Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rockman & X: One and the Same Or Separate Robots? Some Light On the Issue

One of the most heated debates amongst the fan base is the argument of Rockman X's true identity: Is X the same robot as Classic series Rockman or is he a separate individual bearing the classification of a "Rockman?"

Although no outright answer has ever been given by Inafune san or the games themselves, the fact that official sources dodge the answer to the question is proof in itself. Various source book material constantly refer to X as a separate character, going so far as to establish his own unique set of schematics that greatly differ from Classic series Rockman. If the two were indeed the same character, source books or official supplemental material would have stated so by now.

One of the most intriguing pieces of information supporting the theory of X as a separate character comes from the official Japanese Rockman forum. Years back, a user asked Capcom staff if "Rockman, Rockman X, (and Rockman Trigger)" were the same character. To everyone's surprise, Rockman series staff jumped in and answered the question: All three Rockmen were each separate characters. Interesting yes, but should we take this answer literally? It's debatable.

Like the former "cataclysm theory", this debate will continue to be waged until the day Inafune san himself gives a definitive answer himself.

Until then, let the speculation continue on!


  1. I don't see how the two could be the same. X clearly has a different body, and the series constantly stresses that his mind is different from that of the original Rockman. He also doesn't appear to have any of the original Rockman's memories. So what is it of Rockman that exists in X?

  2. i agree with (as far as i know :S) most of the people in saying that they are seperate. but maybe this may be a little bit of an answer to these theories. as said in super smash bros brawl when you use the solid snake easter egg with toon link. the girl on the other line says that the links are different in body but the soul/mind/i cant remember :S lives on in all of the links. that is how i've always seen the megamans, whether battle network, classic, DASH, or the famous X series, its always been rockman through and through.

  3. This exact question was recently asked directly of Inafune-san and he made it very clear that Rock & X are, indeed, separate characters. You can't get much-more official than Inafune outright stating it.

    I'd link to the article/interview, but I don't remember the exact URL. I'm pretty sure it was a Nintendo World interview but I could be wrong. This is normally where I'd head on over the The MegaMan Network and find the actual article, but the site is (conveniently) down right now for some reason. I'll check back on it later tonight and if I can find a link I'll post it here in the comments, but I'm 99.999% sure this has already been answered in that interview.


  4. That's kinda like saying RnR's Rockman is Rockman.exe.

    They're most obviously separate entities. How you could even think this was so or that the cataclysm theory was so is beyond me.

  5. Mega Man and X are different robots - Dr. Light's creations simply shut down after he died(as per the law we were introduced with in MM9) . X undergoes constant checks for the next 100 years

    It's even possible that Mega Man helped build X in the first place. I can't see Dr. Light keeping it a secret.

  6. I've always considered X to be a more advanced version of Mega Man. But they're still seperate characters. Maverick Hunter X showed X being built from scratch. He can't be the same character.

  7. Personal opinion, not backed by whatever Capcom USA would tell me. I think they are all seperate.

    - The Shadow -

  8. We have "The Day of Sigma" for some poor conclusions. Based on Rockman 9, he *might* have reached his expiration date..? and Dr.Light has started immediately something more advanced, in order to fight Dr.Wily's robot (spoiler: Zero, on Rockman Power Fighters) in a far future. That's me. ^_^;;

  9. Zero was constructed to kill X, & Zero was under construction, or, at the very least, being brainstormed (with, BTW, some parts he wasn't given until he rebuilt Zero in X2 as Serges, so this plot point puts to rest more than one plot point) in Bass ending of The Power Fighters, at which point Mega Man was most definitely doing things that weren't being upgraded into X.

  10. I am pretty sure that X and Rockman are two different characters. Although it does make you wonder if the original Mega Man is still out there, at least his parts.


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