Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Next Wave of Official Mega Man Merch From The Yetee

Capcom's on-going Mega Man collaboration with The Yetee continues with more exclusive goodies. Up for pre-order this time is a Mega Man Zero Four Guardians Shirt, an adorable Mega Man X acrylic standee, and a classic series Roll shirt (in her Mega Man 8 duds). The acrylic ships at the end of the month; the shirts go out on December 7.

The previous lineup of goods are still available as well. The X vs Zero acrylic and the "Vampire Hunter" X shirt both ship at the end of the month. The Maverick Zero-themed "Let's Fight" shirt is available now, though.

Hit up the links above if anything tickles your fancy!


  1. Do you have discount codes for promoting? I kanda want that yellow shirt

    PS: Why is Google Account not highlighted? 0_0

  2. That Guardian shirt is everything!!! I love it


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