbots were chosen: Arukoitan and Mandomantal. Arukoitan is the famed family of Reaverbots from Legends 1, sentries, of sorts that are controlled by their Ordakoitan brethren, and Mandomantal is a peaceful, water dwelling fellow who can be ridden to reach new heights.

All great picks, in my opinion. Totally stoked about Poh's return... oh, the memories with that one; terrifying, to say the least! I'm positive I'm not alone on that one.

Check out the full post at the devroom for complete details and commentary from the dev team.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Life For Maverick Hunter, Powered Up?

In a bit of interesting news, to say nothing of unexpected, Sony is gearing up to port PSP titles in HD format for the PlayStation 3. Capcom, sure enough, is quick to jump on this new venture with an HD port of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Ah, see where I'm going with this?

The PSP is home to, arguably, two of the best Mega Man games in recent years: Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X. Received well by fans and the gaming press alike, both titles, unfortunately, failed to find a place in the market, selling far below Capcom's expectations on a global scale. It's easy to play the blame game, but the longstanding theory is that the games simply couldn't find an audience on the PSP, a system that, at the time of both games' release, had very little market share. In the coming years, both titles received new life on PlayStation Network, though only Maverick Hunter X would be available outside of Japan; Powered Up suffered compatibility issues.

We don't have the numbers behind the PSN versions, but it couldn't hurt to give the two games another chance at finding the audience they deserve. The prospect of PSP to PS3 High-definition ports gives rise to an idea that's been in the forefront of many minds since the PSP Remaster program was announcement made yesterday: HD ports of MMPU and MHX.

Aside from Monster Hunter, Capcom has been mum on further plans for the PSP Remaster program. We don't know what they have planned long term, but I think we have a good chance, a very good chance, of getting and HD MMPU/MHX to happen. All it's going to take is a little fan support.

The idea is currently being churned amidst the fanbase: A single Blu-Ray disc housing both Maverick Hunter and Powered Up, complete HD visuals (that applies to "Day of Sigma", too)  Dual Shock 3 support, optional 3D display, and maybe a few extras. A single package boasting two great games at a steal of a price; fans get a chance to play them on the BIG screen, newcomers get a chance to actually play and enjoy them.

If you're interested in HD version of these games, simply raise your voice! You've got two great outlets to voice your opinion: the Ask Capcom forums, and the Suggestion Box. The demand for a revitalized MMPU and MHX is there, it just needs to be directed at the source.

Certainly, we'd all enjoy some sequels out of these two games instead of more ports, but for that to happen, the originals have to be somewhat successful in a financial sense. So, if this is something relevant to your interest, give Capcom a holler. A little demand can go a long way.

Mega Man #5 Covers Revealed

Archie Comics have revealed both the standard and variant cover for the fifth issue in their Mega Man comic series. Yes, while some of us are still awaiting on issue #1 to hit mailboxes (me!), Archie is quite ahead of the game. Nevertheless, check them out!

Your eyes don't deceive you, that's Mega Man Powered Up's Time Man! Issue #5 looks to be kicking off a brand new story arc featuring the time-warping Robot Master:

"Time Keeps Slipping” Part One: The evil Dr. Wily may be in jail, but that doesn’t mean the adventures are over for Mega Man! Federal agents are investigating Dr. Light for ties to the Robot Masters‘ rampage while sinister figures lurk in the shadows. And why does Dr. Wily look so smug in his jail cell? Don’t miss the beginning of the newest Mega Man adventure! Featuring a painted cover by fan favorite artist Greg Horn!"

Issue #5 is due out for subscribers on August 24, comic shops on September 7, and newsstands everywhere on September 13.

Issue #5 marks the departure of series regular Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante. In his place, Chad Thomas, artist of past cover variants, will be taking up the pen for the interior artwork. If you want to see Spaz continue his work on the comics, send Archie a line, and make your voice heard!

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Friday, May 20, 2011

MML3 Prototype Version Delayed

Mega Man Legends 3 was supposed to launch right alongside the Nintendo eShop on June 6, right? Unfortunately that's no longer the case -- it's been delayed, reports Famitsu.

According to Famitsu, Capcom chose to delay the game as a means to improve the quality of the product. A new release date has not been determined. Meanwhile, as of this writing, Capcom Japan nor Capcom US have yet to announce the delay on their respective Legends 3/DASH 3 communities. That news should be forthcoming, however.

Disappointing, to say the least, but hopefully this will lead to a far better game. We'll keep an ear out for the new release date, but I think it's safe to say Prototype will release after E3.

Source: Siliconera

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote On Mega Man's Design... Again

Mega Man Volnutt's facing another attire crisis, and this time it's down to two new choices: Design D and design E. Both designs are modified forms of the most popular choices from the last poll, custom tailored in accordance to fan feedback.

Before you vote, take two things into consideration: 1) according to the development team, Volnutt's new look is designed to appeal to an older audience, and 2) forget the designs of the previous poll! Don't get hung up on how they've evolved since then, focus on what we have right now.

When you've completed your analysis, head on down to the Devroom and vote. You have a week to make your voice heard; poll closes on Thursday, May 26, at 6:00 PM PST. While you're there, read up on some thoughts and commentary from the armor's designer, and a detailed look at Roll's new look.

Mega Man Legends Not Coming To PSN

The fight to get, at least, the very first Mega Man Legends title on PlayStation Network has raged on for well over a year. Capcom US has been diligent in getting the title's IP  cleared for release all while keeping fans up-to-date on the process. Unfortunately, there were far too many complications to overcome: Mega Man Legends 1 cannot release on PSN.

On today's Ask Capcom Live stream, corporate officer Christian 'Sven' Svensson officially announced the game's ineligibility to release PlayStation Network due to a failed IP sweep. Jump to the 14:20 mark in the following video for the explanation in full:


While Mega Man Legends 1 may be down and out for the count, there's hope for MML2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. As stated by Sven, more PS1 titles are coming to the service, and if Capcom's tendency to release Legends 2-themed PSN avatars is any indication, Legends 2 may be on the horizon.

Capcom may want to consider alternate means to get series newcomers caught up in terms of story. Fans living outside of Japan don't have an accessible or legal way to play the original games. The prospect of full blown remakes is something that's very much alive in all of our minds, but Capcom hasn't been too vocal on that front.

You never know what the future could hold.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Battle Network Team Answers Your Questions

A short while back, Capcom Unity asked fans to submit any and all questions they might have for the Mega Man Battle Network development team as a means to commemorate the series' 10th anniversary. Though it took a little while, Capcom has revealed select answers from series artist Yuji Ishuhara and series scenario planner Masakazu Eguchi. A portion of the article below!

Q: (AkuKnives) Ooooh, I have a question! The Battle Network Series was of course, highly focused on the internet, but the games themselves weren't really capable of going online. Now that wifi is something that is widely available as opposed to 10 years ago, even our handheld consoles can go online. Were there any directions you would've liked to take the series, but couldn't due to the technology at the time, that you could perhaps do now?

With applications like FourSquare and Facebook check-ins using location data, an Online Battle System could also use location information in interesting ways to automatically generate some pretty interesting online battle environments. Any thoughts?

A: (Eguchi) We did have Wi-Fi battles in Mega Man Starforce, but it is something we had always wanted to do with Battle Network as well. We also had some other ideas, like an online MMO where people’s Navis could commune. I also used to dream of having a real-life Navi like Mega Man in Battle Network, that people could really communicate with.

All sorts of other neat tidbits can be found at the complete article here. Unfortunately, not all of the questions could be tackled-- there simply wasn't enough time. Nevertheless, congratulations to those who had their questions answered!

D-Arts Full Armor X Announced

Not a huge surprise given that Bandai's been dropping subtle hints all over the place, but now it's official. According to online retailer AmiAmi, Full Armored Rockman X is due out for release in September.

This is a brand new figure, not a set of parts for the original D-Arts X. However, the figure does contain interchangeable joints, so you can mix and match between X and the D-Arts Zero. Of course, that's not to say Full Armored X won't come with his own set of accessories, said to include "Hand Parts x 2, Right Arm Part, Hand Wrist, Shot Effect Parts, Charge Shot Effect Parts." 

You can pre-order the figure and scope out some additional images at AmiAmi. Bear in mind: Bandai is brining the D-Arts Rockman figures Stateside this summer, with Full Armor X likely just around the corner. Might want to consider holding off importing!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jgonzo Leaving Capcom

Joveth Gonzalez, better known to you all as jgonzo, is leaving Capcom to a new career opportunity in Texas. Joveth has played a vital role in the Mega Man community at large, connecting with fans via Capcom Unity, supporting the Devroom, and keeping myself and The Mega Man Network up to date on some of the franchise's latest happenings.

I have Joveth to thank for the blog's swinging success in recent years. Because of him, some of my posts have been featured over at Capcom Unity, front page. Further, Joveth is also responsible for past giveaways such as Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 download codes. Oh, and the mastermind behind last year's wicked April Fool's joke.

Joveth is THE Mega Man guy at Capcom US. He's an avid fan of the series and it truly shows. His genuine passion for the Blue Bomber has led to all kinds of opportunities -- in fact, we may have him to thank for the likes of Mega Man Legends 3.

So here's to you, friend. Thank you so very very much for all your support over these last few years. It's been an excellent journey, and I wish you all the best for whatever life has in store for you. Keep in touch!

Source: Capcom Unity

Monday, May 16, 2011

Unconfirmed: Retro Rotos Wave 2 Finally Being Released

While not official news, per se, a close and reliable source of mine sends word that Jazwares is gearing up to finally release the long awaited second line of Retro Roto Mega Man figures. Wave 2 will consist of Heat Man, Wood Man, Dr. Wily, and Ice Man. Check out a small sampling of the figures' newest glamor shots below!

Wave 2 was originally scheduled for release some five years ago, but due to a few snags in the road, the figures never surfaced publicly. We don't have an exact release date, but according to my source, Wave 2 -- and a heaping pile of other Jazwares products -- are due out any time between Fall 2011 and the Summer of 2012. That's a pretty big release window, but I'm told things will become a little more precise in the near future.

The first wave of Retro Rotos were recently re-released later last year, and continue to be sold at a variety of retailers such as Toys R Us and Target. While they continue to be sold, my source indicates Wave 2 will eventual phase out all wave 1figures... except for Mega Man, the supposed hot seller of the lot.

More news as it comes!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Choice Is Yours: Punt Or Pet?

In an effort to generate hype for Mega Man Legends 3, Devroom user Daniel has produced a little flash game that boasts a lot of fun. Dubbed "Punt or Pet", players are met with a number of objects and characters, and its your job to determine if Mega Man Volnutt should punt (kick) or pet the item in question:

"Using your mouse, simply click on either the “Punt” button or the “Pet” button, and Mega Man will act accordingly. There’s cans, dogs, Servbots and other junk, including hazardous bombs and explosive vending machines. Try and pull off as many successful maneuvers as you can before the time runs out. Afterward, you receive a rank based on your number of mistakes, your good nature, and how many overall points you earned." -- Daniel

If you've got, literally, ten seconds to spare, by all means give the game a spin here! Feel free to post your high scores in the comments... honesty is an admirable quality, mind you.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Jazwares Seeking Input For Potential Mega Man Figures

Can fans of the Blue Bomber expect more Mega Man merchandise to come from toy licensee Jazwares? Certainly! As we eagerly await the manufacturer's new line of figures, Jazwares appears to be looking to the fans for ideas for future Mega Man products.

A post over at Jazware's official Facebook page is encouraging fans to send in "wish lists and ideas" for Mega Man products. While there's no guarantee your ideas will come to fruition, the company assures participants they are listening.

You can drop Jazwares a line directly at the Facebook post, or fill out their customer service form. Some of the more popular choices voiced by fans include Roll, Bass, ZX-inspired figures, and Legends 3 characters. Seriously, you're free to suggest whoever you want! No strings attached!

Click the above links and speak your mind. A little fan support can go a long way.

Source: Jazwares

Here Are Your Most Wanted Figures

It's been a little over a month since we voted on our "most desired Rockman figures", and finally the results are in. The characters likely to be turned into figures are...

  • Zero (X series) -- Zero topped the poll at 1,927 votes. Bandai is already hard at work at producing a Zero D-Arts figure, so things have certainly worked out in his favor.
  • Vile -- 1,093 votes. It's been a few years since Vile was last immortalized in plastic, so his ranking should certainly come as good news for those eagerly anticipating another Vile figure. A D-Arts Vile, perhaps?

There's your top three! Good chance we'll see these guys immortalized in plastic in the near future.

Hop on over to The Mega Man Network and see where your favorite characters placed!

New Rockman DASH 3 Prototype Version Footage

Capcom has let loose a few minutes of new Rockman DASH 3 Prototype Version footage. We get a better look at some of the game's missions, though the camera cleverly dodges any glimpses of the bottom screen--its contents remaining largely a mystery still.

June can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rockman DASH 3 Prologue In June (UPDATED)

Contrary to original reports, Nintendo will not be launching the Nintendo 3DS eShop this month. The company tonight announced the long awaited firmware update will hit Japan on June 7th, with Rockman DASH 3 Prologue (aka Prototype Version) being among the service's initial launch titles.

DASH 3 Prologue will run 3DS owners a mere 200 Yen, or the equivalent of two US dollars. The demo will boast over ten playable missions, and allow access to a number of neat behind-the-scenes features such as a debug menu. It is Capcom's hope that, by experiencing the game first-hand, players will be able to provide even more feedback on the project's development.

Unfortunately, Nintendo did not comment if the delay affects North America or Europe. It's plausible the service will go live internationally around June 7 too, but we've yet to hear otherwise. Further, recent sightings of pre-paid eShop gift cards at Best Buy have swayed some into believing the service might be available days or weeks ahead of Japan. All speculations, of course; nothing is official until the big N says so. UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed the eShop will launch in North America on the evening of June 6th.

I'll certainly be keeping an ear out. Stay tuned!

Source: Andriasang

Analyzing The Mega Man Legends Devroom

Capcom Unity's Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom stands firm as the first of it's kind; an innovative experience whereby fans and developers converge to co-operativley develop the game. The forum stands firm as the first of its kind and, if successful, may pave way to a new form of game development.

And yet the devroom has its fair share of naysayers, a handful of individuals who believe it to be nothing more than a marketing tool which will have little to no bearing on the final MML3 product. Gamasutra recently visited Capcom's U.S offices to see if these claims have any credence.

Meeting with community manager Joveth Gonzalez, Gamastura posed the question, "How Does The Open Door Policy Work With Mega Man Legends 3?" In other words, how exactly does the devroom operate and is it really dedicated to meeting the needs of the fans?  Hit up Gamasutra's devroom analysis for the answer!

It's a little lengthy, but it's an excellent read. I want give away too much, but I can safely say I feel a lot better about the devroom's philosophies having read the article. I think we've all had those moments where we doubted whether or not it was "real", but this definitely puts those fleeting thoughts to rest. Read the article here!

Source: Capcom Unity

MMX3 Package Design Materials Up For Grabs

Is your collection in need of a one-of-a-kind piece of Mega Man history? Look no further than this auction for authentic Mega Man X3 package design materials-- real blueprints used by Capcom when designing the game's North American packaging!

Mega Man X3 itself is rare enough as is, but this? This is quite a doozy. As evident by the provided photographs, the design board contains a mock-up of what would become the game's final box art. Sheets of translucent paper contain all sorts of handwritten design notes, measurements, and other miscellaneous details that aided in the box's design. All sorts of other supplemental assets are included as well, which may interest not only Mega Man fans, but Nintendo fans as well.

Unfortunately, owning such a cool piece of Mega Man history comes as a price: a staggering $999.95. On the bright side however, shipping is free! That's good to know, right?

If you're interesting in purchasing or just want to check out more images, click here!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Legends 3 Prototype Version Details

Hard to believe we'll be playing Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version later this month, eh? Capcom's still hush-hush on a specific release date, but to keep out appetites whet, they've released a batch of new details.

According to 4Gamer, Prototype Version will boast over 10 playable missions, varying from battling rampaging Reaverbots to exploring the deep depths of Ruins. You'll be able to interact with some of the game's newest characters including Aero and her Bright Brat brethren, and have the freedom to explore areas and towns at your own pace.

Dispersed in-between missions, players will be treated to animated story boards that depict the game's events, which appear just before a mission. It remains to be seen if these "cutscenes" will make their way into the final game, however.

Legends 3: Prototype Version will launch alongside the Nintendo eShop later this month. Check out 4Gamer's scoop for more screens!

Credit: GoNintendo via The Mega Man Network

Rockman Mini Figures Induce Cuteness Overload

Just in case you forgot how adorable they are, here's a small batch of new photos of MegaHouse's upcoming mini-Rockman figures. These little guys aren't due out for another month, unfortunately. For some, the wait has been killer!

Twelve figures are being planned for release sometime in June. The 30mm figures are based off of the likeness of numerous classic series characters, however, it seems the initial line is focusing solely on the earlier characters; don't expect a mini Forte or Duo just yet.

Following in the footsteps of Bandai, MegaHouse intends to release the figures in a "trade" manner; in other words, you'll be purchasing them at random. But, wait! Amiami's got you covered. The retailing is offering pre-orders on a box set, which will save you the hassle of duplicates and increasing the chances of obtaining the complete collection in one fell swoop. The Price? ¥3,640 or roughly $43.90 US. And that's after a discount!

In case you're not too fond of Amiami, more online shops will likely warm up to stocking the figures as June draws closer. Then again, it's doubtful they'll have them any cheaper.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kotobukiya Models Come To Capcom Store

Kotobukiya US has long hyped the North American arrival of their popular 1/10 scale Rockman model kits. This summer, wait is over.

Capcom Store has begun offering pre-orders for all three English version model kits: Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man. Each kit runs for $29.95, and will ship out in July.

While the model kits have been readily available for import from Japan since last year, these are actually English versions featuring Mega Man-branded packaging, and translated instructions. The molds of the model kits are exactly the same as their Japanese counterparts, so don't expect any alterations or additions.

Click on the above links to pre-order! While you're there, feel free to check out some of the other goods being offered like the Mega Man Kubricks and Servbot Bubble Bobble heads.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mega Man Gigamix Delayed?

In what may not come as a surprise to some, it appears there's a very good possibility Mega Man Gigamix volume 1 will be delayed.

While Udon Entertainment haven't announced it as official, Amazon is apparently sending notification out to customers the book will arrive from anywhere between July 18 to July 22. Reader Tony P., who pre-ordered the book some time ago, received word this morning. Currently, no other retailers have reported the delay. Amazon, however, is usually the first to strike followed by an official confirmation from Udon.

Gigamix vol. 1 was originally due out for release this month, May 17. As a consequence, the delay may hinder the release dates of Gigamix vol. 2 (August) and vol. 3 (September), pushing those books a month forward, a pattern that affected all three Megamix books some time ago.

Not a huge surprise, but still a little disheartening if you were expecting Gigamix in your mailbox a few weeks from now. We'll keep an ear out for future updates!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rockman 5 Hitting Japanese Virtual Console This Month

Hot on the heels of Rockman X, Capcom is looking to roll out another classic Rockman adventure for the Wii's Virtual Console. According to Nintendo Japan's newly updated May release schedule, Rockman 5: Blues' Trap?! is set to release on the service this month.

As with all Famicom titles, Rockman 5 will run for 500 Wii Points. An exact release date is still up in the air, but Capcom usually likes to surprise us with these things. Mega Man 5 should also be around the corner any day now, too: the ESRB rated the game not too long ago.

As the classic series nears its end on the Virtual Console, one wonders where Capcom will go from here. X1's sudden debut seems to indicate a transition into re-releasing the SNES/SFC X series titles. Further, we can also hopefully look forward too Rockman 6/7, Rockman & Forte, and RockBoard.

Virtual Console announcements seem to happen upon a moment's notice. Who knows what we'll get next!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bandai Teasing More Rockman X D-Arts?

This past weekend in Akihabara, fans gathered at Yodobashi Camera to indulge in the sale of a number of  Rockman-themed goods and paraphernalia. Amidst the merchandise, Bandai was promoting their newly released D-Arts Rockman X action figure and showing off glimpses of D-Arts Zero. Adorning the display, the following banner:

Upon second glance, the banner is seemingly teasing two future D-Arts products: First Armor X and a second variation of Zero.

Looming in the background is--what appears to be--X striking a pose in his 'First Armor' from Rockman X1. The dead giveaway is the extended shoulder piece and visible portions of white armor. The silhouette itself, of course, bears some resemblance to the real thing. While it has been long speculated pieces of X's First Armor would be included as accessories in D-Arts X's packaging, this seems to suggest the armor will be an entirely new figure.

A Zero variant is another potential figure in the works. The banner identifies the current D-Arts Zero as "1st Version", which suggests the notion that a second variation is in the works. Zero V2 would seemingly be based of of his appearance in the latter X titles, which would include his famous Z-Saber and squared-off shoulder pads. V1, slated for release later this fall, is distinguished by its spherical shoulders and Z-Buster (i.e Zero's X1 appearance).

Personally, I think there's more credibility towards a First Armor X figure -- after all, this wouldn't be the first time it was teased. The whole "1st Version" thing can also be taken at face value; it is "Zero's first version", and not necessarily the first of more Zero variants.

I'll run this by my Bandai guy. I can't guarantee a response, but if the above speculation is true, I'm certain we'll be hearing an official word or two in the very near future.

Source: Rock-Mega-Man

Mega Man #1 Arriving Early

Archie's first Mega Man issue doesn't officially release until May 4th, but already the comic book is hitting mailboxes across the nation. PRC readers Ralene and Tom send word that issue #1 arrived at their homes yesterday, two days ahead of schedule.

Archie has set in place two release dates for the debut issue: May 4th for subscribers, and May 11th for newsstands and comic book retailers. For one reason or another, subscribers are getting their issues early. If you haven't done so already, check your mail box... you may be in for a surprise!

Both Ralene and Tom have expressed nothing but positive remarks towards the first issue. Hopefully, you'll be able to pass judgment soon enough.

Thanks for the tip and photo, Ralene!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Last North American Mega Man Commercial

I've been tracking this one down for years. I could've sworn I had this on VHS somewhere, but it looks like somebody beat me to the punch. Nevertheless, lo and behold: the very LAST televised Mega Man commercial to air in North America.

The spot, arguably of higher quality than previous North American Mega Man commercials, aired in late 2005 to advertise Mega Man Zero 4, Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS, and Mega Man X Collection. Rarely was the commercial shown outside of family-centric networks (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Kids! WB), but I do recall catching this on TV Guide Channel at one time.

Since '05, no other Mega Man commercials have aired here (and no, Volnutt's TvC cameo doesn't count). Meanwhile, new commercials continued to be produced with every Rockman title released in Japan, although the momentum cooled just recently.

While it is true a pseudo-commercial was created for Mega Man 10, it did not, however, air on TV.  Shame, really, because that would have been mighty awesome.

I guess somewhere along the line Capcom felt the need to pull the plug on televised marketing. Certainly hope we'll see another one on our air waves someday... I'm looking at you, Legends 3.

E-Tank Mug Returning To Fangamer

Fangamer's E-Tank coffee mug is coming back! Having exceeded their sales projections and shipments back in the Winter, Fangamer is gearing up to offer a second helping of mugs to customers who missed out the first time around.

Slated to ship out in mid June, the newly redesigned mugs sport a few cosmetic changes. All mugs now boast smoother, cleaner interior walls and a thinner lip for easier drinking. As a trade-off, they're a little bit heavier, weighing in at 1.25 lbs. Packaging has also been redesigned to compensate for these changes.

Pre-orders are currently available here. Subsequent mugs purchased after June will be delivered two weeks after purchase in order to allow time for both production and shipping. In other words, the sooner you order, the sooner you get your mug!

If las time is any indication, these will go fast. Pre-order yours ASAP.

Source: Fangamer