Thursday, November 3, 2022

Mega Man Battle & Fighters Will Be Included in NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2

NeoGeoPocket Color Selection Vol. 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on November 9th, SNK announced. Volume 2 will feature ten classic titles including Mega Man Battle & Fighters. Mega Man Battle & Fighters is currently available as a standalone title on Nintendo Switch.

Although nothing has been confirmed at this time, there's a chance that - like Volume 1 - Volume 2 could eventually see a limited physical print. If that happens, it would be the first time Battle & Fighters will receive a physical, commercial release outside of Japan. Again, nothing has been announced... but it's something we'll watch out for.

In the meantime, enjoy the lovely new key art above! It's always good to see new official art!

Source: SNKPOfficial


  1. … there was a Captain Tsubasa game on the Neo Geo Pocket Color?

    Also, is that freaking Thunder Blast Man up there in the upper-left…?

    1. I doubt it, though it'd be funny if Capcom stole back what was already stolen.


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