Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SSR3 Manga Scanned and Uploaded

"Star Break" of On-Air fame has kindly scanned the newest chapter of Ryo Takamisaki's Shooting Star Rockman 3 manga adaption.

A summary of the chapter courtesy of the Undersquare:

"The chapter begins with Acid Ace seemingly beaten by what appears to be Rockman Red Joker as Meteor Grave looms in the distance. The scene suddenly changes and Shidou is seen playing a clip of what would happen if the Meteor were to crash into the Earth. Meanwhile, at Kodama Elementary, Subaru is seen being dragged around by Luna and Kizamaro as they demand he assist Gonta and Ox, who attempt to combat an army of Mettrio in the school hallway.

Ox and all the Wizards are having trouble, but War Rock saves the day with his Beast Swing attack. All the other Wizards, including Ox, now feel insufficient. However, Luna is upset that Subaru did not become Rockman, who she was wanting to see.

Later on, a cheerful Magnets is seen giving a lecture to students about an experimental Rocket when Queentia and Jack appear in the shadows. With a simple toss of the Spade card, Magnets is turned into Spade Magnets, who immediately uses his Gravity Rocket attack to fire small missiles everywhere. Rockman gets into action and defends against the missiles using a sword. Spade Magnets then attacks with Magnet Blade, but Rockman counters with Drill Arm. Spade Magnets tries to use Axis Jet but Rockman fires off Heavy Cannon and follows up with Heat Upper. However, contact with Spade Magnets has caused Rockman to feel the effects of Noise waves and he collapses.

Suddenly, an army of Noised Wizards appear. They move in to attack when suddenly a chunk of them are taken out! It's Acid and Shidou! And they become Acid Ace. With a single shot from the Acid Blaster, the Noised Wizards are gone! However, Spade Magnets sneaks up on Rockman and he turns his left arm into a claw, pinning Rockman down with it as Rockman's Noise Level continues to rise. Acid Ace gauges Rockman's Noise level until it hits 100%. A Noise Change occurs! Rockman Cygnus Noise appears and uses his newfound strength to obliterate Spade Magnets with Meteorite Barrage. Luna finds the new Rockman attractive, but before the good guys get a chance to rest, Jack Corvus enters the fray..."


  1. Sweet! I've been dying to see Ryo's manga adaption of Shooting Star Rock Man 3.

  2. I'll have to come back and read the entire description when I have time. :)


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