Saturday, November 19, 2022

Another Look at Bandai's Mega Man Battle Network Kit-Makes-Pose Line

Bandai's upcoming Mega Man Battle Network Kit-Makes-Pose toyline reappeared at Anime NYC 2022 this weekend. And thanks to Rockman Corner contributor GoodTofuFriday, we can share some new images of MegaMan.EXE and crew.

GoodTofuFriday tried to squeeze some release date info out of the Bandai rep. Unfortunately, he couldn't provide any specifics beyond, "they'll be on sale at the next Anime NYC". In other words, sometime next year.

We'll continue to keep an ear to the ground...


  1. Zooming in on these I can tell the quality is questionable compared with other products. They remind me of the quality of the models released back in the day that came with a battle chip and a flat stand of plastic with no way to secure the model. I guess Kotobukiya and Sentinel have set my bar high though and I know most don't like their prices but in my personal opinion these will sell in the same area of price of anything 10$ less at best is my guess but the quality is not worth it in my opinion. Just looking at Roll.EXE close up i can tell they are clunk-ish.

    1. Let's not compare these to Sentinel or Kotobukiya yet; I'm sure these won't be anywhere in the $60-$80 range per individual figure. Judging from other SMP figures out now: we'll likely get all four figures in a set for $70-$100.

      I personally think the Kotobukiya kits are a straight ripoff given their quality when compared to other Japanese model kits in the same price range, and they are even worse quality and engineering-wise compared to some Japanese kits for almost half Kotobukiya's asking price. $70 direct from Kotobukiya before shipping is completely insane for what's in the box; Eastern Model kits are comparable in price (or cheaper) and are not only way better engineered, but provide a ton more value.

      Sentinel is a totally different thing; boutique, pre-built, high-end figures, so comparing them to model kits from Bandai and Koto isn't apt.

    2. I just buy MegaMan merch so I don't compare quality to franchises that far outstrip what capcoms willing to put into MegaMans ip. Also those other models that have more detail for the same price probably come from bigger franchises and ip so they can afford the dip in difference I'm sure so they can step up on that level of quality easier than capcom can for MegaMan besides the MegaMan ip is being taken advantage and has been in alot of questionable ways why be suprises at what we get for the price? And d arts were literally koto models compare their joints etc if you got em and they were smaller for 20$ less-ish while koto are bigger. And sure maybe I shouldn't compare sentinel to models but I could easily assemble one so I hardly see a reason why not to only difference is the material quite literally the size of said models reminds me of sentinel and what i "could" have but I auto assume cheaper for higher price like you do with koto. :) Rich companies tend to wipe up competition by offering more for the same price so im honestly not surprised capcom is taking advantage like any other. I think the koto X series is great I've made dozens of customs and sold them to fans US and overseas I've bought probably 96 standard X models now + the other armors etc :) I'm currently working on X6 line up for all Maverick abilities. I'm sure the koto models are worse for others especially for the price but to me it's worth it because no other models exist that are worth customizing so for me they are the absolute best option for my intentions I know 98% of people buying the line will Not feel the same way and no kidding I know why but I still gotta back em for what they are and what they can be. I've sold mine for 200$ or more and even as low as 150$ but thats if they want a custom ability with the X etc.

    3. SMP, looking at photos, If I had to guess have the same design complexity as 90's Gundams. They aren't that great. Looking at the Ninja and Shogun Megazords, you can see how poorly they are designed compared to higher end MG or RG. My GaoGaiGar is similarly designed.
      They are blind box quality builds. That is evident. Thats why they may (or may not) come as a set of 4. This "rebranding" of SMP, who knows if they go that route.
      Bandai has so much money they are building a giant robot. Kotobukiya is not anywhere close to that. Thats why there is a price disparity. For every X sold, they probably sell 10 to 20 Gundams. And thats just that one product. Hypothetically speaking.

    4. @ Anonymous 11:56
      D-Arts were "literally" Koto models? That's literally not the correct use of the word "literally."

      The D-Arts figures -- of which I have every single one in the Rockman line -- came pre-painted, pre-assembled, and many of the joints have metal pins holding them together, and some joints are even keyed to specific areas of the figure. D-Arts have back-painted clear parts, while sometimes we get shown clear parts from Koto, but they're not in the box (Second Armor). Did you get a bootleg D-Arts or something?

      Surely we would all love to see your customs though, and I definitely agree that Koto X kits are probably the best option for that. The "standard" X kit is the best in the line for sure, so it's great that you've bought tons of those.

    5. @shrap

      SMPs are insanely good, especially after the rebranding. My Gaoranger robots have pre-painted parts, insane color separation, an enjoyable building experience, and the finished model is well-articulated and great looking, all for $40/each. I'm very excited about this new SMP line since they're defo not costing $70 like Kotobukiya's. Bandai model kits are just built different lmao.

    6. No I got my d arts on relesse lol. I think the other armors are fine people buy those almost as much as my standard X customs. And you can see some of my customs on IG I'm sure the account is still around its Rockborne but I've left that platform behind for now because another suits my needs better so no recent photos there but you can see the entire X4 line up and more. 🙂👍 It's OK I'm not one for word play you understood what I was saying. 🤣 I just don't see much difference about d arts personally I've made customs out of koto and d arts so to me there's not much of a difference they are slighy more solid but you can easily reinforce the koto models just gotta be creative. 😁 It's only when I started doing customs did I realize how much we over pay Bandai. 🤣 painting takes me no time at all I can finish a smooth custom even with shading and highlights in 3 hours and thats mostly drying time so Bandai technically changes more than I do and I do it all personally weapons included no factory short cuts. 🙃 I'll agree their build is slightly better as far as durability but koto accomplished the same thing with a standard plastic build no pins required one might say they saved money on the build and still delivered. Once d arts break they are tanked forever but koto models can be mended back perfectly with miniature glue that melts and seals it back together perfectly technically you are getting a better deal with Koto as the buyer you can customize and repair but most of the d arts resist the glue so thats not an option for them and if those pins get even slightly bent etc it ruins the entire figure. Don't get me wrong d arts are great its just as far as my personal views go I appreciate builds I can customize and that can be repaired so i dont gotta pay scalpers down the road because it feels more respectable to the buyer. 🙂 As long as I can avoid those "let's flip it" bros on ebay and Amazon I'll pay the extra to koto for the convince and what I'll call "down the road insurance" because ultimately it's buyer friendly d arts not so much. 😅 This concludes my nerd presentation happy thanksgiving! 🙂

    7. Nah, SMP Golion, Daizyujin, Dragon Ceaser and Muteki Shogun may have good color separation, but they are low grade Gundam level builds. The pictures show models I ultimately decided against. They dont compare at all to RG Gundamd at the same price. So not only can Kotobukiya not compete with Bandai, Bandai can't compete witg Bandai.
      Can't wait for the RG GaoGaiGar to come out to replace the one I got. It looks pretty good. Maybe they will follow up with RG Genesic GaoGaiGar. That would be great (and inevitable)

    8. @shrap
      RG GaoGaiGar has been out for about a month, and looks like the price is comparable to these Kotobukiya kits at around US $70, unless you go HLJ for $50.

    9. Bbts hasnt gotten their stock yet.
      Most RG Gundams are in the $40 range, or they were when I bought em.

    10. Oh, and I am looking at some SMP's well over $130, so don't assume these are going to be cheap...

  2. Would be funny to see a Stop-Motion of it.


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