Sunday, November 26, 2023

Rockman and Iiotonatati Collaboration Teased (Updated)

Iiotonatati, the Japan-based 'Let's Play' group highlighted in Retro Revengers, a 2D adventure-platformer inspired by Rockman and featuring a soundtrack by Manami Matsumae, is gearing up for an official collaboration with Capcom's blue hero.

While it remains to be seen if the collaboration will extend to the game itself - or a wholly different piece of Retro Revengers software -- a recent tease on the game's official Twitter account hints at merchandise for this partnership. UPDATE: Rather than a collaboration specific to Retro Revengers, this is a general collaboration among with Iiotonatati themselves. The sneak peek showcases shirts and tote bags featuring a set of new Robot Masters bearing unusual names (Devil Woman, Uncle Man... Cat Man?), and an illustration of Rockman surrounded by various support items.

Iiotonatati indicated more information on this collaboration will be shared at a later date.

Retro Revengers is available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam for $9.99.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Rockman-Themed Pop-Up Shop Heads to LA in March 2024

The Rockman 35th anniversary pop-up shop, which made a brief appearance in Japan last May, is now making its way stateside. Animate has announced that the pop-up shop will be hitting their Los Angeles location in March 2024. While specific dates haven't been disclosed yet, expect that information to come out closer to the New Year.

If you can't make it to LA, fret not! Animate has confirmed that these items will also be available for purchase online. Currently, several Rockman items are up for pre-order on Animate USA's online shop and are slated to be shipped in March 2024. Moreover, customers spending up to $15 on goods will receive one of seven random photo cards (see image on the right for a glimpse).

You can have a look at what's available here. Stay tuned for updates!

Kotobukiya Postpones Rockman X 30th Anniversary Stream Event

Due to "various circumstances", Kotobukiya has postponed the previously-announced Rockman X 30th anniversary live stream event. The show was intended to commemorate not only the X series' 30th anniversary but the 5th anniversary of Kotobukiya's Rockman model kit line. New product reveals for the 30th anniversary and updates on previously-announced model kits were anticipated.

Kotobukiya has indicated that the stream will be rescheduled for a later date. New products that were intended to be announced will be featured on a separate YouTube Talk Live program. Additional details will be disclosed at a later date.

Source: Kotobukiyas

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Capcom Redesigns Official Rockman Website

For the first time in six years, Capcom has completely refreshed their official Rockman website. The update strips down much of the leftover 30th anniversary content  which hung around for a good while after the occasion  and organizes everything in a more clean and streamlined format. 

The revamped site now features a single page divided into three sections: Latest News, About, and Goods. The previous franchise timeline has been replaced by a simple "about" section that spotlights each individual Rockman series. Each series is accompanied by sleek key art alongside a small screenshot. Interestingly, the screenshot representing the EXE series appears to be from a pre-release build of the game—an unintentional oversight. Oops!

Apart from these changes, there's not much else of note. Nonetheless, the overall refresh is intriguing, especially considering that Capcom historically redesigned the site to coincide with anniversaries. However, the 35th anniversary deviated from this tradition without an overhaul. With Rockman X's 30th anniversary fast approach, perhaps this was the opportune moment.

Source: Rockman Series Official

Rockman X DiVE Illustration Collection Cover Art and Preview Pages

By way of Amazon Japan, we have our first look at the upcoming Rockman X DiVE artbook. You can find the cover art above (illustrated by none other than Keisuke Mizuno) and a handful of preview pages after the jump below!

Monday, November 20, 2023

Kotobukiya Roll.EXE Pre-orders Now Available (April 2024)

It's been a minute since we last heard from Kotobukiya's Roll.EXE model kit. But we've got some great news: she's up for pre-order! You can snag yours from our affiliate HobbyLink Japan right here. Other retailers should follow suit shortly if you have an alternate preference.

Roll comes with four unique face and hand parts, a Roll Arrow arm, and a clip-type display stand. She's due to ship in April 2024. Not much else left to say than that! You can find additional images and details from the link above!

Source: Kotobukiya

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Officially-Licensed Mega Man "Model Kit" Tees Now Available

A spiffy new line of licensed Mega Man t-shirts are up for grabs from Nerd Clothing that's a little something different from what you'd expect. The designs, which feature characters and items from the classic and X series, are made to resemble plastic model kit runners. Check 'em out:

Hey; props to the manufacturer for giving Tango some love there. Anyway, if these tees catch your eye, hit up the links above to order. And here's a perk: use code BF2023 at checkout and get 30% off the entire order too!

Friday, November 17, 2023

Collector to Showcase Various Rockman Prototypes for the First Time in Japan

To commemorate the recent release of his latest book, Not For Resale Guidebook GOLD, author and collector Jironosuke will be showcasing a range of prototype and pre-release software from his personal collection next week in Osaka. 

Among the highlights are prototypes for Rockman 1, Rockman 3, and Rockman X. This event will mark the very first public viewing of these early versions, which currently remain undumped. Jironosuke has previously eluded to a number of differences—both minor and significant—between these prototypes and the final retail versions, so it'll be interesting to finally see them in action. Please note that attendees will not be able to play the games; rather, Jironosuke will demonstrate them on stage.

The event takes place on Sunday, November 26th at 17:30 JST at Umeda Lateral in Osaka. If you're in the area, swing on by and check 'em out for us. For those unable to attend, let's keep our fingers crossed for some footage. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Yetee Rolls Out Fresh Mega Man Goods for the Holidays

Seeking some Mega-fied stocking stuffers for that special someone this holiday? Well, have a gander at The Yetee's newest lineup of officially licensed Mega Man goods. From pin sets to tote bags, tees, and "premium" sweaters, there's a little something here for everyone. 

For additional Mega Man goods from The Yetee not shown here, hit up the Mega Man storefront here. Also, a big congratulations to the artists whose work were chosen to be featured in this lineup. Well done!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Giveaway - Dodecamin "Rockman BIG" Access Codes

We've managed to secure 25 access codes for Rockman BIG, the official collaboration game between Rockman and Japanese energy drink, Dodecamin BIG. While these codes typically come bundled with Dodecamin BIG bottles, given that they are exclusive to Japan, here's your opportunity to try it out.

To enter, simply send an e-mail to RockmanCornerContests@gmail*com (remove the *, of course) with "BIG" in the subject line. Winners will be randomly selected on Monday, November 13th, at 12 PM CST. If you win, I'll hit you up with an access code along with instructions on how to play. Anyone can enter; there are no restrictions here. UPDATE: Submissions are closed. Thank you for participating!

For those unfamiliar, Rockman BIG is a bite-sized browser game that challenges you to defeat Elec Man, Air Man, and "Dodeka Dr. Wily"—an original Wily machine boss character. You'll also get the opportunity to face off against "Dodeka" versions of Elec Man and Air Man, oversized variants that dominate large portions of the screen. As you conquer bosses and tackle challenges, you'll earn Bolts, which can be exchanged for physical prizes.

Currently, we're working on preserving Rockman BIG before it shuts down in January 2024. We'll keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime, enter the giveaway! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

15 Years in the Making, Mega Man RPG Fan-Game is Complete

After 15 years of development, Mega Man RPG Prototype by Adrian Marceau (Ageman20xx), has finally launched. This browser-based fan-game blends RPG elements from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon with the classic series Mega Man characters and Special Weapons. It features a full campaign, nearly 100 playable characters, a meaty post-game, and an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Asahi Soft Drinks, Capcom Team-up for Rockman Energy Drink

Asahi Soft Drinks and Capcom are joining forces for a special Rockman edition of "Dodecamin BIG" energy drink.

The campaign is set to run from November 7 to January 15, 2024, and draws inspiration from the classic E-Tank, known for its strength-restoring properties, a perfect match for Dodecamin. To set itself apart from previous energy drink collaborations, Dodecamin BIG bottles will include a sticker that when scanned, will allow you to play a unique Rockman game.

More details after the break!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Mega Man X Characters Attend Teppen's "Dark Auction" Event [UPDATED]

The latest Teppen update has dropped, and it brings together characters from Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Mega Man and other Capcom characters as a spy team. Their mission: recover the stolen Kinship Stone from the suspicious auction house in Castle Salazar.

In line with this new storyline, a fresh card pack featuring Mega Man X-themed cards has made its debut. You can check the art and flavor text after the break!

"Shironeko Project New World's" and Rockman Collaboration Announced

Shironeko Project New World's, the free-to-play action RPG game developed by Colopl for Android and iOS, has just revealed the last character in their "Three Major Character Collaboration" event, and it's none other than Rockman.

Rockman will close the event, which began with Baki Hanma from Baki the Grappler, followed by Maple from Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense, and now culminates with the game's second collaboration with the Rockman series.

Find all the details after the break!