Thursday, February 28, 2008

Terrifying Head Is...Terrifying

When the words “ugly” and “MegaMan” are put into the same sentence, usually this image pops up into one's head:

However, all of that is about to change. Below lies the sickest, most grotesque rendition of the Blue Bomber ever known to man; a mask from an old Capcom of America promotion. Be forwarned, it will give you nightmares....


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

X3 Roulette Machine

It's amazing how many cool doodads can be spotted at a Japanese gambling bar. Example: A freaking sweet Rockman X3 Roulette machine!

Other than the fancy decals, I don't know if the machine actually does something remotely related to Rockman X3 (sound effects?) but cool nonetheless.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oha Coliseum Hosts Are Nuts

Tv Tokyo's "Oha Coliseum" is responsible for airing weekly episode of Ryuusei no Rockman to Japan nationwide.

However, before and after the show, viewers are forced to watch the crazy antics of Colleseum's hosts.

Be warned, what you are about to see cannot be unseen.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ending the Cataclysm Theory Once and For All

You know what irks me the most? Fans who actually believe in the infamous “cataclysm theory.”

Yes, these gullible fans will believe anything that comes from “Bob & George."
(Good strips by the by)

For the uniformed, the cataclysm theory is a popular and bogus theory that Zero, upon being fully completed by Wily, is sent off to Dr. Light's lab to mercilessly kill off the classic series cast.

Bogus, right? Not to some fans. These fans must be reminded that such a horrid and inhuman event could never have taken place for one crucial reason:

It's a kids franchise.

As hard as it might be to believe, the classic series has always been aimed at a young audience, made up of elementary school children from ages six to twelve. It's out of the series' nature to depict such events, let alone imply it.

Many will argue that the Original Series does have it's “dark” moments, such as Rock's declaration of wanting to kill Wily at the final moments of MM7, but what many don't know is that that scene's dialog was altered for the sake of localization. In the Japanese version, Rockman is silent as he watches Wily beg for help.

To further prove the true nature of the Original Series, I direct you to Inafune's true vision of what the franchise was suppose to look like:

" Contrary to popular belief, Inafune had always envisioned Rock's world to be cute and chibi, but due to the Famicom's (NES) graphical limitations, he could not express this visual style until the PSP game, “Rockman Rockman” "

So, if Zero never did kill the Original Series' cast off, then what happened to them?

Simple: Nothing!

The episodic nature of the Original series leaves the story open ended. Like various episodic television shows and comics, a “true” ending is never planned; rather, the story is played out until they have used up all of the creative resources.

Also, if a massacre did happen to take place, then why hasn't Capcom said anything? Constantly, we are fed source book after source book, and yet we have never seen any official evidence to suggest that such an event took place.

It's not because Capcom is hiding some horrible truth from us, but because there is simply nothing to share.

Finally, here is the end all fact: Educated fans do know that Zero was not built with the prime directive to destroy Rockman or his family, but built for the sole purpose of defeating Light's final creation, X.

The "Rockman X Command Mission Perfect Guide" states this fact with flying colors.

But, now you say there is no in game proof to coincide this statement. Yes there is. I direct you towards  X5, specifically the fan favorite moment in which Zero returns to his "original state." (AKA, "Maverick Zero")

It is here that Zero returns to his original programming, his reason for existance: Kill X.

And that's the nail in the coffin.

So long cataclysm theory, may you rest in peace with the other nonsensical theories (Blues is Zero, Axl is Forte, and IceMan isn't actually a robot, but an Eskimo who thinks he is a robot)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dr. Weil Is Real!? Oh Snap!

He even has his own website!

TRUE STORY: Four or five years ago, the “Real Dr. Weil” e-mailed a nasty letter to Capcom of America when he discovered his name belonged to a fictional “evil scientist.” (Zero series' Weil) “Real” Weil took this as an offense.

“Real” Weil threatened Capcom, but thankfully, the fine folks down at marketing explained that the issue was just a coincidence. No harm intended.

Source on little tidbit can be found on the archives of “The MegaMan Network”, though I'm too lazy to dig up the link. Happy hunting!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Closest You'll Ever Get to Touching Aile

The World Hobby Fair event isn't just an expo for toy companies to show of their latest figures, it's also a place for talented artists to show custom figures of their very own.

This particular Aile garage kit is praised by the community for it's sheer awesomeness. So, how does one purchase this godly figure? You can't. Well, not anymore.

Three months ago, three variations of the completed figure went up for auction at Yahoo! Japan with a hefty price tag of 5,000 Yen. Within a matter of days, all three figures vanished.

Of course, that doesn't mean you'll never get a chance to own one. There is always the slight chance they'll pop back up.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rockman Wii at GDC, ZX3 Might Be Happening, and RnR3 Tidbits *UPDATE*

I hate rumors just as much as the next guy, but with the lack of real news for the past few months, it's better than nothing. This morning, I awoke with a plethora of rumors in my inbox from yet another anonymous source. (Same one as before)

-The Wii MegaMan title will briefly be mentioned at GDC (Feb. 18th-22nd). However, what content will be shown is unknown at this time. Its possible we might see a small teaser or even a swift announcement confirming it's existence.

-Keiji Inafune will be present at GDC for a special announcement. This may or may not concern MegaMan. (I'm leaning towards an RE5 announcement)

- A non Wii related RM title is planned to be unveiled, however it might be a downloadable game for the 360, PS3 and possibly WiiWare. One or the other. Whatever it is, it will be a console exclusive. There is a possibility the title won't be shown next week but at a later, Capcom press event.

Non related GDC rumors:

- Currently, there are TWO Wii Rockman games in development. One of them you'll be seeing soon, the other much later.

-Don't be too shocked if one of the games is a Ryuusei title.

- Capcom is producing a total of three DS Rockman games this year. Two of them are expected to be two versions of RnR3. The other might be a new ZX title.

- First news concerning RnR3 will be a new, distinct feature that will truly set RnR3 apart from it's predecessors. Hint: it's a nod to a "fan favorite" gameplay element in the EXE series. (Non restrictive movement?)

- A unique RnR3 marketing campaign will kick off mid summer.

- Their is huge possibility of another Rockman film reminiscent of the "Rockman.EXE/Duel Masters" crossover film. This time around, it would be a crossover between Ryuusei and the newest iteration of Duel Masters.

UPDATE (2/17/08)

Anonymous source added further insight to the Wii Rockman announcement:

"There is a possibility Capcom will choose to not show the Wii title this week, rather, show it alongside the DLC title in a future Capcom press event. At the moment, the press event is scheduled to take place in the near future."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Video Footage of "Rockman NEO"

Here's some video footage of "Rockman NEO", the beta build of "Rockman DASH" given out to members of "Capcom Friendly Club."

Can you spot the differences from the beta build and the final?

-Different title screen
-Rock's character model (smaller, different hair style/color)
-Weird Special Weapon gauge
-Data's boots
-Buster animation
-Roll's eyebrows
-And oh so much more!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rockman EXE 6 "DX Edition" Exists?

Released prior to “Ryuusei no Rockman”, Capcom bundled Glaga and Falzar versions of EXE 6 with a limited edition “Hikari Beast Link Gate” and exclusive Link PET EX Battle Chips.

Currently, the EXE 6 DX packs are up for bidding on Rinkya, which is proof in itself that the boxed sets do exist.

Why all the fuss? Many have had a hard time locating the sets specifically due to their limited offer at E-Capcom over two years ago. Thus, many have denied the sets' existence.

Collectors, don't pass this auction up!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hidden Playable Characters In DASH 2? You Bet.

Thanks to the efforts of many devoted DASH fans (myself included), it appears through the magic of HACKING, we can alter Rock's character model into one of the many supporting characters including Tron, Roll, Glyde, Bon, and more!

As always, take caution when hacking!

Tools needed: Code Breaker or GameShark for PSX (WILL NOT WORK ON PS2!)

8008C252 0602
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 FFFF

8008C252 0702
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 00FF

Rockman with Kitchen Apron!
8008C252 0802
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 01FF

8008C252 0902
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 02FF

8008C252 0a02
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 03FF

8008C252 0b02
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 04FF

8008C252 0c02
E309C84D 0001
8008C252 05FF

Monday, February 11, 2008

MMZOCW DELAYED Yet Again...@!#$!

Since mid July, "MegaMan Zero Official Complete Works" has seen countless delays, but fans were given a glimmer of hope of a final release date for sometime in February.

However, Udon has confirmed that MMZOCW won't see a release until April/March.

The good news is that this may indeed be the final delay the book will see, Udon has confirmed that the book is currently "in the printer."

Source: MegaMan Network

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vote Roll Casket For "We Love Golf"

Capcom's blog is hosting a "We Love Golf" (For Nintendo Wii) poll to determine if Roll Casket and other Capcom characters, will appear as playable characters in the game.

Why Roll Caskett? A potential reference for DASH on Wii?

Regardless, go vote for her!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Advent of RainbowMan

One of the many “prototype” names given to Rockman was “RainbowMan”, a name that would have reflected Rockman's ability to change his color scheme depending on his current arsenal. Sounds a bit bizarre, but there is actually some interesting history behind the name “RainbowMan.”

Time after time, Rockman creator Keiji Inafune has stated that his childhood has been a huge inspiration for the design of Rockman. Inafune and a majority of the Rockman staff were huge fan of tokusatsu, a popular film genre in Japan that relies heavily on man made special effects (no computers here folks) and the use of costumes and props. Enter RainbowMan.

RainbowMan, or as he's better known is Japan, “RainbowMan of Love”, was a popular tokusatsu super hero in the early '70s, who like Rockman, could change his color scheme to reflect his current abilities.

RainbowMan has the ability to transform himself into one of seven powerful “Dashu” forms, each themed after the days of the week symbols for Japan. (Moon, Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, Earth and Sun)

Without a doubt, Rockman is definitely a homage to RainbowMan, a homage that has lasted for nearly twenty years.

The franchise recently paid tribute to the character in the Rockman.EXE anime: a Net Navi reminiscent of RainbowMan appeared in the nineteenth episode of season one of the anime in the form of “ShiningMan.EXE.” His role was a very small one, lasting only a few seconds before being deleted by his “partner” Blues.EXE.

We salute you RainbowMan, without you, we have no clue as to what abilities Rockman would have had. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Awesome Glitch is Awesome

Perform Zero/Layer's “RASETSUSEN”, hold “DOWN” on the D-pad and push UP on the Analog Stick.

For PC users, while performing Rasetsusen, HOLD DOWN, then push UP.

(Thanx for the correction DominicanZero!)

Gravity holds no bounds! Continue to execute the glitch to get out of game limits!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Play MegaMan 1-6 and more for FREE

Here's a handy dandy website for you Classic series fanatics.

Over at vNES, you can legally play hundreds of NES/Famicom games straight off of your internet browser via Java Player.

MegaMan 1-6 and "Wily & Right's Rockboard" await you!

(Hint: Games play best in FireFox!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Precious Rockman Moment

I guarantee this pic will make your day, if not I owe you a cookie.

Behold, the next generations Rockman fans:

Simply adorable.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beast Link Gate With English EXE 6

As the title says, here is a fun little "fix it" to enable use of the Japanese only "Beast Link Gate" to be used on english versions of EXE 6.

Thanks to the efforts of devoted hackers, can finally experience this unique and innovative mode of play! But, it's no easy task.

You'll need a few doodads to aid you on this quest:

-A GameBoy Advance
- A copy of either version of Battle Network 6
- The Beast Link Gate itself (either version)
- CodeBreaker for GBA (good luck finding this one!)

Be warned, what you are about to attempt might permanently corrupt your game! Don't yell at me if you screw up!

Now, Once you've gathered the goods, enter in this code into your CB:

3203ce21 0003
32035292 00F0
74000130 01FB
3203F558 000B
74000130 02FB
3203F558 000C

Boot up your game and hit "Select+L" to activate the BLG.

If done correctly, your PET icon in the top left should have a mugshot of either GBeast Rockman or FBeast Rockman.

Now, simply connect your BLG, enter a battle and shazam!

Hope you got some Link EX Chips, without those, the BLG experience isn't much fun.

Be warned though, certain certain Link EX Chips don't work and will freeze your game! Navi "summoning" Chips, Japanese exclusives and Navi Data do not work.

Having personally tested this method out, I must warn you that there is a slight chance your Equipped Folder will get screwed up, meaning chips from your Folder will be switched out to your Pack.

This method does have it's ups and downs, but hey it's fun to play around with!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why There Will Never Ever Be a Live Action Rockman Film

Movie game adaptions. Love them or hate them, they will continue to prosper for as long as the gaming market continues to make money. Practically every "big" gaming franchise out there has had or will have a game-to-silver screen adaption.

So, where is my big budget Rockman movie? The franchise is a cash cow after all, so it would seem like a wise idea to eventually make the jump from the small screen to the big screen, right?

Most likely not. Unfortunately, a Rockman film wouldn't work for the following reasons:

1: Realism
If we're shooting for a live action film, then this thing isn't going to be taken seriously. Like at all.

Why? Here are two prime examples:

Just look at that grotesque imagery! Can you imagine the horrors of watching an actor dressed in robotic armor for an hour and a half? Blargh...

2:) Plot
Let's face it, the early Rockman games aren't heavily plot driven, specifically the heydays Original Series. It would take the creative team a lot of time to develop a plot that will be interesting and keep one's attention for the full length of the movie.

You cannot fill an entire movie of Rockman defeating one foe to the next to the next to the next.... It just doesn't pace right. Actually, I would find that enjoyable but to the casual movie goer, no sir.

And Finally, the third reason which puts the nail in the coffin for a film adaption:

3) Astro Boy
For the uniformed, an CGI theatrical adaption of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, is in development for a 2009 release. Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atamu) served as a major inspiration for the Rockman franchise. When you put the two franchises together, you'll notice a lot of similarities.

If a film adaption of Rockman ever came to be, it would most likely arrive years after the release of Astro Boy, so to Mr. and Mrs. causal movie goer, they will dub the Rockman film a "rip off" of the Astro Boy flick.

A true shame we might not ever see one of the more deserving game franchises get a film adaption. After all, it would have sucked butt anyways.

Oh well. I guess we'll just have to make do with this

Friday, February 1, 2008

Glyde Flips You The BirdBot!


If you don't mind a little crude humor, then by all means please read on!

Local Rockman fan, feldinaut made a interesting discovery found within the Kobun strength training game of ''Tron Ni Kobun."

The goal of the mini game is to toss bombs at cardboard cut outs of civilians to hone your Kobun's strength, however, there are some instances when a cut out resembling pretty boy Glyde, pops up. If you look closely, it appears Glyde is-dare I say it-flipping you the bird.

Now that isn't very gentlemen like! Not at all!

There you have it: Glyde, flipping you the bird.

Of course, Tron Ni Kobun has a lot of "suggestive" things within the game ("Design Magazine" you say? I don't think so), but this has to be the most amusing of the lot.

Why Rockman Was Not In Brawl: Nintendo Was Pissed At Capcom

By now, most if not all of you have seen the complete SSBB roster, which lacks a certain Blue Bomber.

With Snake and Sonic hogging all the third party love, why wasn't Rockman, a character who would have fit in perfectly not included in the roster? Apparently, several insiders are reporting that Nintendo was pissed at Capcom for allowing "Resident Evil 4" to go multiplatform, thus they passed off the opportunity to include Rockman or any Capcom character in Brawl.

C'mon Nintendo, forgive and forget.

Still, with Capcom being one of the only third party developers supporting the Wii with high quality titles, one would think the two gaming titans would have kissed and made up. Sadly, no.

Maybe in the next Super Smash Bros., we'll see our blue boy... Someday.