Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Papercraft "Live Metal A"

Feeling a bit creative? What better way to vent that creativity with making a Live Metal A (of ZX Advent fame) papercraft!

MRi has put together a lovely visual step-by-step guide on constructing the papercraft along with instructions on how to make your own colorful variations. Be forewarned, further instructions will require Google Translate as the contents are in Chinese .

When all's said and done, you should have yourself a fine looking Live Metal, perfect for cosplay or filling up space on your mantel.


  1. I'm definitely going to try this.

  2. Watch out world, paperman is going to be in the world ;D.

  3. The body looks like a low-poly 3D model from an N64 game. Yes, I know that BioMetal A.

    Did that make sense?

  4. Very very nice. Extremely well made and well detailed.

  5. LOL...
    That's not moonspeak... XD

    So if you really want to google translate, that's Chinese. :P

  6. ^
    Zomg! well, i certainly was tired. article edited!


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