Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mysterious MMX Demo Cart On Ebay

Ebay seller toysoldandnew, is selling a cache of supposed Super Nintendo demo carts of which include a mysterious MMX cartridge:

"Megaman X game cartridge with odd label for the Super Nintendo in perfect working order.I had posted a thread about these cartridges on Digitpress about two months ago and received some plausible theories about what this cartridge is.

Like the picture above, some say Majesco Sales Inc, while other samples say Must Be Returned To QC, have nothing or have Blank written in ink on them under the title.

What it could be:
Could be an In-House Test Cart, but have no way to know this.
Others have mentioned it could be an In-Store demo release.
Some say it could be Majesco Overstock.

What it is NOT:
It is NOT a prototype.
Certainly not a rental as a few thought.
Why would they take the original labels off and replace with something like this?

Putting up as a Fixed Price Buy It Now with Best Offer.

If you can open up the shell or dump the chip, then this is for you.
Worst case, you get a good game with an odd label.
Best case, you get a part of gaming history.

For a mere $24.99, this doesn't seem like such a bad offer, especially when you consider how "rare" the cart may turn out to be.


  1. Watch it be a prank or something...

  2. Majesco used to republish and reissue SNES and Genesis games in their earlier days. This is more than likely a base cartridge for a republished Megaman X and nothing more than that.

  3. i dont thnk thats the worst case, id say:
    worse case: it's not a megaman game
    worser case: you get a pathetic pirate or something like that
    worst case: you get just a cartridge with no game software and a terrible label

  4. It is suspicious. I wouldn't trust on it.

  5. Well doesn't matter now, it's been bought.


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