Monday, November 28, 2022

Jada Toys Teasing Mega Man Wave 2 Figures

Although Wave 1 isn't available yet (they're due in Spring 2023), Jada Toys have partially revealed the next three figures in their upcoming classic series toyline. 

Teaser images of Hyper Bomb Mega Man, Cut Man and Elec Man were published to Jada Toy's official Facebook group today. The figures will be fully revealed at the Los Angeles Comic-Con at Jada Toy's booth (#4415) on December 2nd. We can probably expect more details on availability and price. 

Stay tuned!

Source: Jada Toys


  1. Considering Wave 3 will finally complete a set of six RMs, I suppose the third figure in that wave will be Roll.

  2. I'm super excited for these figures, especially after seeing the first wave in-person!


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