Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Kotobukiya Mega Man X Blade Armor Coming in April 2023

Now that Dark MegaMan.EXE is on sale and out the door, Kotobukiya wasted no time to open pre-orders and confirm the release date for Mega Man X Blade Armor.  

Product Description:

From Mega Man X6, X in his powered up Blade Armor form returns as a plastic model kit for the first time in approximately twenty years!

Thanks to CAD engineering technology, Blade Armor X's proportions have been faithfully recreated while maintaining an impressive range of articulation that allows users to recreate a variety of scenes from the games!

Deploy the Buster by changing out parts and recreate various scenes with  two included sword-shaped effect and slashing effect parts!

The powerful Z Saber—featured in Mega Man X6 as a key game mechanic and given to X by his dear friend, Zero—and a hand part designed for X to hold the saber are included.

Blade Armor X can be customized with parts from the first X model kit. You can enjoy recreating snapshot moments from the games by collection each armor piece. Other accessories included with the kit - such as the Buster, large effect parts, hands parts and three interchangeable facial expressions, make this kit perfect for recreating different moments from Mega Man X6.

■ Model Specifications:

  • The kit includes three interchangeable face parts.
  • The Buster can be equipped to the model’s left or right arm.
  • The Buster’s deployed mode can be recreated by changing out the parts.
  • The kit includes interchangeable hand parts.
  • The model’s back is equipped with a 3mm connection point, making it compatible with separately sold bases from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G series, such as the NEW FLYING BASE and NEW FLYING BASE Plus.
  • The head, body, arm, and leg parts are interchangeable with previously sold MEGA MAN X X.
  • The buster effects and the blade part of the Z Saber are made of clear plastic.
  • The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to build a model that closely resembles the character’s appearance in the game.
  • The packaging includes a specially drawn illustration by Mega Man X series character designer Keisuke Mizuno.

■ Included Items:

  • Interchangeable Face Parts (Default/Looking Forward, Teeth Clenched, and New Shouting/Looking Forward)
  • Buster
  • Buster Deployment Parts
  • Four Interchangeable Hand Parts (Closed, Open, Support, Weapon Holding)
  • Z Saber
  • Three Saber Effect Parts
  • Weapon Holding Hand Part for X

Pre-orders are live now from the usual places. If you'd like to help us out, though, you can pre-order it from HobbyLinkJapan via our affiliate link for $63 or 61€. The kit will be released at the end of April 2023.

If you still need to catch up with the recent releases, you can still purchase MegaMan.EXE, Dark MegaMan.EXE and pre-order Mega Man X Full Armor slated for January 2023.

Looking ahead from here, next year is loaded for model kit enthusiasts. We've got Mega Man X Second Armor (Double Charge Shot Ver.), Mega Man X7's Axl, and the recently announced Mega Man from Mega Man 11 and Roll.EXE from the Battle Network Series. 


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