Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mega Man Marathon For Haiti

Today, the TomBobBlender Show is streaming a live Mega Man 1-9 playthrough with intentions of raising money for the Red Cross Haiti Relief. Donations will go towards supplying food, shelter and support for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. As of this writing, the show has managed to raise $285 of their $2,010 goal.  You can find the stream below, and you can send donations via the group's PayPal account here.  It's all for a good and worthy cause!

Credit: GoNintendo

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mega Man 10 Trophies Detailed has just posted a list of all the trophies for Mega Man 10, which are the same as the 360 Achievements that were revealed a few weeks back. Nevertheless, here they are:

  1. WHOMP WILY! (Bronze Trophy) – Clear the game once.
  2. SUPERHERO (Bronze Trophy) – Clear the game on HARD.
  3. WORLD WARRIOR (Bronze Trophy) – Defeat one of every type of enemy.
  4. TRUSTY SIDEARM (Bronze Trophy) – Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.
  5. NO COFFEE BREAK (Bronze Trophy)– Clear the game without using any energy, mystery or weapon tanks.
  6. BLUE BOMBER (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game in under an hour.
  7. HARD ROCK (Silver Trophy) – Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.
  8. HEADBANGING (Silver Trophy) – Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on.
  9. DESTROYER (Silver Trophy) – Defeat 1000 enemies.
  10. TENACIOUS  (Silver Trophy)– Clear the game without continuing.
  11. INVINCIBLE (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game without dying.
  12. MR. PERFECT (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game without getting damaged.
No Gold or Platinum?

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Inafune Answers Your Questions (Part II)

    Inafune's back with another batch of answers to your questions. Topics this time around include Powered Up 2, Mega Man animation, fan works, the franchise's future, and a whole lot more. Check them out after the break!

    Rockman Zero Collection Delayed

    Citing "development reasons", Capcom Japan has chosen to postpone the release of Rockman Zero Collection, changing the April 22 release date to an undetermined, "TBA" date, according to a message at the game's official website:

    Capcom apologizes for the inconvenience and will update the game's official site with a new release date as soon as a decision is made. No word if the delay will affect the English version (June 2010), but depressing news nonetheless. I'll keep you informed.

    [Capcom JPN Support]

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Rockman Candy Announced

    Capcom, in a partnership with Japanese candy brand Sakuma Drops, intends on producing special Rockman-themed candy this Spring to commemorate Rockman 10's release:

    The "Rockman Sakuma Drops" come in eight variates of flavor: melon, mint, orange, plum, pine, strawberry, lemon and apple -- the colors of which supposedly correspond with Rock's special weapons featured in RM10.  Oh, and best of all, the candy is said to help you "prepare for the Roboenza outbreak." Cute.

    The product is scheduled to release March 6 for 350 Yen, or roughly $3.92 USD. Naturally, it's a limited time only deal, so this is likely to become a collector's item.

    [GameBridge News] via CapKobun

    Mega Man 10 Dated For Europe

    European Mega Man fans, rejoice. Hot on the heels of Nintendo Europe's Media Summit, Capcom revealed the release dates for Mega Man 10, and it's coming soon. Real soon.

    The Wii version is first out the door, releasing on March 5. A week later, the PS3 version releases on March 11, followed by a March 31 release for the Xbox 360 version. Pretty much the same release dates as North America, but the European Wii version hits a few days later than the US (March 1).

    Credit: Pure Nintendo

    Tornado Man, Sniper Joe Custom Figures

    Though Wonder Festival is long over, sculptors are already hard at work prepping for the next garage kit convention, as evident below. Here's a sneak peek at forthcoming homemade Tornado Man and Sniper Joe figures scheduled to appear at this Spring's Wonder Festival...

    Oh so awesome. How often do we see a Sniper Joe figure? Let alone Tornado Man?!

    Joe is said to be 12cm in scale, and when colored, will resemble the Mega Man 7 variation. Accessories like his trademark shield and swappable red/green mono eye are said to be included with the kit. Tornado Man on the other hand has no accessories for the time being.

    I'll be sure to post up the fully painted models once the sculptor makes them available. Nevertheless, these are looking mighty fine for work-in-progress stages!

    [via Rockman924]

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Keiji Inafune Answers Your Questions (Part I)

    Remember when you guys asked Inafune a bunch of questions back in December? Well, he's finally gotten around to answering quite a few...

    "Way back last December, we asked for your questions for him and Ariga-san to answer live on Mega Man's 22nd Birthday Celebration broadcast. Some of your questions were answered by him on camera, but I had also sent a list to be answered afterwards. Today I received the answered questions from the community and I'm glad to be presenting the first five! Inafune-san gives really in-depth answers, so be sure to check out all the questions after the break! I'll be rewarding the Capcom Unity members whose questions were chosen with some mega bonus unity points so you can spend on awesome Auction items! Part I goes up today, Part II will go up tomorrow and Part III will features answers from Ariga-san, of Mega Man Megamix fame."  --jgonzo, Capcom-Unity

    Hit the jump for a portion of questions/answers! For the rest, you'll have to make your way over to Capcom-Unity.

    Japan Gets New E-Tank Energy Drinks

    In honor of Mega Man 10's release, Capcom Japan is producing a new variation of the popular E-Tank energy drink, which features Rockman 10 branding and a new blueberry flavor.

    Side-by-side comparison of new/old design below after the break.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Capcom Talks Likelihood Of Mega Man 10 On PC

    With Mega Man 10 on the verge of release, one wonders if the title will grace the PC in the foreseeable future. Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development, recently answered a fan's inquiry regarding the issue over at Capcom-Unity...

    "As most folks know, I'm a huge PC gamer and advocate of PC gaming in general. That said, even I will admit, there probably isn't a sizable enough audience for EVERY game on every platform. I'm struggling to see a large enough audience for MM9/10 on PC that doesn't also own one of the consoles that content is available for.

    That said, you never know when someone will get a desire to make it."

    Personally, I believe there is a certain group who would appreciate MM10 and MM9 PC ports, like those who don't own current-gen home consoles and get their game on strictly through the PC -- but, as Mr. Svensson noted, is that a big enough audience? What's your stance on the issue?

    Mega Man 2 iPhone For $1

    The iPhone and iPod Touch version of Mega Man 2 is on sale once again. The game was recently marked down by 80% the other day, on sale for a low $0.99.  No indication when the offer expires, so you might want to get on this deal before it's gone.

    You can purchase the game, and its subsequent demo version (for free) directly off of the iTunes Store.

    Thanks for the pointer, Vasili.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Reminder: Megamix Vol. 1 Available Wednesday

    Wow, can you believe it? After many years of petitioning and demanding, Hitoshi Ariga's acclaimed Mega Man Megamix manga is finally coming stateside, and soon, too! Our pal at UDON, Matt Moylan, sends word that volume 1 will be hitting comic book stores Wednesday, February 24th. Other book stores, and online retailers like Amazon should be shipping the book some time around then, too.

    To celebrate Megamix's release, Matt let loose a sneak peak at the final product (right), and another preview page from the book's Robot Master profile section. Which Robot Master is spotlighted this  time? Find out after the break!

    Three Inch Mega Man Figures On The Way, Jazwares Pushing For More Retro Rotos

    In a recent interview with Tompop, Jazware's Scott Levine spoke a little about the company's future plans with the Mega Man IP, specifically, mentioning their intentions of producing a line of 3 and 3.75'' figures and possibly finally producing those long lost Wave 2 Retro Rotos:

    You remember the wave 2 Rotos, don't you? After the initial Retro Roto line, Jazwares planned on producing Rotos based off of Heat Man, Wood Man and Ice Man -- sadly, they were never released publicly, but hey, that might soon change!

    Is Tango In Mega Man 10?

    A neat little discovery made over at The Mega Man Network:

    "A few days ago IGN posted some new videos and screens of Mega Man 10. One of the things about the screens is that they featured borders which will fill in the dead space on 16:9 aspect televisions. As it turns out, though, these borders reveal a bit of information when you look at them up close! Namely, it shows off quite a few, if not all of the game’s stage enemies in one of the borders (not including midbosses)."

    Apparently, Game Boy Mega Man V's robotic feline, Tango, is but one of the many characters featured within the border! Check it out:

    "It’s kind of hard to fix the color, since there’s clearly a blue tint on them. But it’s easy enough to make out that Tango is there. Having made a sole appearance in Mega Man V for Gameboy (and Rockman & Forte on Wonderswan, if you’re in Japan), could this cat finally be coming back?"

     Well, what do you make of it? Indeed, the above sprite looks similar to its MMV counterpart, but does this necessarily confirm the critter's presence in Mega Man 10?

    The complete border analysis available at TMMN

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    English Mega Man Kubricks Discovered

    In a bit of interesting news, to say nothing of unexpected, it appears that Capcom might be developing Mega Man branded versions of the Rockman Kubricks, if this auction is indeed accurate -- a possible indication that the figures will be coming stateside:

    The packaging, unlike the Japanese versions, feature English names and the Mega Man logo.

    Capcom previously expressed an interest in selling the figures outside of Japan, and it looks like they might be fulfilling that interest. I'll keep you updated with more information as we get it.

    Retro Roto Re-releases Are Missing Something...

    Jazwares Inc. showed off their planned re-release versions of the popular Retro Roto line of Mega Man figures earlier this week at the American International Toy Fair in New York, and although practically the same as those releases originally released in 2006, these new variants appear to be missing the famous "Build-a-Bot" parts:

    Originally, each Retro Roto contained Build-a-Bot parts that, when assembled, would create a solid blue, “Full Charged” Mega Man figure. The packaging for these re-release figures curiously lack any sort of 'Build-a-Bot' advertisement, which were prominent on the original figures' packaging (below):

    I imagine the lack of B.A.B parts will increase the value of the original figures in the eyes of collectors...

    [via Fort90 and Tomopop]

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    New Mega Man 10 Footage has come through with a handful of new Mega Man 10 videos, which you can check out below. Beware, spoilers are abundant!

    And the rest...

    Mega Man 4 Rated By ESRB; Release Imminent (Update)

    Hot on the heels of the OFLC rating, Mega Man 4 was added to the ESRB's database earlier today -- a major indication that the NES classic will hit the North American Virtual Console very, very soon.

    Mega Man 4
    Platform: Wii
    Rating: Everyone
    Content descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence
    Rating summary:
    This is an action-platformer game in which players control a small figure that shoots and jumps its way through sci-fi environments. Players can use an arm cannon to shoot tiny pellets at enemy creatures (e.g., robotic hippos, caterpillars, and spaceships); effects include small white bursts and brief explosion sounds.

    It's likely the game will release this coming Monday, February 22, exactly one week before Mega Man 10's WiiWare debut, but I wouldn't take my word for it.

    Update: didn't happen. Next week's MM10, so I doubt MM4 will release on the same day. Maybe the following week!

    [via GoNintendo]

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Rockman Kubricks Shipping Out

    Title says it all: Medicom's anticipated Rockman Kubrick figures are planned to ship out tomorrow, the 18th!
    Standing at 7cm tall, the figures come with swappable parts like a helmet-less Rockman head and a Break Man helmet for Blues. Furthermore, each figure comes with their own respective "Bearbrick", a translucent bear figure which have sprites of the character's 1-Up icons on their chests.

    The Kubricks cost around $40.00 USD, and can be purchased from a number of online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, NCSX and others. Pricey, sure, but oh so awsome.

    [via GoNintendo, GameSetWatch]

    Bonus Goods For Gigamix Vol. 2

    Purchasing Rockman Gigamix volume 2 at select retailers in Japan yields a special bonus in the form of limited edition postcards sporting exclusive art by Hitoshi Ariga.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Zero Collection Temporary Box Art

    Below, the temporary Rockman Zero Collection box art that's making the rounds at various in-store retailers:

    ...Looks to be reusing the Japanese Zero 3 package artwork:

    Hopefully, the final packaging will be a bit more original, perhaps featuring brand new art courtesy of series artist Toru Nakayama.

    [via Yahoo! Auctions]

    Megamix Profile Of The Week - Ice Man

    In anticipation for Mega Man Megamix volume 1's release (Feb, 24), UDON has sent out yet another Robot Master profile:

    I just love Ariga's rendition of Ice Man. I think he's my favorite design next to Skull Man. Check back next week for the final Megamix profile!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    New Mega Man 8-bit Death Match Trailer

    A new trailer for CutmanMike's multiplayer Doom mod, Mega Man 8-bit Death Match, has hit the web, which shows off some of the newer gameplay elements like additional stages and weapons. Check it out below!

    The full game isn't available just yet, but those interested can download a playable demo at the game's official website here. Thanks to CutmanMike himself for the pointer.

    Win A Free Copy Of Mega Man 10!

    Want Mega Man 10? How about for free?  Well, then you might want to check out The Mega Man Network's latest contest where ten fans will be eligible to win a copy of the game for a console of their choosing! The details after the break...

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Megamix Vol. 3 Up For Pre-order

    According to, Mega Man Megamix volume 3 is slated to ship out on August 13th -- a mere three months after the planned May 14th release of volume 2.  Given the fact that Udon's recent MM books have seen their fair share of delays and bumps, this release date is most likely subject to change.

    And don't forget, Megamix volume 1 is just around the corner. UDON's Matt Moylan previously informed us that vol. 1 will release on February 24th wherever comics are sold -- that's only a few weeks away!

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Official Rockman 10 Valentine's Day Icons

    Capcom Japan's Rockman 10 website celebrates the season of love this Valentine's Day weekend with a series of downloadable Twitter icons and wallpapers:

    Download them here! The promotion runs between today and Feb. 26th, so these won't be up forever.
    Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day to reader Terra for the tip.

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    A Better Look At The E-Can Pillow

    Gigazine has a obtained few snapshots of the upcoming E-Can pillow, which shows off just how big it really is. Check them out below.

    Capcom plans on releasing the 30x30cm pillow in March for 2,625 Yen, or roughly $28.00 USD. No word on a release outside of Japan, unfortunately.

    [via Gigazine]

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Mega Man 10 News Blowout: Weapons, Modes, Release Dates Revealed

    Capcom's press room updated with a ton of Mega Man 10 information tonight, which reveals not only the game's official release date, but all eight Robot Master weapons and the low down on new modes.

    First and foremost, the much anticipated release dates: Mega Man 10 will debut on Wii's WiiWare service first on March 1st, followed by a March 11th PlayStation Network release, and a March 31st release for the Xbox Live Arcade version.

    Now onto the goodies: Robot Master weapons. Check em' out after the break...

    Mega Man Parody In Lucky Star PSP Game (Updated: Footage!)

    Well, here's your weird news story of the day: Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister, a PSP game based off of the popular anime/manga series, apparently features a full-fledged Mega Man parody mini-game entitled "Mega Konatan."

    "the game appears to be a pretty faithful parody of classic Mega Man games, aside from some weirdness and the main character being one of the Lucky Star people. What I find very amusing, though, is all the “comments” plastered over the screens. This to is a parody of the site Nico Video, a Japanese service similar to YouTube which lets users upload their own videos, and then other users may comment on them. These comments will actually roll over the video at the time in the video the comment was left. It fits the theme of the game, which seems to be about becoming the greatest internet idol. How do the Japanese think of this stuff?"  --The Mega Man Network

    I never quite grasped the appeal in Lucky Star, but hey, I might just have to try this!

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Rockman Ranks 22nd In Famitsu's Top 50 Game Characters

    A recent survey conducted by Famitsu magazine asked its readers to rank their favorite video game characters. The results were revealed in this week's issue, and naturally, Rockman, amidst plenty of iconic heroes and villains, managed to make the cut.

    The blue bomber placed 22nd in the rankings, just behind Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth and ahead of Devil May Cry's Dante.  Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid fame trumped all at number one.  Notably, Rockman managed to outrank numerous other famed Capcom characters like Ryu (Street Fighter) and Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil) who placed 30th and 31st.

    You can check out the the full rankings and see where your favorites placed at 1UP.

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    Stardroids Confirmed For Gigamix Vol.2

    It would appear that the Stardroids of Rockman World 5 (GameBoy Mega Man V) fame will indeed have a presence in the next volume of Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Gigamix manga series.  As seen on Amazon Japan, the cover artwork for the upcoming volume 2...

    Back cover/dust jacket after the break...

    Megamix Profile Of The Week - Wood Man

    Courtesy of UDON Entertainment, here's a new Mega Man Megamix profile page. This week's featured Robot Master is none other than Mega Man 2's own Wood Man:
    Check back each Tuesday for more Megamix profile pages!

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Rockman 4 Now Available On JP Virtual Console

    As of today, Japanese Wii owners can grab themselves a download of Rockman 4 off of the Virtual Console for a mere 500 Nintendo Points.

    No news on Mega Man 4's release yet, but it probably isn't that far off now considering the game was recently added to the OFLC classification database; usually a good sign of progress.

    Thanks for the tip, Ginei!

    Another Mega Man Imposter Spotted

    It appears the likeness of Powered Up's Mega Man had the dubious honor of recently being ripped off for use on a foreign mobile service advertisement:

    Ah the beauties of living in a country where intellectual property is so rarely enforced. I spotted this little treasure in a mall’s cell phone kiosk earlier this week, this cute little rip-off is calling himself kit-boy and would like to tell you about unlimited data cell phone plans."

    I love the addition of the pinstripes and the "call button" to help solidify this character's "originality." Amusing, no?

    [via Dark Diamond]

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Wonder Festival Showcase

    Garage kit convention Wonder Festival kicked off in Japan today and as expect, there was an impressive assortment of Rockman-based models and figures. Presented after the break, a showcase of these lovely homemade creations.

    Mega Man Fan-Film In May

    Over at the official Mega Man fan-film blog, director Eddie Lebron announced the movie's much anticipated release date:
    "Now as cool as the ScrewAttack Throwdown is, there is one last thing that I’m extremely excited to announce… you’ve heard us talk about… you’ve seen trailers for it… and soon you’ll finally be able to experience it for yourself.  Coming in May, you will be able to find Eddie Lebron’s master piece of a fan film - Mega Man - exclusively on ScrewAttack.  The Blue Bomber is going to blow you away.  See the trailer here( Speaking as someone who has seen it, Mega Man is the way a video game film should be made.
    And thus: World Premiere Screening: May 1st. 2010 Online Release: May 7th, 2010."

    A brand new trailer for the film is said to appear sometime within the next four weeks.

    [Mega Man Film Blog]

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Strike Man Fan-Art Contest Voting Going On Now

    Another week, another Mega Man 10 fan-art contest. This week you can vote on your favorite piece of Strike Man fan-art. Take a gander at the gallery, and place your votes here!

    As usual, the winner of this weeks contest receives copies of both Mega Man and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works, and a position in the finals. The winner of the finals will recieve a signed skecth from either Keiji Inafune or Hitoshi Ariga.

    [Capcom Unity]

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Super Modeling Soul Rockman Figures Now Available For Pre-Order At NCSX

    The new Bandai Rockman figures that were previously reported are now available for pre-order at National Console Support, Inc.  At this time, NCSX is only taking pre-orders on the boxed set version, which comes with 11 random figures at a steep $85.90.  Unfortunately, there is currently no sign of the planned cheaper, individual figures.

    NCSX ships to a variety of locations throughout the world, so if you're looking to import the figures, you might want to check these guys out.


    More RM10 Soundtrack Details

    Inti Creates has opened up their Rockman 10 soundtrack web page, and naturally, a few additional details have popped up.

    Firstly, The 12 page full color booklet (above) will contain commentary from a number of Rockman 10 staff members including producer Hironobu Takeshita, and director Hayato Tsuru. The booklet will also come with some official art and guest artwork courtesy of Megamix author Hitoshi Ariga.

    The site also revealed a number of musicians attached to the RM10 project, each of which  composed music for the franchise at one point or another. Composers include "Manami Matsumae (Rockman 1 and 2), Yasuaki Fujita (Rockman 3 and 4), Minae Fujii (Rockman 4), Mari Yamaguchi (Rockman 5), Yuuko Takehara (Rockman 6 and 7), Makoto Tomozawa (Rockman 7), Shusaku Uchiyama (Rockman 8 ) and Akari Kaida (Rockman & Forte)."

    [The Mega Man Network]

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    Gigamix Vol.2 Dated

    Hitoshi Ariga announced on his blog today that Rockman Gigamix volume 2 will hit retailers on February 27th for 1,200 Yen ($13.47 USD).  As a followup to vol. 1, Gigamix 2 will depict new stories taking place within the classic series universe, and is said to feature fan-robot designs.

    Ariga also voiced his intentions of including a couple of extra goodies like commentary and an interview with fellow author Yoshihiro Iwamoto of Rockman X manga fame.

    More Gigamix updates are expected to appear on Ariga's official blog.

    [Dark Messiah]

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Soft, Cuddly E-Tank

    Capcom Japan plans on releasing an E-Tank themed cushion this March for 2,625 Yen, or roughly $28.00 USD. The pillow measures in at 30x30cm. Perfect cuddling size!

    For the time being, they can only be purchased through E-Capcom. Hopefully, Capcom US will bring them our way...if not, there's always good 'ol Ebay!

    [Rockman 10 Official Website]

    Mega Man 4 Rated By OFLC (Update)

    Australia's Classification Board, the OFLC, has recently listed a rating for Mega Man 4, suggesting that a Virtual Console release outside of Japan release isn't too far off.

    Rockman 4 is hitting the Japanese VC sometime this month February 9th for 500 Nintendo Points.

    [GoNintendo, NeoGaf] thanks, Joel

    Rockman 10 Soundtrack Coming March 23rd (Updated)

    Shinseido Shopping is offering pre-orders for a Rockman 10 CD soundtrack, slated to release March 23rd for 2,500 Yen ($27.00 USD). No other details are known at the moment, but I suspect we'll be learning more about it from Inti Creates soon enough.

    Perhaps the soundtrack's release date points to a more specific release for Rockman 10? Closer to, or on March 23rd?

    [via GoNintendo]
    Update: Capcom Japan's Rockman 10 webpage has revealed not only the cover of the soundtrack (pictured), but a partial track listing:

    01 USUAL DAY
    05 TITLE
    06 MENU

    Furthermore, a new CD from Inti Creates entitled Inti Bonus Disc Vol. 1 was also announced. It will contain an arranged version of the "highway theme (Nitro Man stage") song, and a “non stop remix” of the boss stage themes from Rockman 9.
    [The Mega Man Network]

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    New Rockman Figures By Bandai (Updated)

    Happinet Online is currently taking pre-orders for a set of new Bandai Rockman trading art figures. The product, "Super Model Spirit: Rockman Box", is a collection of 11 figures based off of characters from various series.  The lineup includes the following:
    • Rockman & Mettool A
    • Rockman & Mettool B
    • Roll
    • Forte A
    • Forte B
    • Blues
    • Rockman X
    • Zero (X series version)
    • Zero (Zero series version)
    • Air Man
    • Cut Man
    (Note: the final figures will be painted; these are prototypes)
        Happinet anticipates a May release for the complete set at a cost of 8,190 Yen, or roughly $90.11 USD. Individual figures will also be sold separately, and will be much cheaper at ¥650 ($7.19 US) a pop.

        It's notable to mention that the boxed set may not contain each possible figure; you'll still get 11 figures, but maybe not one of every type available.

        Credit: CapKobun 

        (Updated: added a few additional details)

        New Mega Man 10 Art Revealed, Plus a Little Tease (Updated)

        As seen on Capcom-Unity:

        The artwork's unveiling was followed by this ever-so mysterious tease...

        "Congrats Unity members! You've survived the social networking challenges and have unlocked this brand new Mega Man 10 art. What's so special about this?'s a hint. There's a third. A third what? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!"

        What could it be? My money's on the unveiling of the third playable character, who I believe belongs to that arm towards the bottom. It's gotta be connected to somebody, right?

        UPDATE: Well what do you know, the two pictures combine...

        Perhaps tomorrow will bring about a "third" picture that acts as a bookend?


        Operate Shooting Star Helps Boost Capcom

        Thanks in part to steady sales of Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star, Capcom has posted a soaring profit for this past period.

        Citing "steady sales supported by their established brand names", Operate Shooting Star, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Tri~, Ace Attorney investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and Resident Evil 5 boosted the company's sales up 5.9% to 49.99 billion yen ($551 million). Net income saw an impressive jump at 865.9% to 1.73 billion yen ($19 million).

        All in all, Capcom is laugh all the way to the bank.

        [via Kotaku, Capcom Investor's Relations]