Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scene From Lebron's "MegaMan"

For those who haven't seen it, here's a small clip from Eddie Lebron's MegaMan fan film. Here, we see Dr. Light being interviewed regarding his work on "teleportation."


  1. still impressed. the cinematography and acting are really really good for a no-budget film.

  2. I don't think their acting are that good. They look too fake to me. I dont like this fan made. Rockman/Rock look so wrong and Roll look like she is high or something. Not good fan made.

  3. Most of it is not bad. I am just not crazy with Roll and Protoman. I was assured that Megaman is depicted well..... but I dunno...... Protoman should be played by "Protoman" of the Rockman Memories boards :P Now there is a Protoman/Blues.

    - The Shadow -

  4. This video is totally wrong. Dr. Wily character in this video should have alots of white long hair on each side of the head. Dr. Right should have a long white cloud bread and a lots of white hair on his head. Roll -- Oh please.. she look terrible! Rockman -- What ?! He look like ... I can't even describe it. This video sucks. I saw it and shock that it was terrible. I dont like this video fan made. UGH!

  5. Dear Mr. Lebron,

    You may have noticed this already, so forgive me for pointing out the obvious:

    Dr. Wily has GRAY hair on both sides of his head, and is bald in the middle!

    Your Dr. Wily, on the other hand, looks like a thirty-something year old man trying his best to look sinister and/or demented.

    Another thing you may have noticed, so again, forgive me for pointing to the obvious:


    Your Rock, on the other hand, seems to be a 20-something asian male, and your Roll a 20-something
    hispanic female. What. The. Frig?

    To me, this movie's only saving grace so far, however, is Roll. The actress is incredible cute, and you can see she is doing her best to act Roll-like, no matter how little she resembles her.

  6. if your biggest complaints are as superficial as wily's hair style and the ages of the actors then this movie was clearly not made for you.
    i would love to hear your solution for getting talented child-actors to work on a fan film. child actors are usually pushed by their parents because of fame and money. you're not going to get either working on a fan-film. parents aren't going to subject their children to 12-hour work days for nothing in return.

  7. I think it's fine. Those comments of "wily should have a bald in the middle" and "Dr. Right's hair shound be white" are useless. Why?
    Because a movie is not an exact translation of a game, is just an interpretation, and it's better that way.
    If I want to see the exact same thing I saw in games, well... I should play the games!
    The nice thing about a movie is to recognize familiar characters in new environments and with different interpretations. Isn't more fun and mind-challenging that way?

    Kepp the good job!!!

  8. Steev and Lopez are right on the money.

    Meh, the director on his website that he enjoyed the whole "culture" of Megaman. Based on the amount of superficial whining and bashing over a no-budget film, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean fan culture.


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