Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did a Second "Anniversary Collection" Once Exist?

An interesting find from PRC reader "George:"

According to a very old issue of Game Informer magazine (October 2003), there was talks of a second Anniversay Collection, one that would have compiled the more obscure Classic series games such as MegaMan Soccer and "MegaMan Chess." MegaMan Chess? What?

Of course, an official MegaMan Chess does not exist, but, it's possible the article was referring to Wily & Right's RockBoard, the untranslated "party game" title for the Famicom (pictured).

On another note, the article stated the second collection would have released two months after the first, sometime around April (Ann. Collection was originally slated for a February '04 release but was delayed till June).

Now, I don't know about you, but I would have killed to see a collection of the more obscure MM games, especially an official RockBoard translation.


  1. The Megaman gameboy collection aside, no plans exist of a 2nd Original Series aniversary collection. Keep in mind the games were made for the "big 3s" at the time. We would not be able to fill out a PS2/GC/Xbox disc with only the limited number of titles. Even if we didn't put Rockman Battle and Chase on the X collection. That would still leave us few games. We would not be able to put Rockman and Bass due to it's GBA release at the same time, Wily Wars would have been possible (But kinda of pointless aside from Wily Tower), the PC versions would not port over well and all the Celphone games would be a similar problem. Keep in mind the price too..... after all of that said and then taking on 49.99...... not easy.

    - The Shadow -

  2. @The Shadow: Bummer, man. Even worse, the critics would have had a field day with it had it ever came to be, given its limited amount of games (The two DOS games, while technically portable, kinda stink). But I'd prefer a limited compilation disc to hunting down the ROMs.

    The only way I see this project working was if it was a second disc in the Anniversary Collection that could save in the same file as the first. And THAT didn't happen.


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