Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Giving Away Mega Man 10 PSN Download Vouchers! (CLOSED)

Courtesy of the folks at Capcom-Unity, I've gotten my hands on four Mega Man 10 PSN download vouchers, which I intend to give away to you! Winning is relativity easy: simply drop a comment about your thoughts on a hypothetical Mega Man 11; would you prefer another 8-bit entry, or something different? What kind if bosses would you like to see? Playable characters? Whatever. Just talk about Mega Man 11!
After I've seen a sufficient amount of feedback, I'll be updating this post with the vouchers. That's right, this is a first come, first serve deal so these will go fast. I'll be posting the codes one at a time throughout the remainder of the day, so check back often!

Oh, and I'm not the only one giving away codes today. Our friends at The Mega Man Network are holding a similar contest, so this won't be your only chance to win ;)

A big thanks to Capcom-Unity for this gracious opportunity. Be sure to check out their Mega Man 10 collaboration fan-art contest, which is definitely something artsy fans should take a gander at. Sounds like a lot of fun!
UPDATE: Alright, here's the first code. Grab it while you can: LFNF-RRB9-PEBB
UPDATE 2: Second voucher -- CQRE-MRB9-2NNL
UPDATE 3: Third voucher - D9ML-JABP-5TR7

With one voucher left, I've decided to change the subject for the sake of variety. This round, I'd like for you guys to discuss what you think the Mega Man series as a whole should do next: continue on with more classic series sequels, or go back and revisit some other ones like X or Legends, or maybe even a brand-new series? New collections? Which anticipated games/sequels would you like to see come to fruition one of these days? X9? Legends 3? ZX3? MMPU or MHX2? Keep those comments going!
FINAL UPDATE: This it, the last voucher! R2KJ-M2B5-JHH6

Ah, what fun! Hope you all enjoyed, and congrats to the winners. Again, many thanks to Capcom Unity for the codes!


  1. Be honest now, you really got 5 but are keeping one yourself aren't you? Just kidding. At any rate, it doesn't really matter what I say, 'cause I don't have a PS3 and live in europe anyway, but I don't really mind MegaMan 11 being 8-bit or not. I think it'd be fun if other series were playable in 8-bit, though, like an 8-bit MegaMan Battle Network or something, even as an extra maybe? either way, honestly, I don't care, as long as Mega doesn't die. Ever. Also, MegaMan 11 for DSiWare! I was bummed that I wanted to play Megaman 9/10 in the bus/somewhere where I don't have my wii, and I couldn't. Either way, like I said, I live in europe and I don't have a ps3, so my post doesn't count or anything, but that's just my thoughts. I might post again if I think of other things.

  2. well how about having proto, mega, and bass all playable but the weapons they get are different for one another that be a good idea. maybe being able to design own character and play with it. maybe some unique challeges like get hit 1000 times or maybe get all screws in stage. hm maybe adding the different version of mega like normal clothes megaman and then megaman with charge buster and slide like powered up.

  3. Well, I like what they're doing as far as making them look like NES games... Of course, if they returned to new-gen consoles for 11, I'd hope the game would play faster and more actively than 8 did (felt too slow for my liking, though the cutscenes were cool).

    My big thing is that I'd appreciate more girl bosses; Splash Woman was fun to see as well as fight.

    Oh, and Bass has to play a prominent role again. I know he came into the series late, but being a smart-ass and a troublemaker, he's a perfect foil for goody-goody Mega Man.

  4. I'd like it to be 16-bit. They did a great job with Power Battle and Power Fighter. And with what they did with the 8-Bit in MM9 and MM10, it just feels like it would be a blast.

    Bass and Proto remain playable characters, maybe even have a side story as part, being a type of MM&B addition. One could dream.

  5. Your friendly, Neighborhood MetoolMarch 16, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    Could it be for Wii as well, or did you already do that? Because i only have a Wii, sadly.

    Well anyway...
    I want MM classic to take a break. I mean, we already have 12-18 figured out (Geddit? X2=12 X=10?)
    And unless we go around and start to call MMX, MMX1 we have no room for the MMX series.
    But other series aside, I would honestly like to see it in a non 8-bit style. these are supposed to be sequals to MM8 (The last main one that had slides/charges and better graphics.) and I feel that it's unheard of to go backwards for a sequal, let alone twice.

    So if MM11 has to be made, put it in 16/32/64 bit style and give an actual continuation to the series in all forms.

    As for RM's, I say think of some creative boss types. Strike man's a good start but I'd like more different archtypes, or at the very least, do variations that have the same effects. (For example, instead of a freeze effect from a Ice RM, do a different freezing (Ala PC's) from a microchip robot. And maybe more females RM's as well.

    I'd also like to see 4 playable characters, if only to copy what NSMBWii's done.

  6. well, to be honest, i'm glad that capcom has opened up the original mega man, and i think they're doing well with the series. i myself, for mega man 11, think that the 8 robot masters should be entirely fan designed. i once read that the mega man games have themes that go with them. i'd like to see one that throws the theme idea out the window, and lets the fans design the robot masters, and lets the fans vote on the entries. sort of like what capcom does now, with thier suggestion box. fan made, and fan picked. however, capcom should have control of level design. granted, the fan chosen robot masters would affect the stage theme, but still, capcom designs levels quite well. however, a level builder similar to one in MMPU should be added. i also think Bass should be standard, as well as protoman, and roll should be DLC. and, maybe throw in a few hints about zero and x's development maybe?

  7. I'm not exactly doing this in hopes of winning (since I already have Mega Man 10 on the Wii), but I'll go ahead and voice my opinion, anyway. I'd like to see another 16-bit and/or 32-bit installment in the series, too, but at the same time, I wouldn't mind them going another round with the 8-bit style one more time. Especially if they're going to bring back what some of the other games brought to the series. The things I'd like to see in Mega Man 11 are:

    -The return of intro stages.
    -The return of Duo (while playing an actual role in the story).
    -Eight castle stages, like in Mega Man 4-6, and/or something similar to the Doc Robot concept from Mega Man 3.
    -A less predictable storylines.
    -Another female Robot Master.
    -A Boss Attack mode.

  8. alangavinmott@hotmail.comMarch 16, 2010 at 6:38 PM

    My thoughts on Megaman 11?
    Well to be honest I don't see them doing a eleventh entry as much as it pains me to say. Ign already had to defend the blue bombers tenth installment. I can see them doing a 16 bit Megaman x downloadable game or possibly something else altogether but I will post my hopes for Megaman 11 if it ever was to come into existence. MegaMan 11 once again should be set in all it's eight bit glory. It shoul obviously keep MegaMan as the main protagonist and I would love to see Protoman and Bass team up as anti heroes. I can think of eight Robot master off the top of my head AquaMan
    ( no reallY!),BoltMan,Titanium Man, ElasticMan, SHark Man and SharkWoman a duo fight perhaps?,LiquidMan, GasMan,InvisbleMan,ZombieMan!

  9. I think it should be a few years before 11. They should reviste some of the older series before moving on.

  10. Honestly, I'd like to see a modern take on the Stardroids. They were such a great idea, and yet they were only on the game boy.

    But if not that, I would like to see a situation where Wily ISN'T the bad guy. Something happens, everyone blames him, but he's not in charge.

    Another idea is what we all thought would happen when Roll caught Roboenza: A Mega Man vs Roll battle. Roll so often gets shunted off to the side; it'd be nice to see her take the reins for once.

    Lastly, the Mega Man 2 robot masters were some of the greatest and most creative from a game, IMHO. I'd like to see more done with them in the future.

    Of course, it needs to be done in 8-bit, since that makes the games classic. A slightly more difficult 'easy' setting would be nice, while keeping Protoman and Bass as playable characters. Honestly, Capcom is doing a great job. I'm sure they'll continue to wow us.

  11. Personally, I'd prefer if they went back to a 32-bit-ish style, I'm kinda sick of 8-bit now. D:

    Maybe have 11 be like MHX or Powered Up!, that would be awesome.

  12. MaverickHunterAshMarch 16, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    YFN Metool -

    How some people say that there is "no room" left for more Classic series titles because "X" stands for "10" is beyond me. The "X" in the Mega Man X titles has *never* stood for 10, it's simply a reference to the series' protagonist, to make the point that the hero isn't Mega Man, but X. There's as much room for future Classic series games as Capcom wants to make; they could go up to Mega Man 20 and have it never connect with the X series because if they wanted to, because the future of the Classic series storyline is unwritten. No one's to say how many battles Mega Man goes through before the X series starts... except Capcom. Seriously now.

    However, I will agree with you that I'd like to see some real story progression, whether that involves the X series or not. I'd love for Mega Man 11 to be the beginning of a possible multi-game, episodic story arc, one that has a bigger, more meaningful build-up, climax, and conclusion than Mega Man 10's disappointing story did. Think Sonic the Hedgehog 4 -- it's going to be episodic and have a multi-part story that builds up to a HUGE conclusion, and the developers are doing this to recapture the epic feel and spirit of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, which is in my opinion one of the most awesomely epic (in terms of story and scope) platformers ever created.

    I'm NOT saying that Mega Man 11 should be episodic, but Mega Man 9 and 10 are short enough that the entire games could be considered "episodes" in themselves (since they're apparently so hell-bent on stupidly emulating Mega Man 2's structure). So why not make Mega Man 11 the first part of maybe a three- or even two-game story arc? That would be awesome. It would allow for bigger and more ambitious storytelling and could give us one of Mega Man's most climatic battles yet, either with Dr. Wily or a new, deadlier foe that wants both Mega Man AND Wily gone (like in Mega Man V).

    Well, that's what I'd like to see after Mega Man 10's disappointing story. It'll never happen, though -- it seems not even Capcom takes the Classic series' story seriously any more.

  13. I definitely enjoyed the music of Megaman 10. I will be whistling these for quite a while and am looking extremely forward to the Arrange Soundtrack. And I've enjoyed the 8-Bit style for these games. It reminds the team how to compose songs and design stages; short but sweet.

    But now it's time to move on. Let's see some HD goodness, and please stay away from the Powered-Up style.

    A flat, non 2.5D graphical style with highly contrasted colors and plain edges where you can distinguish hitboxes. Make sure Megaman's right foot can still be used as a gauge for jumps; those are the reasons people like that style. MM7 was close in emulating that, but everything was huge.

    MM10's stage layouts were very well-designed; they were still brief. The Hard Mode is not fun, though. MM9's Superhero Mode had respectable challenge; 10's Hard Mode borders ridiculous on enemy placement (not to mention screen-scroll respawning still isn't fixed), and to add an attack to the boss' arsenals is a slap to the face of longtime fans.

    MM9 was extremely fun to speedrun, but only because the weapons were good. Granted they're a bit overpowered in 9 (which would need to be fixed), but they're just not as enabling in MM10. Also, bosses. FFS, no more MM10 bosses. Tone them down, and avoid random initial appearance (Weapon Archive).

    And no more Hard modes. It's another slap in the face. Either you pass the main game, or not. If you want an Easy Mode for new players, do what 2 did. And bring back Megaman's Charge Shot and Slide.

    The Challenge Mode was very interesting. You could master the weapons and practice against bosses. Very, very nice touch. Somebody was really thinking with that.

    I think that should cover the bases as far as critiquing.

  14. @alangavinmott:

    Gas Man and Shark Man? What a strange coincidence. I came up with Robot Masters with those exact names before. Also, there's already an Aqua Man in Mega Man 8.

  15. If MegaMan 11 is ever to grace the gaming world, it MUST NOT be 8-Bit. The nostalgia factor is over and anything further would be milking the gimmick and sullying the classic series good name and "classic" status. At the very least it should be with MegaMan 7 graphics, but in the end, I hpe that they come out with something so incredibly new, just as they did with 7 and then 8! Capcom needs to use their heads and creativity more. I believe with MegaMan 11, the games story should be more in depth and the gameplay structure be new. I wish for new surprising and enthralling things with future MegaMan installments. Who knows when the classic series will bridge to the X series but I hope it to be soon, otherwise MegaMan will surpass Final Fantasy in number of main series, and that is just sad. MegaMan 11 should stay consistent with characters and storyline, but bring something new. A whole new spin yet retaining the addicting and timeless gameplay. It can be done. Capcom is just sadly too lazy to even attempt it anymore.

  16. i myself haven't been to big a fan of episodic games. you're paying money, for a piece of a game, and get more of it when you pay more money. you pay money, and don't even get to see an ending. i do however like the multi part story however, like Ratchet and Clank Future. i think a mega man game done that way would be rather interesting. but i don't think you could call it 11, or number it in the main series.

  17. Got LFNF-RRB9-PEBB

  18. @MegaMac:

    You DO realize that a bridge to the X series would mean the end Mega Man Classic, right? Is that truly what you want? I certainly don't want that to happen, since that happens to be my favorite out of all the Mega Man series.

  19. you could try changing the topic after each code is posted. might keep the comments fresh and coming.

  20. I love Megaman 11 not to be so short and make more things to do I loved mm9 and mm10 but there too short lol as for characters it would be nice to be able to play megaman, protoman, and bass from the start keep the megaman games coming! Thanks CAPCOM!

  21. I would like Megaman 11 8-bit seems more fun that way to me I loved mm9 and mm10 but they were too short. It would be nice to see the stage editor from powered up back lol

  22. mega man 11 should go back to the two castle formula. i;d like it to be a bit longer than 9 and 10 were. i loved them both but i beat them too quickly!

  23. I'd love for them to go the SNES X9 route instead, but if we were to continue with an NES style 11 I would want something similar to Mega Man & Bass where you don't have access to all 8 bosses at first but branching paths that lead to the ultimate goal and tons of collectibles like the CDs to keep the replay value up.

    Doing what they did with MMPU would be cool too with Roll and all the Robot Masters being playable as well.

  24. Personally, I just want MM11 to be a "new" installment, instead of a revival. Some sort of new innovation or majorly different art direction. For example, co-op multiplayer.

  25. I was really disappointed to find out that the rumors about MM10 having co-op were false, however, Capcom could make it up for us if they were to put online co-op in 11. :U

  26. Honestly, I would like Roll to get in on the action. It's about time for her to do some serious @$$ kicking.

    A story to incorporate Duo as well. Great character with little time to shine.

    Here's a story idea for you. Instead of looking for a way to disguise a problem to sheepishly hide the fact that Wily is behind it. How about Wily comes right out and says "Hey Megaman, come and get me." And start the game format backwards.

    Start off at Wily's castle.

    At the end of the castle Wily tells Mega that by beating him, he's triggered a bomb that will destroy the city and that the deactivation code will be made available to him if he defeats his robots in the correct order.

    Results may vary.

    Brand new way to do things.

    Hey, they had a girl robot, time for change.

  27. awesome, I got the 3rd code. Thanks Protodude and Capcom!

  28. Well, since the subject was changed on the news post: Yes, I'd like them to continue making new installments in the Classic series, as well as the X series. Mega Man Legends and all the others, I don't particularly care for. I think the last thing they need to do right now is make another (crappy) Mega Man series. They just need to focus on extending the ones that already exist. Mega Man: Powered Up, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man X8 are in DESPERATE need of sequels right now.

  29. Honestly, I don't mind which series gets a sequel, as long as it has co-op!

    Co-op can make a game so much more enjoyable regardless if the main game is mediocre, like Resident Evil 5.

    To be fair though, I think X9 and Legends are overdue a sequel, even if EXE is my fav series. :V

  30. They should make a classic game that leads into the X series.

  31. If I have to throw my weight behind any sequel, it would be Legends 3. No more remakes; it's time to press forward.

  32. @Krazy Monkey

    Everything must come to an end.
    byw, I got a voucher error code 80023102 :( I had one in my mitts...

  33. @Last Anonymous:

    Again, we could just kiss the Classic series goodbye if that happens.

    Anyway, to add on to my other comment, I'd REALLY like to see them get back to work on Mega Man Mania. Hopefully, they will, if Mega Man Zero Collection sells well enough (or if it even gets released). It would also be cool to see Mega Man X-Treme 1 and 2 on there as unlockables. Yes, I know... Those two games are part of the X series, but does that really matter? After all, Mega Man: Battle & Chase made its way to Mega Man X Collection (even though it was garbage).

  34. Legends 3

    do it

    come on

  35. WE want X9!!

    If Megaman Classic is near end. I will say perhaps Protoman lost live to save Megaman after Zero try kill him.

  36. @Anonymous #6:

    Err, no. It was already stated by Keiji Inafune, in 1 2008 interview, that Zero never killed, or even encountered anybody from the Classic series.


    I think it's safe to assume that Proto Man died by some other means, like that energy defect that Dr. Light mentioned during one of the endings of Mega Man 2: The Power Battle.


    ...I guess you do have a point, if you put it that way, but wouldn't it be a lot better if that story was told some other way, rather than just ending the Classic series altogether? That IS their main series, after all.

  37. Your Friendly, neighborhood metoo.lMarch 16, 2010 at 11:06 PM


    I was trying to make a humorous remark, but I guess there's no sarcasm button for the internet.

    As well, Your idea is a great one, but i personally like the future games to be non-episodic. I'd like for more titles, and a story is a plus, but I mostly meant in terms of everything else.

    Take MM8. In that game you had all of MegaMan's moves, vibrant graphics and a CD Soundtrack. (If any of these were good, that's another story.) By the logical progression of numbers (and how all media seems to follow this rule), you would assume that future installments would simply expand upon those features plus add new ones.

    MM9, although a good game, added nothing to the series. Retro throwback or not, it still went backwards and sequals don't do that.

    An example I can think of is an earlier MegaMan title, MM3. You had the slide ability in that game as well as traps to overcome it. Say for an hypothetical example that the slide was removed in MM4 and nothing else was added (Again, It's only an example, I know MM4 had a charge function added.) Why would one feature be around for one game and not the next? And in the case of MM9, the 2 lost abilities were used 5/6 times before hand. Sequals shouldn't take away things permantley.

    And this isn't even talking about the graphics/sound.

    As for episodic, I would just perfer it singular game after singular game, but that's just personal prefrence

  38. Your friendly, neighborhood MetoolMarch 16, 2010 at 11:08 PM

    scratch that last episodic part of my comment.

  39. ...Whoops, I meant Anonymous #7. My mistake.

  40. Honestly I think there should be more original like Megaman X games. They always seemed cooler to me.

  41. Actually another Megaman Legends would be incredible on a next gen system. I loved those 2 games...

  42. All I want is a Mega Man Powered Up 2

  43. ...CRAP, I JUST realized that I made ANOTHER mistake in my other comment. I meant "Power Fighters", not "Power Battle". I sometimes get the two of them mixed up.

  44. I really do like all these classic style games that Capcom is making. I kind of hope they continue with more of the same.

  45. I would really like to see a Mega man Legends 3

  46. @ krazy monkey
    Oh my bad. Well sorry I just notice a fanart that Megaman have Protoman's scarf around his neck.

  47. I do rather to have X9 than another megaman.

    By the way... P-L-E-A-S-E sell OSS to western!!

  48. So whats your favorite Megaman?

  49. ZX3 that doesn't mess around like ZXAdvent, and possibly MMX9 or MMX:CM2.

    Command Mission was great, and would make a nice game to implement the Cyber Elves and the 12 weapons of lore.

  50. I would like to see MHX2. I will buy both English and Japanese version.

  51. Megaman 11? that was fast, well 8-bit is ok but 16-bit or HD is a welcome new format and for a new female character other than Roll....

  52. More Woman in the Boss Select will be a great like MMZ4 that has a lot of female Boss......

  53. I would like Mega Man 11 to continue what they are doing now, but make the graphics HD. Do not change any of the proportions or actual gameplay, just up-res everything as it exists now. They could add in so much more detail to the character animations, opportunities with levels, etc. If they keep the same format and gameplay but truly free themselves of the limits of the NES, I think we could get a fresh game while not taking the route of MM7 and MM8. I found the core game-play just too different from 8-bit in them, the controls were sloppy and slow.

    Mega Man Powered Up was on the right track, but PLEASE do not make all the characters so squished and cute! Have them appear exactly as their current line-art draws them; that would be awesome!

    I would love to see Mega Man take the New Super Mario Bros Wii route in terms of retro modern throwback. Multiplayer may or may not work, but it would sure be fun to try!

    MUST HAVE a level editor like MMPU, that adds endless replay to a game. The ability to play as multiple characters including Bosses like MMPU would be great.

    I would like a more serious and detailed story for the MM Classic series. It doesn't have to be dark, but adding some meat and length to the game can still keep with the kid-friendly theme.

    I would like more DLC to be added than just the initial batch. For instance, if the game is a hit, they could continue to upload more features as the months go on,vs having everything built in from the get-go, and just unlocking pieces on specifics dates!

    I'm up for a MMX9, Mega Man Powered Up 2 or Maverick Hunter X2, but I've never gotten in to any of the other series. Porting MM9 and MM10 to the DS would be good. Perhaps a total remake of the MM Gameboy games in full colour 8-bit (with extra stuff a la MM10) for the DS would be a better replacement for the lost MM Mania series?

  54. what does MMPU or MHX2 mean???

  55. @Last Anonymous:

    MMPU = Mega Man: Powered Up

    MMHX = Maverick Hunter X

  56. @ everyone who want Command Mission 2.

    It will be awesome. X, Zero, and Axl are in nowhere in water... That is pretty crap lol Bring REAL Spider back!! :D

    And why do we need call this as CM2?? What about Command Mission Plus?? lol

    I just want to see:
    X9 and Command Mission "Plus"

  57. Yeah CM2 and more characters and Legends/Dash or Tron Misadventures im more on adventures in MM more adventures more fun and enjoyment :)....

  58. Megaman 11 with new spite not like the sprite of Megaman 8 or 8-bit but with an new sprite not the traditional spite more like the Megaman 9 teaser grapixs....

  59. Hey what happen to the other Robot Master in MM9 in the ending is it playable or thats the mystery in MM9 thats only what I think.


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