Thursday, August 31, 2017

Capcom Announces New Mobile Puzzle Fighter (Featuring Mega Man X)

Puzzle Fighter is coming back as a free-to-play mobile title, Capcom announced. Developed by Capcom Vancouver, the game will is slated to hit iOS and Android in late 2017.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Review (Nintendo Switch)

Azure Striker Gunvolt and its sequel brought a fresh, arcade-like take to Inti Creates' certified Mega Man formula. Both games are among the top 2D side-scrollers on Nintendo 3DS. Starting today, they're making a mark on Nintendo Switch with Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mega Man Zero & ZX Staff Reunite for Dragon: Marked for Death

Surprise! Inti Creates are proud to announce a brand-new IP for Nintendo Switch: Dragon: Marked for Death.

Officially revealed during the Nindie Showcase ahead of PAX West 2017, Dragon: Marked for Death is dark fantasy action RPG that can be enjoyed solo or together with friends locally or online. Best of all? Many prominent and talented staff members from the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series are back working together on this project!

Read on for the trailer, screenshots and the complete staff roll!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mega Man Battle Network 1 Battle Chip Balance Fan-Patch Released

Re-balanced Battle Chip damage was one of the more subtle, but welcomed changes to Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting. A little over thirty of Mega Man Battle Network 1's chips had their damage value increased for the better. Guts Punch and Ice Punch, for example, were buffed from 60 and 80 damage to 160 and 150, respectively. Hammer is one of the more striking examples; buffed from 100 to 220 damage!

Now, these balance changes can be applied to the original Battle Network via a handy fan-patch. A cool person by the name of BOBdotEXE just released a "Operation Patch" for MMBN1. It's described as "a simple mod that aims to re-balance the battle chips as they were in “RockmanEXE operation shooting star” and "this will keep the power levels much closer to the later games in the series."

Hey, it may not be the English OSS patch you've been looking for but it's pretty neat in itself. Grab it here!

Shooting Star Mega Man 4Inch-Nel Delayed One Month

The recent trend of Mega Man Sentinel figures getting hit with delays continues. Originally slated to ship this month, Sentinel's Shooting Star Mega Man 4Inch-Nel figure has been delayed to an undisclosed September date. Sentinel says the move to September is due to "production circumstances."

So if you happened to pre-order from Ami Ami and the like, be on the lookout for an e-mail. Now, I wonder if this will affect the production of the red Subaru variant? Only time will tell.

Source: Sentinel

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Grab These Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Robot Master Cheat Sheets

I don't know about you but I was a little bummed to learn that copies of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 – unlike its predecessor – did not ship with a Robot Master cheat sheet. It's not a huge deal but it would have been a nice addition, especially for new players.

However, the official Mega Man Twitter account is here to right the wrong with four mobile-friendly cheat sheets. Save them to your phone and see which Robot Masters you should tackle first! I do, though, want to point something out: if you're not the best player in the world I suggest hitting Frost Man first in MM8. Tengu Man is commonly suggested to be your first Robot Master but he can be tricky for new players. Frost Man, however, stays grounded and he's not easy to miss with a fully charged shot. Just remember to slide when he lunges.

Source: Mega Man

Saturday, August 26, 2017

12 Years Later, the English Advanced PET II Has Been Found

Way back in 2005 Mattel announced plans to localize and distribute Takara's Advanced PET II handheld in English. As the successor to the popular Advanced PET, the device introduced elements inspired by Axess – Cross Fusion and Double Soul. The thing is, it never came out!

Now, twelve years later, a fan by the name of Ubergeek77 miraculously found it. He bought it used from an eBay seller with no indicator it was the English version. It's a bit of a mystery where the seller found it, though. Did he work for Mattel? Did he smuggle it out of some warehouse? No one knows! Regardless, I'm happy this oddity made it into the hands of a worthy fan.

For more images of the Advanced PET II, head on down to The Rockman EXE Zone!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Takara Tomy Mega Man Mini Figures Due This Fall (Updated)

UPDATE: An image of six figures from the line has been found by reader Hayden Marks via eBay. We've got three Mega Man variants, a groveling Dr. Wily, a Met and Eddie with a working flip-top! If HLJ's listing is correct, there should be two more figures. Who could they be?

Original story: If this listing from Hobby Link Japan is anything to go by, your collection may soon be home to a new line of Mega Man mini figures. HLJ have opened up a placeholder page for a box of eight Mega Man "Takara Tomy A.R.T.S" figures. Note that these are "trading items and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 8 by the manufacturer." In other words, blind box figures.

I've no word on how much *one* figures costs but a box of eight individual figures will run you $22.64 USD. They're expected to ship by November 30th.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rockman Classics Collection 2 Debuts at #8 in Japanese Sales

The physical PlayStation 4 version of Rockman Classics Collection 2 charted at #8 in Japan. According to Media Create sales figures, the game sold 8,537 copies between August 10th and August 13th. Mind you, that's only three days worth of data from Media Create's August 7-13th chart. By comparison, the Nintendo 3DS version of RCC1 (the only physical SKU available in the region) charted at #2 in its first three days of launch.

Going by Famitsu's numbers – which include data pulled from additional retailers – RCC2 PS4 moved 9,370 units. In all that's about 40% to 60% of its initial shipment (roughly 15,000 units). I have no data on the physical Xbox One version. It looks like it didn't chart (that was expected).

So looking at all of this, I don't expect any meaningful growth in week two. But again, these are numbers based on the physical version. Maybe things are a bit brighter on the digital front. Unless a significant milestone is reached, Capcom rarely disclose digital sales figures. Either way I think it's safe to say, despite charting low, the game is moving in-tune to Capcom's expectations.

Source: 4Gamer, Famitsu

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Portion of Nintendo 3DS Code Found Inside Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Several strings discovered in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 seem to suggest there is, or perhaps at one time was, a Nintendo 3DS version of the game in the works. Read on for GreigaMaster's findings!

A Familiar Face Shows Up in New Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Story Trailer

Feast your eyes on the full Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story trailer. There's so much going on you may have to watch it twice. The highlight for Mega Man fans, though, is the surprise appearance of a certain someone. He's not playable but it's nice to see him represented in some capacity. You'll have to watch and find out!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will arrive September 19th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chinese "Mega Man ZX Prequel" Fan-Game is Getting an English Translation

Since its launch in late July, Mega Man ZX Prequel – a fan-game set 200 years before the events of Mega Man ZX – quickly become a favorite among Chinese-speaking Mega Man communities. And recently, with the announcement of an English version, developers Rockman Labs hope it will catch on overseas.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Update Out Now on PC, PS4

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 version is available now on PC and PS4. Although no official notes were included with the 1.3GB patch, players did notice the "Licenced by Nintendo" line is no longer attached to Mega Man 7's copyright notices.

UPDATE: Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10's music is not fixed. BGM is still quiet and, in some instances, there's no sound at all (PC version). Other than that, the patch appears to be more or less targeted at minor bug fixes. If you happen to notice anything else, shoot me a message.

Thanks to OKeijiDragon, MechaGS and BFeely for the info.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mega Man X Novel Chapter 2 Translated

Have you been keeping up with the Mega Man X novelization translation project? Well, there's no time like the present! The second chapter was recently translated and posted to the project's Google Doc. Chapter 2 recounts X's encounter with Chill Penguin, told from the latter's perspective. It's an interesting read, exploring Chill Penguin's thoughts and feelings behind the Maverick uprising.

The Mega Man X novel was released in Japan late last year. It's written by Tsubasa Todoroki and illustrated by Yoshiro Iwamoto. Earlier this year, a fan by the name of Skycompass began translating the book alongside a group of other passionate fans. The project is ongoing and will take some time to complete. Odds are, though, this fan-translation will complete ahead of an official translation.

Best of luck to Skycompass and company. I look forward to the rest!

Source: MMX The Novel Translation

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Review (PlayStation 4)

I couldn't begin to tell you the number of times I played each of the four games contained in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. I know them like the back of my hand or, to put it more intimately, like the face of a life-long friend. These games mean something to me, you know? They mean something to a great many of us (all for different reasons, I'm sure). That's why it was important for Legacy Collection 2 to reproduce these games as faithfully as possible. I'm happy to say it met those expectations.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Trophies Revealed for PS4

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes a total of 21 Trophies on PlayStation 4, revealed by PSN Profiles and Exophase. Unfortunately they're all bronze – no silver, gold or platinum. Moreover, the original individual trophies from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 are missing in action. No "Mr. Perfect" or any of that. Unless there's more Trophies to be revealed, that's a bit of a head-scratcher.

Click the links above or hit the jump below for the running list.

Official Rockman Website Gets Redesigned

Today, Capcom Japan completely overhauled the official Rockman website. The refresh provides better representation for all series under the brand, such as this page that breaks down which games are currently available to download. The product page shows off new and upcoming Rockman goods, and the history page charts each series along a timeline. What's more, the history page goes on record to declare, "the total number of games is over 130 with cumulative sales over 31 million! (as of March 31st, 2017)."

Anyway, nothing too groundbreaking here. It's nice to see Capcom tidying things up a bit before the 30th anniversary gets rolling, though. If anything is in the works, it will have this nice, clean website to present itself.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Red Ash: Magicicada Crowdfunding Rewards Have Been Mailed Out

If you helped crowdfund the Red Ash OVA, keep your eyes peeled to your mailbox: your rewards are on the way. Japan shipments were sent via Yu-Pack, and international shipments via EMS. In other words your stuff will be here any day now.

Backers who pledged for figures of Call, Lucy and Deluxe, be advised that your shipment has been delayed to mid-August. In the meantime, it's probably a good idea to double check if you submitted your shipping address. You gotta get on that ASAP!

Lastly, an e-mail containing a link to download digital rewards has been sent to backers. The download page expires on August 31st. Please make sure to redeem it before then!

If you have any questions about rewards and shipping, shoot Studio4℃ an e-mail at

Thanks to Nz17 for the tip!

Watch Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network From Start to Finish

Courtesy of Megacocorock, Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network has been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety. This is our best and most complete look at the game, which is no longer available in any form. The footage is in Japanese, though you can find a summation of the game's events here.

A spin-off from the EXE series, Phantom of Network was originally released in 2005 for mobile phones across eight chapters. The game features a unique scenario and new characters not seen in the GBA titles. The game was succeeded by Rockman EXE: Legend of Network in 2006. Footage from that game is few and far between, sadly. I'm hopeful Megacocorock pulls through on that front; he's quite resourceful.

Thanks for the heads up, Eric!