Friday, November 14, 2008

SSR3 First Day Sales

According to VGChartz, Black Ace and Red Joker collectively moved 30,000 units on its first day on sale. That's pretty good, but how does it compare to the previous games?

SSR1 sold around 93,000 on its first day while SSR2 sold 44,000. Compare those numbers to SSR3...ouch.

One thing we have to take into consideration is the shape of Japan's economy at the moment. Like the US, Japan is in a bit of a sticky situation. Japanese consumers are holding back on their purchases to save money in case the situation grows worse. Thus, there has been a steady decline in video game sales.

We'll see how things look in a week.


  1. ...Ouch. With luck sales will pick up over the next few weeks (holiday season and all) but at the moment it looks grim, which is a shame given it's really a great improvement over the first two.

  2. Hmm. Oh well, no big deal. :P It's not EXE so I don't really care one way or another if it's continued. As it is now, I'm just blowing money on a game that for some reason I feel obligated to buy, even though they aren't that great.

  3. Or maybe it's because the SSR3 series is an embodiment of what is wrong with the Megaman franchise these days? Cookie cutter remakes and reusing graphics works with games like the original rockman series but not in a 20+ hour RPG that follows on the heels of 6 installments of a VERY similar 20+ hour RPG series. Wake up, Capcom. More MM9 style projects, less fetch quest shlop.

  4. Colin, I don't think that's the issue, if you paid attention you'll read it was getting popular.

    But with SSR3...what happened? Honestly, it looks much better than the first two.

    Meh, probably cause it's near Christmas season.

  5. Another thing to take in consideration: this was the first SSR game to go on sale in November. The previous two debuted in the middle of December, a time much closer to Christmas.

  6. Wake up, Capcom. More MM9 style projects, less fetch quest shlop.

    And what do you think will happen if they just keep making 8-Bit Mega Man games? People will get bored of those, too.

    There's a reason that people don't talk much about MM5 and MM6. Nostalgia can only be used so much.

    It seems that with MM games, the first one in a series always sells the highest no matter what. The sales for all the subsequent games just steadily drop off no matter what Capcom does. It's really too bad.

  7. Wake up people. It's not that people don't like this game...It's rather that the global economy is on a downturn. We all know that capcom went over the top for this game. Yet that cannot make people buy this game when they dont have jobs to afford it, or if they are saving money incase they do lose their job.

  8. @ Gravetheundead

    'Pay Attention'? I see PD's post...I read PD's post...I comment on PD's post...

    Where does it say the game is getting popular? It's a post about declining sale trends in a franchise. I understand that you probably like the SSR series and the .EXE series but you are part of a group that is beginning to dwindle. The games are practically the same thing 10 times over now and folks are becoming incredulous.


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