Monday, November 28, 2022

Kotobukiya Dark MegaMan.EXE Review

The Mega Man Battle Network train is still going strong with the release of Kotobukiya's latest kit, Dark MegaMan.EXE

Awakened by dark power and hot off the heels of MegaMan.EXE, this new kit adds a nice splash of darkness to your shelf. Let's meet after the break to detail what makes this bad boy so good!

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Who can resist the dark side when it looks this good? Seriously, this color scheme is absolutely amazing; recreated perfectly in plastic form. This fan-favorite design is finally available in all its edgy glory!

Now, as you can tell by looking at him, his body is identical to the MegaMan.EXE kit released in September 2022. In case you missed our previous review, no worries. We'll cover exactly what makes this kit tick. 

This is a very easy build; great for beginner model kit enthusiasts. The pieces all pop together very nicely, it's very sturdy, and it has amazing articulation. Use your imagination and skill to get him in practically any pose you could ever want. 

Once again, the knees and elbows are built into the legs and arms rather than being separate pieces. This gives the kit a more sturdy feel. These joints feel like the strongest ones yet. So strong, in fact, that you might accidentally pop the arm off at the shoulder while posing. Fortunately you can just pop it back on. The added strength really assures you that the completed kit won't fall apart or slump over from sitting too long. 

In terms of accessories, Dark MegaMan.EXE comes quite a few: There's four faces -- neutral, smiling, shouting, and masked. He also comes with a Buster, Cannon and a Sword with two blade lengths and a nifty glittery effect. Lastly, he comes with three sets of hands: fists, gripping hands and wide open hands.

As you can see, the accessories are identical to those of MegaMan.EXE with one major exception: the 
Mettaur. This little guy is included in place of the giant slash piece from the previous kit. The helmet can come off, so you can have it displayed standing or hiding!

Every piece is color separated (just like all of Kotobukiya's recent Mega Man series kit) so there's no need to paint it in order to look good. However, there are some details that may need a bit of help. With our trusty fine tip Gundam marker and a white plastic eraser, you can make the ear and chest emblems really pop!

That's all there is to say about Dark MegaMan.EXE. In summary, it's an easy and sturdy build and looks great when complete. He comes with plenty accessories, so let your imagination run wild. Remember, when you pick him up, use our affiliate links to let them know we sent ya!

With First Armor X and Blade Armor X already available for pre-order and several more kits on the horizon, the future of the Blue Bomber in toy form is looking bright!

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  1. Someone was remarking about wanting panels for their EXE goods.
    I don't have these (and probably not going to) so I don't know the scaling. But I wanted to do some 3D model work, so after thinking about this a bit I made this.

    It's a WIP. Right now it's a 1" x 1" x 0.22". It's a two piece print, one for the border one for the panel. I can make some tweeks to it and upload it on the 3D warehouse if anyone wants it. It wouldn't be hard to make cracked panels with this template.
    But at the moment, the tolerances and scaling are not set.

    I've been thinking of making parts for some of the other Kotobukiya kits I do have.


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