Friday, March 5, 2010

Old-School Mega Man 10 Commercial Is Mega-Awesome

To further fuel the Mega Man 10 hype, Capcom whipped up a nostalgic, "lost" Mega Man 10 commercial/trailer. Give it a watch:
A simple, yet enjoyable parody of gaming ads of the late 80's/early 90's. Loved it. I've gotta have that jingle!

[via Capcom Unity]


  1. Your friendly, Neighborhood MettaurMarch 5, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    I had a good chuckle at the fact that they're using a MMX song for MM10 (Or "X" in roman numerals) I laughed at the rest of the commercial, too.

  2. Stupid commercial and the Megaman 10 poster is so ugly.

  3. LOL! Why does it have the intro MMx stage music? Lol either way it did make my day.

    ♪MEEEEGA MAN He's much more than a man♪

  4. Oh, u! <3

    /love for Capcom
    //fark style SLASHIES

  5. :3

    Pure epicness!

    It's perfectly retro, especially those who remember the early 90s video games commercials

    Capcom will never cease to be awesome. ^_____^


  6. Yuck, it simply sucks!!
    Why did they use the mmx first stage song for it? Did they really think that doing that would make that ad to look retro?
    And that "megaman" jingle is like to receive 50 kicks to anybody´s groin

  7. MaverickHunterAshMarch 5, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    Absolutely wonderful. I love Capcom so much for doing things like this.

    To those who thought it was "ugly" or otherwise didn't like it: you're obviously missing the point. How old are you? Did you grow up and play video games in the late '80s/early '90s? Because if not, stuff like this (and the retro-ugly Mega Man 10 art) is going to be lost on you.

    Capcom didn't make this because they're actually promoting Mega Man this way. They're making fun of the fact that this is precisely how American video games (their own and other developers') used to be advertised. It really was this awful and corny. That's why it's so funny. XD

  8. This...

    has got to be the most awesome Mega Man commercial I've ever seen since the one for Mega Man Legends.

    Also, I should quote this:
    -"Anonymous said...

    Stupid commercial and the Megaman 10 poster is so ugly."-

    You made a bad comment and you should feel bad.

  9. LOL a good laugh in this one and thats why Tatsunoko vs Capcom trailer is like this with a unperfect picture/screen that is need too be adjust....

  10. When I clicked on it, and the commercial showed. Moment later, it ends, and I laughed like "Ha!". I think it's fitting very well!


    Yeah... that is a famous motto!


  11. WOW the boys console great classic I think its Atari or Commodore with a classic joystick.

  12. dang that made me lol alot
    my only complaint is why the hell is the kid playing MM10 on the Atari 5200 from what i remember well it was on the NES -.-

  13. Pretty funny. XD

    Just to note, that's a fan made commercial, not a Capcom commercial.

  14. Nope, it's made by Capcom and im-8-bit.

  15. Wow, they really captured the retro commercial style with this one didn't they? A bit more...corny than I remember, but awesome none the less. If I see this on television, I will shit. XD

  16. This is so corny, how can I NOT enjoy it? Ho ho ho...

  17. Was that Broken ****ing Highway?!


  18. Will this air on TV?


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