Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SSR3 Wallpaper+Reconfirmation of "Program Advances"

Some small updates concerning SSR3:

-The Wave Station has updated with an interesting wallpaper, one that hints at the possibility of the return of the Satellite Admins from the first game. It is currently unknown if the three Admins will make a "physical" appearance in SSR3 (in the form of bosses or NPCs), but we can assume they most likely depict the names of three individual Satellite Servers used by the Satellite Police.

-Program Advances are back! Three PAs were present in the recent DS Download Station/ENC demo:

Cannon, Cannon, Cannon= Impact Cannon
Mini Grenade, Mini Grenade, Mini Grenade = Big Grenade
Sword, Wide Sword, Long Sword= Giant Axe

PAs are formed within the Custom Screen, selected cards turn into White Cards and then merge into a single Battle Card. Wow, it's like EXE all over again...almost.

News Credit: Tim, Nigoli


  1. Not quite. It doesn't have the awesome EXE feel...

    But they are trying to copy it. :P

    Why do the swords turn into an axe??

  2. I wondered what happened to the admins. XD I like it when series incorporate things well from past games.

    Like in EXE-- what happened to Mamoru and Sean or whatever his name was? O_o

  3. @anonymous
    Good question. Perhaps they're trying to reinvent the wheel. :(

  4. are there other program advances? thanks


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