Monday, November 21, 2022

Bass & Treble Join Rockman X DiVE

After several weeks of rerun events and no new characters, a permanent addition joins Rockman X DiVE's roster -- Bass and Treble!

Players fought against Bass and Treble in the Special No. SWNo. 001 event stage in April. And now the dynamic duo are yours to command!

Find all the details after the break!

Bass & Treble's first active skill is Treble Assault. This attack summons Treble to quickly damage the target in front, ignoring walls and terrain. The skill provides some kind of debuff shield.

His second active skill is Treble Slam, which calls for Treble to slam the target. When using this skill there's a chance to immobilize the target. When using his EX Skills (presumably his modifier chips), he can gain accelerate status or disable the target's ability to use weapons.

In terms of passive skills, Bass & Treble can get a shield, enhanced defense, and targets can succumb to slow status when hit, among other things. Equipping a saber or another weapon will grant him a different attack - Roller for saber weapons or Shooting Claw for other type of weapons.

We are approaching the Holiday period too, so look forward to some Christmas reruns and a new event in the coming weeks!


  1. the narrator says they can only show silhouettes now but you'll get to see them and their artwork at launch, so they were very much hiding the identities to build release hype

  2. I'm sorry. I can't bring myself to like x dive. I tried but it hurts my hands and wrists.


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