Friday, November 18, 2022

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Mega Man X DiVE Next Week

Next week on the global version of Mega Man X DiVE, the North American, EU and LATAM servers will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Fourth Armor X joins the North American and EU servers too, and there will be some fireworks in the LATAM server - and more!

Find all the details after the break!

First, starting next Wednesday, the NA and EU Servers will receive the gacha capsule featuring Fourth Armor X and the launcher Deicide's Will.

Fourth Armor X's first active skill is Stock Charge Shot. Shoot an energy round to inflict 19.80% attack damage to the target. Can be charged to unleash a more powerful energy round. At full charge, cast charged shots (four shots in total) that deals 6x damage.

His second active skill is Nova Strike. Consumes all armor energy to rush forward and deal 400.20%  damage to all targets. The player is invulnerable during Nova Strike.  use. Armor energy is obtained as time passes and when attacked.

A Special Festival Capsule featuring Valentines Iris, Valentines Cinnamon, Halloween Pandora, Halloween  Roll, Festive Leviathan, Bridal Layer, Swimsuit Ferham, Swimsuit Tron, Swimsuit Layer and Swimsuit Roll will be available too.

The fifth Boss Rush event will take place in both servers too. This time, players will have to fight Flame Mammoth, Byte and Chop Register.

The main rewards are memories of the launcher Cannon God and the cards First Strike and Comrade Forever plus the usual rewards.

When it comes to the LATAM server, Festive Leviathan and the Thunder Sword's gacha capsule will go live on Wednesday with a single free 10-pull.

Festive Leviathan's first active skill is Splash Laser. Release a laser beam that ignores terrain and cause 134.40% damage to targets along the path. Once the laser has penetrated a target, its damage will be reduced to 25%. Enemy-seeking Water Bombs will automatically spawn along the path of the laser and they will detonate upon contact, when attacked or automatically explode after 12% seconds, damaging all targets in range.

Her second active skill is Go Fish. Unleash armored goldfish that ignores terrain to cause 288.00% damage to targets along the path. After penetrating a target, the damage will be reduced to 25%.

Alongside the gacha, the Fireworks and Lantern Festival event stage will be available too.

A Special Festival Capsule featuring Valentines Iris, Valentines Cinnamon ,Halloween Pandora, Halloween Vile, Festive Leviathan, Bridal Layer, Swimsuit Ferham, Swimsuit Tron, Swimsuit Layer and Swimsuit Roll will be available too.

Next week all servers will celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a new capsule. If you're familiar with the "Welcoming of Spring Promotion" Capsule from the Taiwanese version, this is pretty much the same.

Players will get a free 10-pull every day for 2 weeks and additional rewards will be given based on the characters and weapons memories drawn from the capsule. The additional rewards are as follows:

  • B Rank = 5 EM
  • A Rank = 140 Weapon Patches
  • S Rank = 900 Character Patches

Similar to the Taiwan version E-Cracker drop event, players will be able to get Turkey Legs by playing Story Mode and Boss Challenge. Turkey Legs can be exchanged for various rewards in the shop or used to get an additional free 10-pull in the Thanksgiving Day Capsule every day.

For more details, check the development team's social media next week. Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  1. I wish that there was a different blog section for X DiVE news. These types of X DiVE articles read more like advertisements, and they make actual Mega Man news (as sparse as it may be) get sort of lost in the X DiVE articles on the main feed.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. There are some limitations presented by Blogger for filtration... but not entirely impossible. I'll be reevaluating categories as we start getting more significant non DiVE updates.

    2. Unfortunately it can't be helped as Mega Man is not an active title for Capcom so not much news except this...

    3. You're good Protodude. It's just hard to get news for Mega Man nowadays as it's not an active brand for Capcom

    4. I do wonder if it is even worth posting news on dive, or at least so frequently. that is all it is these days, year after year. I doubt most care at this point. If Capcom wants to lose customers and bore us, they can keep that nonsense up. I'm real tired of how this just goes on endlessly every year since about 3 years now. Capcom seems like a one trick pony nowadays.

    5. I guess I'm alone in seeing what they'd add into X DiVE & what the devs add into their game.
      I understand most people dislike X DiVE because it's a gacha game, but it's as much of a Mega Man title as anything else; it deserves the same amount of coverage as anything else.

    6. @Arranos, it really doesn’t.

    7. Agreed, it doesn't. Worse yet, it gets at least 10 times more coverage than everything else. That could hardly be called 'same amount'. We gonna do this for another 3 years? How about something new and legit, like a true sequel with the true MM platformer action style and a true story continuation? Funny Capcom can't see that most of all, I would say most of us want X9, MM12, ZX3, and Legends 3. Considering the drought of content, they do that and I bet it would sell at least as well as MM11. MM11 did it right. Now that's MM. Not doing what Dive does and just having bathing suits, scoring points against long dead characters (we mostly see just old characters returning or non-MM characters), crappy explosions, we used old assets with a modern detail, but old assets nonetheless, and other weird non-MM stuff (like the whole game is just side games to score points).

      Time to move on now. Dive had its fun (for far too long now) and we are long overdue for a sequel. Makes me feel that the longer attention is on Dive, the longer we go without any attention to a new game because too many keep supporting this nonsense ruining it for the rest of us (it sure feels like that, and I don't mean this taisen rumored stuff that probably isn't even what we want and probably still a rumor and guaranteed not to be a sequel that we want). Is it really too much to ask that we move onto another game now? I miss the days when MM games were released often on multiple series. Better to have too many games than an endless drought of not enough games.


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