Sunday, November 16, 2008

''Retro-Roto'' Toys Spotted at CVS

Got a local CVS nearby? Instead popping in for the usual prescriptions, you may want to check out the toys and games isle. According to PRC readers Kyle and TK-31, CVS stores have begun to stock the MegaMan "Retro-Roto" figures by Jazwares Inc.

TK-31 reports his local CVS (New York, NY) carries GutsMan and MegaMan for a $1.40 each. If that's not a bargain then I don't know what is.

News Credit: Kyle, TK-31


  1. I remember those MegaMan toys. I wasn't so fond of these though, to me they were badly designed looked weird and a bit awkward. Nontheless, I still bought and still own a X and Zero toys.

  2. Oh, I suppose I shoulda mentioned this... :O

    A couple months ago my bro bought a Protoman minifigure at... Dollar General? Yea, I think that was it... It's a teeny bit bigger than a lego figure and has a "collectable card" with it...

  3. Yeah! I have the Protoman from a while back. I just found Megaman a few weeks ago too. Sadly, there were no more left [after I got mine.]

    They used to have MMZero toys too a while back, but I never had the money to get a lot. I had to get Protoman, though. He's one of my faves. Haha.

    I hope I see more here soon

  4. They've still got the mini-figures a a few Dollar Trees 'round here.

  5. Ok let's clear up a few of these posts.

    The post by Kenichi340 is refering to the Jazware Megaman Collection line that is NOT part of the Retro Roto line. The Roto line is more of a vinyl figure line.

    As for the "mini figure" everyone is talking about. Originally the same Megaman Collection line by Jazware had 5 figure box sets of either Original or X characters. When the line didn't do well, the molds were recasted and painted less and resold as single carded figures for Dollar General. So there is actually a variation of this mini figures.
    Little piece of education there.

    - The Shadow -


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