Thursday, November 6, 2008

Famitsu Scores SSR3

Famitsu, the most respected weekly gaming magazine in Japan, has put Shooting Star Rockman 3 through its trials, and the verdict is in: 32/40 (straight eights). A mediocre score; not the worst, not the best, but relatively good.

Wait a minute...that number sound awfully familiar. Oh that's right, it's the same score the first two entries in the series received. Fancy that!

SSR fans, I wouldn't get too upset. Famitsu is somewhat known to be a little bias towards games that aren't what they consider "popular." For Pete's sake, they gave Nintendogs a perfect 40/40. Nintendogs. 40/40. (It's a fun game, but definetly not worth a perfect score)

News Credit: Heat Man


  1. Wait wait, 32/40 is mediocre? I thought mediocre was around 20/40-29/40. To me 32 is good.

  2. protodude, what did you mean about the bias thing? Were you saying that Famitsu probably scored SSR3 too low?

  3. ^
    Not too low, but the same as the previous two. SSR3 is clearly an improvement over 1&2, but Famitsu appears to not have recognized this based on the score.

  4. I am not sure.. I dont think this game is good since ryussei no rockman 1-2 and now 3rd.. It is getting bored quickly to me so I dont think it is good game. I would rate 32 is better suit for it. I am sorry but I am fan of Rockman and I know that Rockman 1-9 rocks.. This game....disappointment, really.

    Famitsu recognized this but I think they find it no different from 1&2 anyway. I agreed with Famitsu on this one.

  5. We see it as an improvement, they probably see it as just another entry. I really enjoyed EXE6, but the magazines just rated it like the others, saying it was "more of the same"

    I'm just hopin' that rumor about Rockman.exe as a secret boss is true.

  6. We all have our opinion, anonymous lol. I'm a MegaMan fan too and I'm really looking forward to this game. a 32/40 is a great score.

    I used to feel the same with Star Force 2 after finishing it, didn't think I would touch my Zerker file again after getting 100% on my Saurian file. A month later I'm hooked with my Zerker file. Show that MegaMan is good no matter his different versions.

    Can't wait for Star Force 3 since it looks better than the other two.


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