Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strange French Mega Man 2 Commercial

Enker discovered an old french commercial for Mega Man 2 featuring a super hero styled Mega Man and Mario as a news anchor:

A translation of the commercial's speech below:

Mario: Mega Man is back!
Voice: Nintendo’s World News with Mario!
Mario: Mega Man is more “Mega” as ever! He blows Air Man, he completely cools Heat Man, and sends Metal Man to junk! Dr.Wily, does it upset your plans to conquer the universe?
Wily: Oh, no! You forget my super robots, my atomic chickens, and all my other creatures! Ah ah ah!
Mario: Thanks Dr. Wily. But the last word will be for Mega Man 2!

Hehe, "blows Air Man."

Credit: Mega Man Network

Star Force 3 Shipping Out

Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace and Red Joker are shipping out to distributors today. Copies will be going in the mail sometime now for those who ordered online via Capcom or elsewhere.

Those intending to drop by the local gaming store ought to call ahead of time for availability; it's more than likely the games wont be available until tomorrow (Wednesday).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Announcement Footage

Now, you too can witness the moment of Operate Shooting Star's unveiling.

Anybody catch this? At the 0:51 mark, you can hear, among the cheering, Rockman EXE 1's specific theme song playing in the background. I'm not sure if the song was actually playing during the event or if it was added in by Namazutei, the video's author. Some people I've spoken with believe that, if the song was actually a part of the announcement, then that might be a further indication of a possible remake. Personally, I still believe OSS is a cross over of some sort, but hey, you never know.

No Plans For A New Mega Man Legends...For Now

GamingUnion has an interview with Capcom's Seth Killian up for reading, talking a little about the likelihood of a new Mega Man Legends among other things. His words make me very hopeful:

GU: Is Capcom planning anything new with the Mega Man Legends series such as a 3rd installment or us getting the PSP ports of the 1st two games from Japan?

Seth: After Marvel vs Capcom 2, MM Legends is probably one of our most fan-requested games. MM creator Keiji Inafune is certainly aware of the fans' request—his office is basically a shrine to the stuff he’s gotten from fans over the years. There are no plans right now, but Mega Man 9 came totally out of left-field, so you never know with that guy. If he gets inspired, and things can happen very quickly.

Credit: GoNintendo

Mega Man DSi Protective Kit Review *UPDATED*

Maverick Hunter Ash was kind enough to put together a little review of the newly released Mega Man DSi protective kit. Is it worth a purchase? Read on:


" I was pretty excited about the Mega Man 1GB DSi Protection Kit as soon as it was announced -- how rare it is that Capcom throws us Mega Man fans a bone with such a neat peripheral release, right? It's only natural, then, that I rushed out to my local GameStop to pick one up as soon as I'd heard they had made it to stores (although from what I hear, they're pretty rare and tough to find, even now).

In any case, the novelty of such a release would be kind of moot if the product itself sucked -- which, I am very happy to say is not the case here! This is a really nicely put together bunch of accessories, and for $20, the deal you're getting with this kit is just killer. For starters, you're getting a 1 GB SD card -- that itself is almost worth the $20 right there, but there's so much more good stuff in this kit that it's kinda ridiculous.

The centerpiece of the kit -- the "protector" itself -- is a hard, clear piece of plastic with a black outline of Mega Man (the Star Force version, of course) that complements the image of Mega Man that appears on whatever faceplate you decide to put underneath it... though I found that the simple black outline of Mega Man makes the protector look pretty cool on its own, against the bare face of my DSi. Of course, I have a blue DSi, so consider that point moot if you own a black one. In any case, the protector is nice and sturdy and snaps snugly onto the face of your DSi -- no fuss at all. And once it's on, it fits like a glove and doesn't move or rattle at all. This is a well-made product, pure and simple.

The kit comes with six "faceplates" that you can place on the face of your DSi before you affix the protector to customize its look. Each of the faceplates has an image of Mega Man that is placed such that the outlines on the protector line up with the edges of the image of Mega Man's body on the faceplate (assuming you line it up on your DSi correctly, which can be a little tricky). Three of the faceplates are base Star Force 3-themed ones that come in blue, green, and red, while the other three are themed after Black Ace, Red Joker, and "Black Ace vs. Red Joker," and they all feature additional art of Mega Man in his respective form(s). I like some more than others, but none of the faceplates are unattractive or seem out of place. Most fans will probably find themselves having a hard time making a choice about which one they want to use, as the faceplates are all well-designed, sleek, and colorful.

Just as cool as the protector and faceplates is the included Mega Man dongle/screen cleaner. I don't know how well it actually functions as a screen cleaner, but you can't beat having the original Mega Man (in sprite form!) hanging from your DS along with a blue Capcom wrist-holder.

The remaining accessories seem like an afterthought and come off as a little unnecessary. You've got the "Mega Man stylus," which is sadly just a plain, generic blue stylus (that also happens to be almost identical in color to the blue DSi's regular stylus). I suppose there's not much more they could have done with the stylus than make it blue, but something would have been nice. Finally, the three game/SD card cases are... nice, I suppose, but I don't realistically see anyone using them when I imagine most people already have their own DS/DSi cases that house games and such just fine. But hey, again -- we're talking $20. More stuff isn't a bad thing!

In any case, I've included a few pictures so you can all see how this kit works and looks (both by itself and on my DSi) for yourself. But as I've said, if you're on the fence about whether or not to purchase this, take my word for it: go for it. You won't be disappointed. You're getting an amazing bunch of stuff for $20, and the product itself is well-made and feels like Capcom really wanted to please Mega Man fans. And because Capcom wisely avoided going the decal/sticker route with this product, everything is very easily removable if you ever want to go back to having your DS look all-natural.

Consider me pleased. This is a great product that will go very nicely with my new copy of Star Force 3 on Wednesday. :) Thanks for this, Capcom. "

(Please note that my opinions and pictures only apply to the DSi version of the product. I have no idea how the DS Lite version compares, though I can't imagine why it would be any different in terms of quality.)

UPDATE: XHunter's blog provides an in-depth look at the DS Lite version. Check it out, here.

Summer World Hobby Fair Report

Courtesy of S.S.R , here's a summary of all the happenings at the recent summer World Hobby Fair:

- Wave Masters '09 drew quite the crowd. Various age groups participated with their own unique play styles and tactics. One participant was disqualified due to cheating.

- A kiosk was set up were participants could download "Crimson Meteor", an exclusive Giga Card. The lines were surprisingly long, stretching all the way back into Capcom's Monster Hunter booth.

- The winners of the Junior, Senior, and "Kaizou" classes received SSR3 themed wall scrolls, free Noise Gear Cards and exclusive "Crown Data."

- Following the crowning of the winners, series producer Takeshi Horinouchi took the stage to introduce Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star. The crowd went wild when the image of Rockman.EXE and SSRockman shaking hands appeared on screen. (pictured)

- The game's conception was a response to those who wanted more out of the EXE series.
It is being touted as a "Data Action RPG."

- S.S.R is also under the assumption that it is a "remake." His reasoning is somewhat confusing, more so when read through a computer translation.

- Horinouchi plans to celebrate the coming of Rockman's 25th anniversary with a bunch of "new projects." No specifics yet, it's all just a bunch of ideas. Operate Shooting Star is just the beginning of what's to come.

- Capcom will open a OSS teaser website in the near future.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Tribute To Michael Jackson Via Mega Man 8

Here, we have Beat It set to Mega Man 8's introduction cutscene. It fits the scene quite well actually...a little too well.


Now all we need is a little something something for Billy Mays...

Canceled Jazwares Toys

Capcom's partnership with Jazwares was a match made in heaven. From the action figure line and playsets, to the Retro Rotos, Jazwares undoubtedly produced the best Mega Man toys in the West; and yet, some of their best work never made it to store shelves.

Over at Figures.com, you can check out a gallery of unreleased Mega Man toys formerly featured at the 2004 - 2006 Toy Shows. Pictured here are two canceled figures from a planned Battle & Chase line up, originally slatted to hit stores shelves sometime in 2004.

Other canceled products of note include a battle damaged Mega Man, a Pantheon, Mega Man Volnutt, and a prop Mega Man X helmet. For more canceled/unreleased toys, check out the following galleries:

2004 Toy Show
2005 Toy Show
2006 Toy Show

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eddie Lebron Fan-film Update

It's been a little while since we last heard from Eddie Lebron and his Mega Man fan-film. According to his recent blog post, Mr. Lebron is no longer aiming for a July 4th release, instead, he's hoping to screen the final film sometime in late July/August. The delay will benefit the final product and allow a more "legitimate" premiere featuring cast, crew and fans.

The film is currently in post production stages where more changes and additions are being made. Once things have settled down, Mr. Lebron has hopes of putting together a special edition cut of the film, containing removed scenes and original edits.

Finally, the director plans to release a brand new thirty second trailer in July.

If you've got questions about the film, Mr. Lebron is willing to answer inquiries here.

Japanese Exclusive Rockman 9 Xbox Themes

Japan received brand new Rockman 9 DLC this past week in the form of "premium" Xbox 360 themes:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mega Man DSi Protective Kit In Stores

Although originally slated to ship last week, GameStop is just now receiving their copies of the Mega Man DSi protective kit. According to Cloudy, a GameStop employee, shipments arrived early this morning.

Quantities are very limited, so if you plan on picking one up, call ahead of time to make sure they're not sold out.

Star Force 3 Trailer - Boss Battles *UPDATED*

Capcom released two new Star Force 3 videos today. Beware, the second video spoils the final boss fight:

No, This Is Not Operate Shooting Star

Contrary to rumors yielding from "that board", this image is not from Operate Shooting Star. What we have here is CoCorog's interpretation of what the game would look like. Nothing more, nothing less.

That said, our first official look at the title is supposedly coming from September's Coro Coro (arriving in August). Hang tight till then!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Retail Pack?

GameStop's online database formerly listed a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Retail Pack for the PlayStation 3--a special package containing a bunch of stuff pertaining to the upcoming PSN game. The listing has since been removed, but not before somebody could jot down the product description:
  • Redemption code for Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  • DVD case with sleeve
  • DVD with exclusive artwork such as wallpapers, icons, art, trailers and screenshots
  • Eight page color manual with artwork and moves list
  • One month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics valued at $9.99
  • 2000 Capcom-Unity points that can be used for prizes and auctions
The pack was listed to retail for $19.99, slated to hit shelves on August 13th, 2009.

Glitch: "Kill" Dr. Wily In Mega Man 4

Title says it all:

Thanks, Jesse

Scrumptious Mega Man Cookies

What better way to celebrate a birthday with Mega Man themed snacks? The crew over at 1Up threw a Mega Man birthday for fellow editor Barnholt, whipping up a slew of Blue Bomber sugar cookies. Yum!

Full details and pictures at 1UP

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rockman 9 Promotion Update

A few more details concerning the Playsation Store Rockman 9 promotion:

Starting today, those who purchase Rockman 9 off of the Japanese PlayStation store will automatically be entered in a drawing to win win either a free download of Rockman Complete Works 1 or a special Rockman tee shirt.

For now, the contest is the only method of obtaining Complete Works, it's not available on the PS store yet.

The contest ends July 8th.


Wave Masters 2009 Footage

For those interested, Namazutei has uploaded a series of videos from the final Wave Masters 2009 match. The tournament was held over the weekend.

More videos here.

Rockman Complete Works 1 Coming To PSN

Rockman Complete Works 1, a "remake" of the very first Rockman game, is coming to the Japanese PlayStation Store. The game is part of a special Rockman 9 promotion starting on June 24th to July 28th. RMCW1 will be released within that time frame, no date specified.

Complete Works 1 is the first of six classic series remakes released on the original PlayStation in 1999. Each title in the lineup featured remixed music, graphical updates and a plethora of extras such as art galleries and PocketStation mini-games. North Americans got their first taste of Complete Works via the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, notably lacking a few modes and extras.

Thanks to Marty for the tip.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speculation: Operate Shooting Star A Remake?

Speculations over at this Japanese blog seem to indicate that Operate Shooting Star is not a crossover, but a remake of the original Rockman EXE game featuring Shooting Star Rockman styled controls and gameplay. In other words, the game will "operate" like a typical SSR title.

To back this up, the blogger points out that the logo for Operate Shooting Star is similar to that of Rockman EXE 1's (picture)

Hm... Your thoughts?

Also, you guys might want to take a gander at Heat Man's thoughts over at the Mega Man Network. He presents some really interesting points that suggest a crossover instead of a "remake." Read up on it over here.


Factory Sealed Mega Man 6

Well, here's something you don't see every day: a new and factory sealed copy of Mega Man 6.

According to the seller, the game has been in storage for almost two decades, untouched. Packaging is near mint condition, only exception being is a small ding in the bottom left corner. What can I say, nothing is perfect.

Currently, the auction stands at a steep $71.00 USD with 23 bidders. Interested? Place you bid at ebay.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Mega Man 8 Fan-dub Footage

For comparison, view the original video here.

Hidden Image In "Tron Bonne"

Dan discovered this strange image in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne the other day; a monstrous face hidden within the Servbot farm truck (Sart Farm mission).

One can spot the face through some clever camera work, adjusting the angle ever so slightly to get a gander at the innards of the vehicle. You can move the camera via the "beacon bomb" maneuver. (hold R2, aim with analog stick)

Kinda creepy looking, no?

No Plans For Star Force 3 In Europe

“I am sorry to say that currently there are no plans to release this title in Europe.” -Capcom Europe's Ben Le Rougete

Well, isn't that just a kick in the nuts.

Nevertheless, don't give up hope; the company could always change their minds if they see a demand. Make your voices heard at Capcom Europe's official forums.


Star Force 3 Demo On Nintendo Channel

As of today, North American Wii owners can download a free demo for Mega Man Star Force 3 via the Nintendo Channel.

The demo is fairly short, consisting of three consecutive tutorial battles and a boss battle with Spade Magnet. English voices wise, you can get a preview of Omega-Xis' voice if you use the "Area Eater" maneuver.

The demo "expires" on June 28th.

Edit: video footage courtesy of smashbrosbrawler3:

"Denpa Henkan On Air" Soundtrack Available for Download

For those finding an interest in Denpa Henkan On Air, Rockman Perfect Memories is offering the complete soundtrack for download.

For the most part, the songs are upbeat and very catchy. It holds up well alongside other songs in the Ryuusei/Shooting Star series. Of note, a few tracks contain sound effects in the background as a result of recording. It might annoy some but if you're like me, you can easily ignore it.

Grab the soundtrack here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Rockman EXE Announced

Today at the World Hobby Fair, Capcom officially announced "Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star" for the Nintendo DS. The title is said to release in 2009.

According to Dark Messiah, the game is some sort of cross over with the Shooting Star Rockman (Star Force) series:Additional details will come from the September issue of Coro Coro Comics, slated to hit newsstands in mid August.

UPDATE: After the unveiling, series producer, Takeshi Horninouchi took the stage and announced he has several ideas for individual Rockman projects leading up to the franchise's 25th anniversary.

UPDATE 2: Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the promotional "shaking hands" artwork for Operate Shooting Star originated at last year's Rockman summer festival. Check it out here.

Special Rockman 9 Gift Giveaway

For those with a Japanese PlayStation store account, you might have noticed this curious image. Apparently, it's an advertisement for an upcoming Rockman 9 promotion -- a special gift giveaway of sorts.

Customers who purchase Rockman 9 between June 24th and July 8t will be eligible to receive either a tee shirt or an unknown PS1 title download. A PS1-era Rockman title, perhaps?

Thanks to Jim for the translation. News credit, John via the Mega Man Network.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

World Hobby Fair To Host Special Announcement?

The summer World Hobby Fair kicked off today, and with it comes a small rumor:

According to Dark Messiah, the pamphlet for Capcom's booth notes that a special announcement will be made tomorrow, the 21st. The pamphlet does not specify what the announcement is about, but DM speculates it could relate to a formal unveiling of the new Rockman game that Clock Genius belongs to.

Of course, there's always a chance it isn't related to Rockman at all.

I'll keep you posted.

Mega Man 8 Fan-Redub

A few devoted fans embark on a project to redub Mega Man 8's infamous vocal work. A preview of what's to come below:

For comparison, check out the original scene here.

Win A Truly Creepy Mega Man Costume

Capcom Europe is running a contest where you can win a hysterically bad Mega Man.EXE costume, a product formerly used in promotions. The contest is only open to members of Capcom Europe community, specifically, members who reside in Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one ridiculously easy question: "What's the name of Mega Man's sister?"


Credit: The Mega Man Network

Friday, June 19, 2009

Star Force 3 DS Download Station Content Planned

Mega Rock reports that two Star Force 3 battle cards, Acid Arrest and Crimson Meteor, are planned to be distributed via the DS Download Station at an unspecified date. This information yields from a series of hidden files from the official Mega Man website:

" Appearance of the Omega Boss If you download either the "AcidArrest" or "CrmsnMteor" card, both scheduled to be distributed at the DS Download Station "

More news as it becomes available.

Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker Trailer

Rockman DASH: To Save The World Adventure?

Whilst browsing ebay, Mac came across something of an oddity. A game by the name of "Rockman DASH: To Save the World Adventure", a supposed Taiwanese PC title licensed by Capcom. The seller goes on to describe the title as an "I.Q game" involving "puzzles and stuff."

Is it legit? A quick trip to The Mechanical Maniacs indicates that the game is, among many other Taiwanese PC titles, official:

" These games have the official nod from Capcom to be made thereby making them official. To review: A licence is what separates official megaman merchandise (such as the MM mangas) from bullshit merchandise (like doujinshi). These games are Taiwanese-only. Originally Taiwan only had guides to walk players through Japanese or American games, but these were made when the Taiwanese (different than the greater Chinese) market began to open up.

Pretty neat to see something like this in the wild, if you ask me. That said, those interested can bid on the game here. Starting price is a steep $49.99 plus $4 shipping to the US.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's That Time Again

Ah, summer weather...that means it's time. Time for Maq's Mega Man Bathing Suit Contest!

That's right, the longest running fan-art contest in the MM community returns for its eighth year. If you can put pencil to paper, you can enter for your chance to win either a one year subscription to DeviantART or a copy of Udon Entertainment's Mega Man: Official Complete Works artbook!

You have until September 12th to get those entries in, so get cracking while it's early!

Full contest rules and regulations can be found at Rockman Perfect Memories.

Edit: deadline date correct :p

Big Mega Man Blanket To Snuggle With

Pretty amazing 8-bit cross stitching here. Etsy user Punzie crafted this Mega Man blanket alongside other pixelated creations. Unfortuntly, said MM blanket is not in stock via Etsy, but if you desperately need one, you can e-mail the designer for a specialty order.

If only I had the sort of talent it takes to make something like this. Or the inclination.

Credit: Unreality via GoNintendo

Unity Auctions: Comics!

Up for bidding on this week's Capcom Unity auctions and raffles are two Mega Man comic books: Mega Man NT Warrior vol. 2 and a Japanese exclusive Rockman.EXE Stream graphic novel.

Remember, Unity auctions and raffles only cost you Unity points, so everything is practically free! Read up on how to bid here.

MMSF3 White Cards Now Available For Download

The "bonus area" is now open for business at the official Star Force 3 website, revealing a new page devoted solely to the White Card system.

So far, only two cards are available for download: "Black Ace Master Card" and "Red Joker Master Card." When placed on top of your DS touchscreen at the SF3 Brother Band menu, the cards are said to unlock exclusive features.

More White Cards and more bonus area features are expected to become available in the near future.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mega Man 9 Secret Still At Large, Close To Being Discoverd

Seth Killian puts a few MM9 doubts to rest in his latest blog post, even mentioning we're halfway toward discovering the ever-elusive secret. He writes:

"Shortly after the release of Mega Man 9, as fans were discovering loads of great secrets, I made an innocent little post, mentioning an as-yet-undiscovered nugget in the game.

The Mega Man-loving internets were not pleased that a secret might have escaped their all-seeing eyes, and rolled up their collective sleeves to unearth the nugget. I've been completely blown away by their response, which has generated a virtual encyclopedia of amazing little Mega Man tricks and trivia (the video above is just one small part of the total).

Though they haven't discovered the it yet, I did want to say that everyone at Capcom is impressed by the research, and offer this: Based on what I've seen so far, I'd say you're about halfway towards discovering the secret.

Most Mega Man fans want to strangle me for not spilling the beans, but I <3
mysteries and they're getting pretty rare in the internet age. I didn't intend to torture anyone when I mentioned it so long ago, and I'd advise you to just let it go if it's driving you nuts, but to those still searching, I promise that:

-the secret is not a snipe hunt, macguffin, or otherwise faked.

-I will tell you when it is discovered.

-AFAIK (and I keep tabs), it has not yet been discovered."

And with that, our search continues.

Credit: Seth via Capcom-Unity

Star Force Avatar Generator Tool

Need a little help making custom mugshots in either one of the Star Force titles? Then the avatar generator tool is for you! The program, created by EXE Zone's Greiga Master, allows you to edit and create mugshots on your PC with a variety of handy-dandy tools. If you don't feel like creating your own mugshot from scratch however, the program supports an import feature where you can upload pictures and photos from your PC to the mugshot template.

All you need is a copy of Star Force 1 or 2 (any version) and a Nintendo DS Action Replay. Complete instructions and download links are available at Rockman EXE Zone.

Speaking of the EXE Zone, the community is holding a character battle contest polls to determine who is the best of the best. If you feel like participating, head on over to the forums.

Protect Yourself With Servbot Band-Aids

Yahoo! Auctions Japan brings us these delightful Serbvot band-aids, complete with a special Rockman DASH tin case. DO WANT!

The auction is fairly inexpensive with a starting price of 200 Yen ($2.13) plus the additional proxy fees. Bid to you heart's content at Rinkya.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rockman 9 Coming To PS3/360 On June 24th

4Gamer.net brings word that Rockman 9 will release on the Japanese PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade on June 24th. The title was previously a WiiWare exclusive in Japan.

The PS3 version will cost 1,000 Yen, XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points.

Credit: Mega Man Network

GameStop Delays Mega Man Protection Kit *UPDATE 2*

The Mega Man DSi protection kit is seeing a small delay. According to GameStop's listing, the accessory will ship to stores on June 23rd as opposed to today, June 16th.

Speaking of GameStop, I've received word from my local store manager that the DS Lite version of the kit, will not be available in stores, for now at least. At this time, the only means of finding the DSL version is through Capcom's exclusive bundle.

UPDATE: Kit has been bumped up again, listing now shows as June 23rd date. Thanks, Kyouya Garyuu.

UPDATE 2: GameStop's site no longer lists a ship date, the item is now classified as "available." Go get it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day Of Sigma Quality Comparison

Watching the Day of Sigma the other day, I couldn't help but notice a few subtle differences in animation quality between the final film and footage featured in the promotional trailer.

Promo trailer on left, final film the right:

Lies About "Mega Man"

The "Video Game Lies Database" is a fun little wiki, archiving fabricated video game cheats and secrets ranging fake Pokemon to unattainable Mortal Kombat fatalities --stuff you might have heard from playground acquaintances.

Among the BS are two Mega Man cheats from MM1 and MM2:

MM1: "After the sequel had been released with a password system, there was a rumor that you could access a password screen in the first game by either holding a certain button combination or inputting a code on the title screen. "MM2:

MM2: "There is a secret boss somehow accessible via the Bubbleman stage. If you beat it, you will be automatically teleported to the end of the game."

"Based on a truth; while there technically is no secret boss, there *is* a glitch that can be performed in Bubbleman's boss room by shooting multiple Item 1 platforms and then trying to go backwards out the door. If done correctly, with exact timing, this will teleport the player into a glitched-up version of a room from one of the Wily stages, where he or she can fight a deformed Bubbleman that's entrapped in the wall. "

Fun, no? Truth be told, I once devoted a whole summer looking for the secret password screen. So naive...

Know of any more fake Mega Man secrets? Head over to the wiki and contribute to the archives.

Rockman ZX Comic To Make A Comeback?

The July issue of Famitsu DS+Wii held a poll to determine which of their former comics will return with a new chapter in the upcoming anniversary issue (October). The Rockman ZX comic adaption by Shin Ogo, was one of the many choices.

Not much to say than that. Results of the poll will be revealed at a later date.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Handful Of "Denpa Henkan On Air!" Videos

Plenty of footage from the RnR TV plug-n-play game, Denpa Hankan On Air! is now available on YouTube courtesy of Vixy. Check out the playlist for more individual mini game videos.

A Little Something Extra In "Power Battle Fighters"

To compensate for a lack of their own Anniversary Collection, Japan received Rockman Power Battle Fighters, a special compilation of the two arcade games, The Power Battle and The Power Fighters, complete with an exclusive bonus feature not found in its North American counterpart.

The original games enable one or two players to take on a series of Robot Masters cooperatively. In the Power Battle Fighters, however, a new mode has been added, that of a special versus mode reminiscent of the hidden Mega Man Vs. Bass fighting game from MM7. Here, players can square off against one another in an all out brawl with an array of Robot Master weapons at their disposal. The roster is scarce, limited to the likes of Rockman, Blues, Forte and Duo.

All in all, the versus mode is a nice little treat, but really lacks in the "depth" department; not enough content to warrant a purchase really. Still, PBF is something collector's might want on their mantle as the title is somewhat of a rarity (limited release run). That said, ebay is your go-to place.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mega Man Star Force 3 "Limited Edition"

Capcom's online store is taking preorders for "limited edition" versions of Star Force 3: Black Ace and Red Joker - exclusive bundle packs featuring the recently revealed 1GB protective kits.

There are four LE variations available, each selling for $49.95:

Black Ace Limited Ed. - DSi Protective Kit
Red Joker Limited Ed. - DSi Protecte Kit

and for you DSLite users:

Black Ace Limited Ed. - DSLite Protective Kit
Red Joker Limited Ed. DSLite Protective Kit

More Mega Man Voice Actors At Metrocon

It appears Scott McNeil isn't the only Mega Man VA veteran appearing at Metrocon 2009. Brad Swaile, voice of NT Warrior's Lan Hikari, and Brian Drummond, the voice of several NTW Navis such as Heat Man and Skull Man, will both attend the event.

If you're in the Tampa Bay area on June 19th, stop by Metrocon and say hello!

Mega Sunday

After watching a full two hours of the Mega Man cartoon yesterday, I could not resist:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's Your DSi Mega Man Kit

In conjunction with The Mega Man Network's fan-art contest, Capcom will reward all three winners with the Mega Man DSi kit. Product details below:
"The DSi kit comes with Limited Edition MegaMan Laser enscribed PolyCarbonite Console Case w/ secret 3 Game Storage Shelf, Graphic Screens, Three 2-in-1 SD Card and Game Cases, Precision Stylus, 2-in-1 Screen Cleaner Wrist Strap with Retro 8-Bit MegaMan + 1GB SD MEMORY CARD."
A DS Lite version is planned to be included in a special bundle at Capcom's online store.

For those who don't win the contest, the kit will ship to stores on June 16th for $19.99.

Credit: Capcom-Unity

English Voices For Star Force 3

Contrary to reports, the small snippets of voice acting will remain intact for Mega Man Star Force 3, dubbed entirely in english. Listen for yourself:

Scott McNeil To Appear At Metrocon 2009

Scott McNeil, the "man of 1,000 voices", will make a guest appearance at Metrocon 2009.

For those who don't recognize the name, Mr. McNeil is a voice widely heard in three different Mega Man cartoons, including Dr. Wily and Proto Man in the 1995 Ruby Spears cartoon, Dr. Wily in the Upon A Star OVA, and Guts Man in Mega Man NT Warrior.

The event takes place in Tampa, Florida from June 19th to the 21st. More details can be found at the official Metrocon website.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watch Kejii Inafune Sign 500 Kobun Mugs

Keiji Inafune personally autographs a whopping 500 Kobun coffee mugs for Dead Rising's Korean launch. Epic to say the least:

I sure hope he didn't develop Carpel tunnel syndrome after this...

Credit: s-kill via Capcom-Unity

A Closer Look At The Megamix Postcards

Rockman aficionado, Dark Messiah, was fortunate enough to obtain all three of the limited edition Rockman Megamix postcards, exclusive to the first 500 copies of the newly released comic anthology.

When aligned, the cards form a very cool group shot of Ariga's rendition of the Robot Masters.

More Tatsunoko News To Come

The possibility of additional characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, continues to linger. The question is, when will we be hearing about these new potential fighters? According to Christian Svensson, word on additional characters might "trickle out" soon.

“No comment on the potential of new characters right now. Sorry. News will trickle out over the coming months.We do have a few surprises left (at least, I hope they’re surprises).”

Do you guys have any hope for new Mega Man/Rockman characters? Who?