Monday, April 25, 2022

Kotobukiya News Roundup - EXE Release Dates, New X Series Model Kits and More!

Earlier today during Kotobukiya's Rockman Plastic Model Talk Live Ver.3, the release date for Rockman.EXE was confirmed at long last (after being delayed almost two years!). On top of that, several more kits were announced, including some major surprises. 

Find all the info after the break!


Following a little teaser on Kotobukiya's Twitter, we got a peek at the finalized design for Rockman.EXE. And he looks fantastic! This will no doubt be a great start to another incredible line. The presentation showed how the design changed since we last saw it in 2020; it really looks closer to the source material now. 

The accessories include a masked face, a cannon, Dream Sword effect, and the sword. Rockman.EXE is due to be released September 2022 with pre-orders opening tomorrow at 11:00 JST!

Rockman.EXE wasn't the only kit shown in a completed state. It was confirmed that Dark Rockman.EXE is coming with a Met and sword. The devilish Dark Rockman.EXE is due October 2022, again with pre-orders opening tomorrow at 11:00 JST

For X series fans worried that the Rockman EXE kits would take the spotlight, worry no more. In fact, four kits in the Rockman X line were announced! They're none other than X Full Armor (the First Armor), Second Armor (Double Charge Shot Ver.), Blade Armor, and the biggest surprise, Axl!

Full Armor X (aka the First Armor) already has an unpainted prototype. With these proportions and in one of the poses, he perfectly resembles the art from Rockman X: Cyber Mission. There was also a nice shot of how the Buster will assemble. The details looks spot-on!

Second Armor (Double Charge Shot Ver.) is a recolor for the Second Armor kit (personally, I was expecting Sonic Slicer). This will come with the highly-requested double charge shot effect piece. Will it be a shiny kit like the Premium Charge Shot X kit? Although we didn't get to see the actual model itself, we were provided with the amazing box art. It seems to be a "part 2" to the art on the Second Armor box.

Skipping straight to Rockman X6, we have the Blade Armor. Shown as an unpainted prototype, this kit already looks incredible. The Buster changes are present, and different saber effects are included. Seeing more X6 representation is both unexpected and welcome. 

Rounding out the Maverick Hunter trio, we finally have a brand new character... Axl! Seeing his unpainted prototype with X and Zero is really exciting. This kit seems to come with at least one Axl Bullet gun, as well as his wings. 

With Axl announced, I'm hopeful that this is the first step toward more unique characters. Time will tell.

In the biggest surprise of the show, the classic series is back with a new kit based on Rockman's Rockman 11 look. No images of the kit were shown, let alone a release date. Let's look forward to seeing what this will look like!

And that's all the news we got today. I'm very excited to see these two lines going strong and the return of the Classic line! Which announcement was your favorite? Shout off in the comments! 

Personally, I'm completely blown away. The futures of Kotobukiya's various Rockman lines are all bright. Let's hope we don't have to wait another 17 months for Rockman Plastic Model Talk Live Ver.4.


  1. This was an amazing presentation! Can't wait to get all of these!

    1. welp, we both missed it. not sonic slicers, nor speed burner. I'm guessing this is just going to be the X2 kit with shiny purple parts to go along with the X2 shiny version of armorless X

  2. I still wait for any ZX figures to be made

  3. I will absolutely buy Rockman 11, 1st Armor, Blade Armor and Axl.
    I MIGHT buy the X2 alternate. Waiting to see the colors. But probably not, since I have a drawer full of unused buster parts.
    I don't know about the EXE models. I don't have the same emotional investment in that offshoot. And I am running out of room.

    They better not be cheap out on us and leave out an Axl Bullet. Also, he needs to have short wing parts too, since the wings only appear when he flies. I would rather pay MORE to get all the required parts in one kit than buy a second kit I don't need or may not want.

    1. I'm betting that the X2 alt will be shiny purplish like the special X kit, so you can match the parts with that one.

      as for Axl, my money is on a white axl alt color with extra axl stuff. maybe the foot jet parts and long wing parts, or maybe an alternate gun from X8 or something.

  4. Replies
    1. HobbyLink Japan seems to get them quicker than US stores. BigBadToyStore preorders, but are delayed by cood bullshit.
      You can also order direct from Kotobukiya's website.
      I wont suggest the company hellbent on destroying LOTR.

  5. BTW that Axl is a static print. The hand and head are multi piece but thats it from what I see. It is not a poseable prototype. You can tell by the knees and elbows. Lets hope thats just cause its a prototype of the 3d shape. I think it will be because they included a stand port.

  6. So currently from Rockman X we have:

    First Armor
    Second "Giga" Armor
    Max Armor
    Max armor Hyperchip
    Fourth Armor
    Blade Armor

    ZERO v2
    Nightmare ZERO


  7. What a spread!

    EXE is looking good colored up! Wasn't going to get him but I think I've reconsidered! Not overly enthusiastic about Dark.EXE. He's not bad aesthetically, just not that compelling a character to me.

    So glad they're getting on First Armor! All the classics are in the bag now!

    I had a thought about the Second Armor variant. What if he'll be painted in a pink/purple hue to simulate the stored Charge Shot look? I think I'll pass in any case. I don't think the Charge Shot effect is worth it, as I simply don't have the space to display my current collection with that option as it is anyways. I say now...

    Blade Armor is a major surprise! Solid looking design, and something we haven't gotten since the Jazwares model kit. No doubt Shadow Armor won't be too far away. Here's hoping they make Falcon and Gaea Armor too, to complete the continuity...again. Ultimate Armor has to happen too what with all of the variant potential!

    Axl is a very nice choice! Glad to get a new character! Other than Sigma or Vile, I think he's the obvious choice.

    Mega Man 11 style is quite enthralling! Maybe we'll get some extra parts or variants with re-designed helmets and buster.

  8. Oh my.... GOD! This will drain my money dry. 4 X figures!!! Please let there be considerable time between each release or I'm toast. I already got the 10 previous X models, so I can't not get on board with the upcoming 4. Wow... this is nuts!!

    What's the big difference between the previous X2 armor and the upcoming one? Is it literally the same figure but with the shot effects? And yeah... I do hope this one's shiny too.

    They are on fire, I bet more will be coming later too... there are so many possibilities with remaining armors, sigmas, zeros, navys, so many mavericks....... Oh jeez

  9. I'm glad we FINALLY got an X6 armor! weird that they skipped X5, but seeing how we just got the riobot falcon armor figure, I can see why they'd put off on doing falcon armor. wonder what the recollor for X1 armor is. would be nice if we got an alt MHX version with the MHX shot and pointier head parts.

    we also got some X7 stuff with Axl joining in. Bet we'll see a white axl alt.

    wonder if we'll get any X8 kits, would be nice to get X8 zero and X, along with the navigators, though they could just make bishojou statues for them

    1. Its an X7 Axl. So a white Axl is new for that design. X7 and X8 Axls are different.

      Whats more likely is an Axl with a bunch of weapons.

    2. Alia is the most likely X8 kit, as all recent media goes with her X8 look (except TEPPEN).

  10. Axl! :D It's about damn time!

  11. Axl! Definitely going to see about getting him and I really hope this opens up the door to Iris, Dynamo and other characters. Maybe even a regular maverick boss like Dragoon or Eagle? One can hope...

  12. I personally am stoked about another Classic kit, as I still prefer those older ones to the newer X kits. I hope they do a good job with the simpler design of Classic Rock.

  13. I'm still waiting for my preorder of the X2 first release. Lol. Every month BBTS pushes it back another month.

    1. I was gonna cancel but even kotous is not available yet. Its the damn ports. No ones getting stuff off the boats.

      Only way to get it faster is to import. And you'll pay more for shipping. But goes through different channels.

  14. Yeaaaaah! It's some fantastic release preview! The X1 look cool like usual but for me the big surprise is the X6 "Blade Armor" which lools incredible, I'm always in love with that one. It's also great to have Axl and make the complete trio. I'm curious about the X2 double charge shot, mine standard version is not already available in BBST, certainly soon.


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